Farewell Eddie Van Halen, Master 29/11 Life Path and the Mozart of Rock Guitar

Farewell, Eddie Van Halen. Born 26/1/1955, he was a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger, here to be a double pioneer. Find your lifepath

Dubbed the Mozart of rock guitar, Eddie shared a lifepath with the composer and almost a birthday – Mozart was born 27/1. They were both child prodigies at piano and Eddie named his son Wolfgang after Mozart.

Many 11 lifepaths are from diverse origins (Eddie was Eurasian), are drawn into the spotlight and become inventors and trendsetters. Eddie was no exception. At his lifepath turning point age of 29 in 1984, his band’s album, aptly titled 1984 went multi-platinum. Soon after that, the band went through huge changes…

(FYI, I’m a 29/11/2 lifepath born 27/1, who also plays piano…hence this post! At 29, I picked up numerology. My husband, Tarot reader Kris Anderson is a big Van Halen fan)

Eddie’s birth name (Edward Lodewijk Van Halen) AND known name (Eddie Van Halen) have a 14/5 numerology. This is a karmic number that attracts shows someone of extreme passions. They heal the throat chakra (voice) through their work, as our name influences our career, i.e. how we make a name for ourselves. Sadly, Eddie died of throat cancer recently.

Van Halen also adds to 5, the Spiritual Rebel. No wonder they were so outrageous and successful!

Eddie’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen is a 30/3 lifepath Artist, here to heal the inner child. He inspired his Dad to stay on stage and has a great energy like Eddie. 2021 is his lifepath turning point (age 30), when his solo album is due out. 3 lifepaths are learning not to compare themselves to others, which must be tricky when your Dad is a rock legend. I wish Wolf well as he comes into his own. You carry all his genius and more.

Eddie’s brother, Alex Van Halen is a 31/4 lifepath Heart Healer and Empire Builder. All 4 lifepaths are going through a big change year in 2020 (esp. September). Like Wolf and other members of the family, I hope Alex will be surrounded by huge support at this difficult time.

I get the feeling Eddie Van Halen has gone behind the scenes to not only light up the skies but to help his loved ones too. 2020 is a year for realising that love can travel across space and time to heal our lives, much like incredible music.

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Farewell, Eddie Van Halen!

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