Your 2018 Numerology Forecast – We Have Come to Build a Bridge, So Come Let’s Build!

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s time to restore faith in happy endings. The title is from my favourite song, Build a Bridge by Nahko Bear.

2021 update – Nahko Bear has now been accused of a pattern of abusing women – I no longer promote his music but still acknowledge the spiritual power of the song above. 

I wanted to write this forecast earlier, but life’s been so hectic, I had to focus on family and health. That’s the theme for many of us in 2018 – returning to our happiness and being the change we wish to see (thanks for the quote, Gandhi). Remember, ‘to the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world’. We do more good by staying in our bodies and leading a simple life, than by going out of our minds trying to prove we’re on top.

2018 Numerology
Key themes for 2018
Who will be most inspired
Is there a link with Chinese Astrology?
What happened last Universal 11/2 Year (2009)?
What comes after 2018?
Your Personal Numerology Forecast

2018 Numerology – Why it’s about building bridges

In numerology, every word and name can be reduced to a number. In my calculations, TIDE adds to 20, and LOVE adds to 18. See the spelling system. So, 2018 can be read as TIDE-LOVE, i.e. a chance to experience emotional completion, the kind of connection you’ve craved since birth. Relationships, not isolation, will be the key to progress. Think of them as bridges between your past and future selves, or between aspects of your body and Soul.

When you look at the number 11, it resembles:
-a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Used wisely, 11 takes you higher and makes you PSYCHIC (an 11 word) , you just have to stand up and stay in your lifepath.

Meditation, spiritual studies, healthy living and taking care of your energy/ time/ money will raise your vibration, bringing you radical LUCK, ENERGY, HEALING, GENEROSITY, ENLIGHTENMENT, ABUNDANCE, MANIFESTATION, WISDOM, SYNCHRONICITY, MENTAL HEALTH* and PERSONAL GROWTH – all words that add to 11) *I note that MENTAL ILLNESS, MEDITATION and MENTAL HEALTH have an 11 vibration, suggesting they’re intimately connected. The line is so fine and fluid, even I get confused sometimes.

-a wall so thick, you’ll never get past it (used unwisely, 11 tries to control other lifepaths (CULT has an 11 vibration) and gets stopped by karma. As they say, you can follow the rules or break yourself upon them. Play fair! Treat others how they wish to be treated, not how you abuse yourself…we’re all on different roads to graduate Earth)

-a highway, road, stream, gate, portal, doorway, birth canal, even a zebra crossing a la The Beatles (i.e. safe passage through challenging or risky times)… Why’d The Beatles cross the road? To show us how to get from one dimension to another – it’s easier as a group!

-a PAUSE symbol on a remote control (encouraging you to take 1 step at a time – total presence gives you 100% power ) When life feels too fast, breathe and reset. This is something I had to do many times while writing this post, which took six weeks due to kids, illness, anxiety, fatigue and perfectionism! Many of my readings and palmistry workshops brought me ideas for this post, so perhaps all is well. As they say, in nature nothing is rushed but everything is accomplished.

-Two Souls of equal height i.e. Soulmates or Twin Flames, creating a force for good (Words like FRIEND and FORCE adds to 11 – see my post on Star Wars) I’ve also written about my 11:11 Soulmate Kris Anderson

In contrast, 2017 represented TIDE-KARMA and was about making fresh starts, as I wrote in last year’s forecast. Numbers go from 1 to 9 and then repeat, so we ALL began a nine-year, global cycle of learning in 2017, which ends in 2025.

2+0+1+8 = Master 11, which reduces to 2 in numerology. So we can live this year at the higher vibration of 11 (a gateway/ clear channel), or the reduced vibration of 2 (a swan/ peacemaker). It’s our choice. In Tarot, the 11 Card is Justice, and the 2 Card is the High Priestess. Together, they represent fairness and insights, which come from quiet reflection. We’re being called to balance our outer and inner worlds, ASAP.

Master 11 represents spiritual growth and partnerships, a meeting of equals. 11 can bring oneness or division (a split personality), depending on how you wield it. It’s like a light sabre from Star Wars. You can use it to conquer fear, or to zap yourself in the foot! I know 11 well, as I am a 29/11 lifepath, with an 11 name, who studies Master 11/ 22/ 33 people and 11:11 See’rs for a living. Even my phone adds to 11.

Ideally, 11 acts as a river of change (CHANGE adds to 29/11) returning us to the middle way, aka the Tao, the Source, the Vortex, etc. Positive 11’s can see both sides and deliver Star Energy (futuristic ideas) to light up the World, whereas negative 11’s use their charisma to control people for personal gain – see my posts on Composite Whorl or Starseed fingerprints and famous 11’s (think Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Terri Irwin, Madonna, Doreen Virtue, both Obamas, Bill Clinton, Al Gore etc.)

The energy of 2018 (11/2) activates Root (1st) and particularly our Sacral (2nd) chakras. It invites us to remove blocks to ‘flowing with pleasure’ and leave behind a tendency to freeze in confusion or disgust. Everyone on Earth is being upgraded as part of an Ascension process, so expect many reports of anxiety, overwhelm, nervous breakdowns/ breakthroughs, financial turmoil and rebuilding, sexual awakening, and psychic wake up calls.

Blogs like this will be needed, as people search far and wide for answers to their predictive dreams and relationship challenges. Remember, you see what you are. I’m as human as anyone else, as are all so-called ‘experts’. Stop thinking other people know more than you, they only see 1% of the iceberg whereas you live there 24/7! We’re here to stimulate thought (the Age of Aquarius), rather than be gurus (the Age of Pisces, which is passing now).

Key themes for 2018

As individuals, we’re likely to:
-Find and/ or reunite with our Soul tribe and Soulmates (see my post on Kris and Soulmate myths),
-experience much-needed confrontations, which reveal deep-seated wounds ripe for healing (see my post on bullies),
-prioritise family healing (PARENT adds to 29/11 in numerology) How to forgive your family – why you can’t not belong
-experience extreme events, which rocket us forwards (emotions are ‘energy in motion’) – since Jan, I’ve experienced a family birth/ death/ work overload/ health breakdown/ new psychic abilities and returned to art/screenprintingHolistic counselling, homoeopathy, network spinal and crystal healing. Everything hit at once. No surprise, as I am a Master 11 Lifepath and it’s an 11 Universal Year…it’s an all or nothing kind of time. More on finding a great healer
-embrace creative ways to reach our goals, by taking the scenic route (see The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron is a Famous 11 Lifepath),
-want to dance in the rain and grow in new directions, instead of just ‘getting wet’ and complaining,
-be rewarded for slow and steady construction of our preferred reality,
-have flashes of Soul totality (remembering past lives, having deja vu, predictive dreams, seeing technology and licence plate Spirit Signs and 11:11 etc,),
-crave alternative sources of happiness and income (see my article on chakra healing and cashflow – I’ll write on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin soon too),
-intentionally detox from substances/ energy vampires (e.g. sugar, junk food, coffee, social media, mobile phones, abusive relationships, overspending, wage-slavery etc.) – remember, ‘knowing comes from no-ing – setting limits is a sign of self-love and until you let people down, you can’t raise yourself up!’
-create/ join/ promote more groups to exchange insights and fight for our future generations…why reinvent the wheel when the bus is at your doorstep?!

As a planet, we’re likely to:
-Reward people for their skills and experience, instead of their gender, sexuality and age – remember, we’ve all had past lives and come with a work history. Expect more politicians like Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, a young Master 33 Lifepath who’s also pregnant. Funnily, Helen Clark became P.M. of N.Z. 18 years ago, and we live in 9 year cycles – how Divine,
-Move away from environmental pillage (i.e. the idea that we can just keep taking from Earth – it’s like raiding your fridge each night and wondering why there’s never any food the next day) This is why I buy from Spray-free Farmacy, an organic co-op and Montville Mist, read more on water and your Third Eye Chakra,
-Focus on birthing personal projects, businesses and gardens etc. over buying into consumerism and cheap thrills (11 resembles a forest and safety in numbers),
-Choose joyful partnerships over abusive domination (Master 11 looks like an equals sign, signifying right-left, past-future Yin-Yang, male-female respect etc),
-Demand more transparent decision-making, governance and accounting. No wonder so many Hollywood suits and politicians are being revealed as crooks, liars or predators, they’re part of the old energy which is dying out,
-Value intra-dependence instead of independence or codependence (understanding we NEED other humans, but don’t have to be NEEDY – listen to this Relationships – Getting into The Vortex Meditation by Jerry and Esther Hicks, it changed my life).

You’ll see more people rising in love instead of falling in love, i.e. lifting their vibrations to keep each other on their paths, rather than compromising to stay ‘safe’ – really, the only security is growth, playing small just attracts bigger problems! Find your lifepath

Who will be most inspired
You’ll be particularly busy, needed and evolving, if you are ANY of these things:

-A pioneer, spiritual warrior, and humanitarian, who believes ‘one’ can make a difference
-a 1, 2 or 11 Lifepath in numerology – find your lifepath In fact, all Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44) will be called to action in 2018.
-in a Personal 11 or 2 Year –  find your personal year,
-an 11 Destiny/ Name Number or Soul Urge/ Relationship Number (which you can explore through numerology courses, books etc – also see my famous people 
-someone with two or more 1’s in your DOB, or who was born on the 11th of the month,
-someone with strong Aquarius or Sagittarius energy (see this post on Master 11 Numerology and Astrology note: this is an external site)
-living or working at a Master 11 address or house number,
-partners, parents or colleagues of people with Master 11, 22, 33, 44 numerology,
-working in these industries: Alternative Medicine (which I call, ‘medicine’ seeing as it’s the original healing we all studied in past lives), Art, Charity, Education, Fashion, Media, Music, Personal Growth, Politics, Spirituality, and Travel (‘cutting-edge’ industries which push people’s buttons – 11 is ruled by Uranus) I note that the first episode of Here and Now is called 11:11 – see this video about Ramon Glad to see numerology going main stream!

-and especially, if you identify as a Starseed or Spiritual Messenger, e.g. you see 11:11 and repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, have Composite Whorl fingerprints, and so on. Teal Swan and in5D have good Starseed information. If you are into alternative healing or spirituality, want to help people on a mass scale, are psychic, struggled in childhood etc. you’re one of us! All humans are Starseeds, but I’m referring to those who’ve recently lived in other dimensions. Please, don’t dismiss this lightly – do research including past-life regressions, before making up your mind. When you realise you’re immortal, life’s so beautiful. It took me ten years to embrace my divinity, and I’d do it again in a flash.

Is there a link with Chinese Astrology?
Definitely. We enter a Yang Earth Dog Year on 16 February 2018. As written in this great post on Forever Conscious,

In Chinese Astrology, the year of the Dog is associated with finding balance and getting organized. On one hand, we may feel called to act, to change, and to make headway, but on the other hand we may feel a need to rest, reflect and go within.

Think of the energy of this year as being similar to how a dog behaves. You may be full of energy and raring to go, but then you also need your sleep!

This duality is part of the nature of the Earth Dog, and is why this year may feel stop and go for many.” 

Notice these similarities with numerology:

-The dog is the 11th Sign in the Chinese Zodiac, which matches the Universal Year (2+0+1+8 = 11/2). Love it. 2017 was a Rooster Year, and the Rooster is the 10th Sign in the Chinese Zodiac, which matches (2+0+1+7 = 10/1). Geez, these Asians know their stuff! (Just joking – I’m Chinese.)

-I read a book called Animals in Translation by Autistic author, Temple Grandin, that mentioned couples who have dogs, tend to stay together longer. This makes sense – when we fight with someone, we’re in our heads and disconnected from our hearts. Dogs are so forgiving, they remind us that love is always within reach, and we can ‘get back in touch’ with one hug. It’s also possible that dog-lovers are more loyal and patient in general. Who knows which came first?

No wonder I’ve been wanting to get a dog this year, after overcoming a childhood fear of being bitten (black dogs have always chased me until now – both the animal kind and depression – more on the spiritual meaning of diseases and how they can birth a healer).

-Words like DUALITY, LIGHT and FIRE have a Master 11 vibration. 11 is about extremes that teach us the middle path/ way. Just like a beam, 11 energy is very hot/ cold, on/ off, busy/ sluggish. It needs a team of helpers to flourish, think of an absent-minded professor or whiz kid, who can’t find their glasses (so me!)

One symbol for 11 numerology is a lighthouse, the definition of on/ off brilliance – we 11 Lifepaths shine in the darkness, but don’t waste energy at other times, preferring to live at the 2 vibration (helper and details person). We must create doorways for change, otherwise we become doormats, and burn out. I call this ‘over-two-ing it’.

-You’ll notice the focus on finding balance above, this is a key feature of 11 energy, it loves symmetry, beauty and clarity (even the number is a duplicate).

-COMEDY also adds to Master 11 (see my debut from 2015 – it was my response to someone who told me to abort Forrest!) and 2018 will be a fun time if you don’t take things personally (2 energy is about releasing attachment and desire, and staying centred). When you understand numerology, everything makes sense and you can enjoy the unfolding of life’s grand plans with amazement and gratitude. It will keep you one (or eleven) steps ahead!

-FYI, this Forever Conscious article on 2018 astrology talks about this year being very Earthy (similar to the Chinese Astrology), which I love because I’m an environmental scientist by training and believe that we can solve almost any problem by sitting quietly in nature. Time to get those garden gloves out!

What happened last Universal 11/2 Year?
Universal 11 and 2 Years bring much-needed upheaval at the relationship, political and spiritual level, they force us to confront our shadows to understand our light. Stars shine brightest in the darkness, as they say. Remember, 1, 2 and 11 lifepaths are particularly activated at these times.

2009 (Master 11/2  Year) brought:
-Barack Obama’s appointment as U.S. President (Master 29/11 lifepath, as is Michelle Obama – see my post on Famous 11’s) – he also won the Noble Peace Prize,
-Joe Biden was appointed U.S. Vice-President (2/2 lifepath),
-Eric Holder became the first Black Attorney-General in the U.S. (20/2 lifepath),
-Bill Clinton negotiated the release of journalists from North Korea (38/11 lifepath),
-Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori sentenced to 25 years jail (38/11 lifepath)
-Activist Liu Xiabo imprisoned in China, where he later sadly died (Master 33 lifepath)
-the U.K officially entered recession (London has a 29/11 energy),
-Slumdog Millionaire won awards (11 energy is about activism, awareness and extremes – Dev Patel is a 28/10/1 lifepath),
-Tik Tok by Ke$ha broke the record in the United States for the highest single week sales (29/11 lifepath),
-Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film released – the last in the series (Harry Potter adds to Master 65/11, the vibration of ‘enlightenment’, and numerology references are rife in the books, e.g. Hogwarts acceptance letters are sent to children around age 11)
-The Twilight movies were just getting popular (Stephenie Meyer is a 29/11 lifepath, Robert Pattinson is a Master 33 lifepath)
-Avatar was released – this is so Starseed energy, it’s not funny!
-Susan Boyle’s album was a bit hit (Master 22/4 lifepath)
-Rihanna was assaulted by Chris Brown (2018 could also see more domestic violence awareness),
-Scarlett Johansson makes her Broadway debut (28/10/1 lifepath)
-Brazilian soccer star Neymar made his debut at 17 (28/10/1 lifepath),
-bushfires in Victoria, Australia (11 is the spiritual messenger and crisis number, think of climate change),
-Tiger Woods left golf temporarily, to focus on his marriage (28/10/1 lifepath, I note his wife Elin Nordegren is a 20/2 lifepath and a twin)
-Bitcoin cryptocurrency was officially launched

2000 (2 year) brought: The Sydney Olympics (which I volunteered at – love that 11/2 theme of public service), George W. Bush’s controversial election (he is a 33 lifepath, Al Gore is a 29/11 lifepath), Tiger Woods become the first golfer since Ben Hogan in 1953 to win 3 majors in a calendar year (28/10/1 lifepath) – he then had the turning point in 2009 above, Israel withdrew from all of Lebanon (Israel has a 28/10/1 energy, Palestine has a 38/11 energy, Jew adds to 11 as does Christian), first every inter-Korea summit (2 energy is about peace-making), Bill Gates steps aside from Microsoft etc. Source:

What comes after 2018?
2019 is a Universal 3 Year of Creativity and Communication. A time to expand, scale up, and say what you mean until people actually listen. The next decade delivers huge openings for awakening people to bring their beliefs into the open. We will see waves of healers and 11:11 See’rs, who take a stand against misinformation. ‘As we raise our vibration, we will be tested’, so it’s vital to strengthen ourselves for the journey. It’s going to be huge.

Your Personal Numerology Forecast
As a psychic reader in Brisbane, I use numerology, palmistry, Tarot and clairvoyance to help you plan ahead. The system I use has been refined over thousands of readings and is extremely accurate for each year/ month/ day. Find your personal year

What’s the difference between the Universal Year and my Personal Year?
Both are nine year cycles. The Universal Year (e.g. 2+0+1+7 is a 1) affects everyone, while your Personal Year is based on your day and month of birth. In my experience, it runs from birthday to birthday, however for those born from October onwards, there can be overlap.

For example: My birthday is 27 January. To find my personal year, I add 2+7+1 to 2018 i.e. 2+7+1+2+0+1+8 = 21. We reduce this to a number between 1 and 9 (or a Master 11, 22, 33)

2+1 = 3, so from Jan 2018 I am in 3 Personal Year of Creativity. Perfect timing as I just gave birth to Charlie, a 21/3 Artist lifepath, and have picked up many hobbies again. In 2009, I studied Holistic counselling and my father was diagnosed with cancer, just as I did my final assessment. I couldn’t have been more supported and fortunately, he survived. From that moment on, I just knew I had to leave my 9-5 job and go full-time in my business. 3 is positive change.

Conclusion (echoes my  previous post on 2018 Numerology & Breakups)

2018 is an exciting time for Lightworkers, Inventors and Futurists, especially those with Master Numbers, 11 numerology anywhere in their charts (lifepath, name, pinnacles, businesses, spouses, kids), and many 1’s in their dates of birth.

Many of us will go through major upgrades and find our next chapters, we just need to trust in, and act from love. Like all Master Numbers, 11 is a ‘double or nothing’ opportunity. This will be a year of high highs and/ or low lows, depending on where your heart space is at!

Keep track of any themes in 2018. They could mirror what you experienced in 2009, or even 2000. An accurate diagnosis is 99% of the cure. Becoming aware of your patterns now, could save your life later. Don’t feel you have to fix everything – baby steps are enough. The Universe has your back. You are always protected by Spirit, even when you feel alone. Remember, loneliness is just ‘ill oneness’, a sign of a mind that is overworked. Ask Spirit for a sign now – you might feel goosebumps! You can make this bridge/ connection stronger through meditation – see my Angel track

Here’s wishing you a spectacular 2018, where you build a bridge (linking your past and future), get over it and then teach the rest of us what worked! See you on the other side, Star Buddies!

This amazing video sums up 2018 energy perfectly – it just takes 1-2 people to create a revolution!

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