My Stand Up Comedy Debut in Brisbane – Watch the Video!

SarahYipStandUpComedyHere’s a peek into my life outside numerology and palmistry. As previously blogged, my July Blue Moon wish was to pursue Stand Up Comedy in Brisbane. 

So I signed up for a course with Fiona McGary (who also sees 11:11 on clocks). 

Here’s the result: Watch Sarah Yip perform her Stand Up Comedy Debut at the Sit Down Comedy Club. Video is 11 minutes 11 seconds and comes with a mild language warning.

May 2020 update – See my latest interview with Fiona on Healing with Hummour – The 7th Sense – she still mentions my set to new students as proof you can do anything 🙂

Background to this clip: Thank you to my Soulmate, Kris Anderson for filming this show. You may need to Log In to Youtube to watch this video due to the 15+ age restriction.

DO watch it if: you like jokes about bogan Asian psychics. For the non-Queenslanders, a bogan is a term used to refer to people who live in a certain part of Brisbane which is known for its ‘unique characters’.

DO NOT watch it if: you don’t like swearing, M-rated content or jokes about bogan Asian psychics. Or if you are my Dad. Or if you get annoyed by the fact I have no nose and my glasses keep falling down. Or if you are pedantic about Asian accents and want to nitpick my Chinglish. Remember – this is my first show ever. You gotta start somewhere!

And for the record, here are the facts (which will make sense after you watch the clip):

I work in Macgregor/ Sunnybank (Brisbane’s Chinatown) TRUE
I forgot I was Asian the first time I saw my office TRUE
I lived in Logan TRUE (those boots in the video came from an  charity shop there, they were $25 and a bargain…)
The last person at my housewarming was fleeing her ex TRUE
Her name was Shazza MY LIPS ARE SEALED
I have used nunchucks before TRUE
I got told I can’t drive by my 80 year old flatmate TRUE
She did her own concreting and tree lopping TRUE
I thought she might bury me TRUE
I hit a tree and so did my Mum – in the same car! TRUE
Kris thinks I am expensive TRUE (I make him eat organic)
Policemen pull me over and ask me to guess my speed TRUE
I told a cop to shove it up his rising moon MY LIPS ARE SEALED
I had a job as an inflatable apple before I was a psychic TRUE
My friend was the banana TRUE
She was claustrophobic TRUE
She threw up in her costume MY LIPS ARE SEALED
A young boy proposed to me while I was in fruit drag TRUE
I was educated about the birds and bees via email TRUE
I lost the aforementioned email MY LIPS ARE SEALED
I never charge my phone TRUE (hence my reliance on SMS)
I’m 3 months pregnant TRUE  – and this gig was how I announced it! Read more on Forrest, born Feb 2016. 
I have crappy internet Also TRUE
COMEDY adds to 29/11 in numerology, my lifepath TRUE

Who needs to make things up? Reality is more than enough. Enjoy!

Huge gratitude to Fiona, Kris, the other students and my friends who came along for making my dream come true!! 11:11 forever. 

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