Lifepath 2 Numerology – The Pros and Cons of Being a Spiritual Peacemaker

I dedicate this to my 20/2 lifepath friends, clients and fans, especially Diane, Joan, Tracy and my late Aunty HY, who helped me to believe in my dreams (literally). You may be rare birds, but your songs bring global peace. Thank you for singing your truth, loud and proud!

“Don’t know what to do? Ask a Lifepath Two – they come with a crew!” Sarah Anderson (nee Yip)

Your lifepath is your life purpose, or spiritual job description. It’s the sum of your date of birth, and is a number between 1-9, or 11, 22 or 33 (the latter are Master Numbers*– some people include 44). We change paths each lifetime, depending on what chakras we want to heal (see Find Your Lifepath). Think of your lifepath as a vehicle for your Soul’s learning. A particular set of numbers doesn’t guarantee success – it’s up to you to ‘drive’ it well and stay on track.

Also, your lifepath is only 25-50% of your forecast – your birth and current name/s, pinnacles, challenges and personal years and free will affect your fate. I discuss these in psychic readings as well as numerology workshops in Brisbane. See upcoming events.

*Master Numbers bring double work for potentially double the reward and karma. They can appear in many places in your numerology chart (Soul contract), however have the greatest influence in your lifepath. I think of them as a potential PhD in Humanity – an intense choice, especially in childhood. I should know, I’m an 11. Theoretically, Master Numbers should be written as 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, 44/8 as we live at the simpler vibration most of the time. Even Superman has a day job!

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As with all my summaries, it’s taken years to create this post. It remains a work in progress, and will be updated over time. I hope you find it cathartic. To send feedback, email me with Lifepath 2 as the subject, or comment below. To receive articles like this, like me on facebook at: The Numbers Queen. Also, PLEASE sign up for news and invites on my homepage (see pop-up) as email is the best way to stay connected.

This post is especially for you, if you:
-Are a Pure 20/2 Lifepath (many children are being born with this journey.) I call 20/2 ‘Pure’ because it has only the ‘2’ and a ‘0’ which magnifies it.
-Are a Master 11/2 Lifepath (or a Master 22/4, as you’re also embracing ‘2’ energy) Keep in mind, there are a few methods for finding 11’s, see below. You may also resonate with this piece if you have a ‘2’ in your lifepath e.g. 28/10/1, 24/6, 32/5 etc. as it’s part of your journey. Find your lifepath
-Have strong 2 numerology in your name, pinnacles, challenges etc.. I teach numerology, you can also study numerology books like The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman and reports etc.
-Have lots of 2’s (more than three) in your date of birth or full birth or current name (letters B, K, T – see the alphabet numerology system I use)
-Were born on the 2nd, 20th, 22nd of the month, in which case you might also be in the category above.

This post may be helpful to you, if you:
-Are in a Personal 11 or 2 Year (which we ALL go through every 9 years) Find Your Personal Year. FYI, 2018 is a Universal 11/2 Year, see my forecast.
-Want to know more about your 20/2 Lifepath or Master 11/2 parents, siblings, children, friends, colleagues, etc. Numerology shows you someone’s greatest strengths and weaknesses, when used lovingly it can reconnect us, no matter how painful the journey has been. It gives you new eyes in your heart.
-Live or work at a place with 2 numerology – see my address numerology post
-Keep seeing 2’s, e.g. 222, 2222, 202 and so on. This is part of the 11:11 Ascension process, 2’s are particularly about partnerships and patience.
-Want to heal your second chakra/ Sacral Chakra (sexuality, creativity and partnerships), including your relationship with your female relatives, Mother, daughter, inner child, sensitivity, etc. See my post on forgiving your family.

How do I know if I am a 2 lifepath (aka lifepath 2)?
Find your lifepath by adding your DOB from left to right. This is the system Dan Millman teaches in The Life You Were Born to Livesee my psychic reading for him. Unlike other numerologists, I don’t reduce the day, month or year before adding them, as this removes important details. Find your lifepath.

In my numerology system, you can be a pure 20/2 or a Master 11/2 lifepath.
Please note, I use Australian format dd/mm/yyyy for dates of birth (DOB):
13/05/2018 = 1+3+0+5+2+0+1+8 = 20, which reduces to 2 hence it’s written 20/2.
01/10/1935 = 0+1+1+0+1+9+3+5 = 20/2. This is Dame Julia/ Julie Andrew’s DOB, more on her below
01/10/1971 = 0+1+1+0+1+9+7+1 = 20/2. This is Mia Freedman’s DOB, more on her below. Note she was born on 1 October like Dame Julia.
10/06/1921 = 1+0+0+6+1+9+2+1 = 20/2. This is Prince Phillip’s DOB, more on him below.
10/05/1940 = 1+0+0+5+1+9+4+0 = 20/2 This is Dr. Wayne Dyer’s DOB, more on him below
27/01/1981 = 2+7+0+1+1+9+8+1 = 29, which reduces to 11/2, hence it’s written 29/11/2 This is my DOB – as an 11/2 I spent most of my childhood as a ‘2’.
You can leave out the zeroes in calculations however sometimes this results in mistakes, especially with the years. It’s up to you.

What’s the Main Difference Between a 20/2 and Master 11/2 lifepath?
This is a tricky question to answer, as most of my clients have an 11/2 lifepath – I’ve only read for a handful of 20/2 lifepaths to date. However, you’d expect more of a masculine or androgynous energy to someone with many 11’s (I fall into this category), while someone with more 2’s might lean towards being more feminine and intuitive. Numbers are ingredients, so before you take them too seriously, remember that they simply indicate where you wanted to heal in this lifetime, and paths that may help you to grow. You still have free will to express, or not to express, aspects of your numerology chart. It’s like having a car and only using certain functions depending on the weather. Lifestyle and environment, has a massive impact on how easily you can be yourself!

Note: Traditionally there are three tests for an 11/ 22/ 33 lifepath, and you must pass two of them to be a ‘true’ Master Number.
I am more lenient that this, based on thousands of consultations over the years. Having seen Master Numbers in so many people’s charts (especially 11:11 See’rs), I think it’s too nit-picky to argue over this point. We have free will over how we use our numbers. Go with what works for you today, and change your mind later if needed, once you’ve explored the territory.

1) Adding your DOB from left to right (as above). If someone’s DOB adds to an 11, 22 or 33 using this technique but not others, I talk to them about Master Numbers anyway. In many cases, they’ve confirmed my predictions. In these times of Ascension, everyone is being stretched to their potential.

2) Reducing the day, month and year first, before adding them. E.g. 10/05/1940 = (1)+(5)+(1+9+4+0) = 11. This person would be a 20/2 in my system but a Master 11 in other systems. Perhaps you could think of them as Hybrid 11’s (similar to people who are 31/4 or 22/4 lifepaths, see this post on Master 22 numerology) This method simplifies your numerology. Not my preference.

3) Adding the sum of your day and month to the year. E.g. 13/05/2018 becomes (13+05)+(2018) = 2036 and 2+0+3+6 = 11. Can be useful for finding ‘hidden’ 11 Lifepaths, but not a method I use much. To be honest, if someone sees repeating numbers, I already know they’re working Master Number and Starseed energy, whether it’s coming from their numerology or the people around them…what’s important is your intention, not your stats on paper.

Your lifepath age is a turning point (thanks for the tip Max Coppa), so someone with a 20/2 lifepath tends to go through many changes at age 20. As a 29/11 lifepath I learned numerology at 29, and the ages of 28-30 were full of change – I began seeing 11:11 after 11/11/2011 when I was 30. I give some ‘lifepath age’ examples in the Famous 2 lifepaths section.

Some Pros of Being a 2 Lifepath and Spiritual Peacemaker

-Personal magnetism. 2’s look like swans, and their grace is attractive to all. Wherever you go, you create opportunities for relationships, especially when you are enjoying yourself. This makes you a natural counsellor, diplomat, co-ordinator, and builder of bridges between opposite worlds. Remember, the Universe works through people, so the Law of Attraction is your best friend. Study and use it wisely. Gratitude is the secret to being surrounded by helpful and affectionate people for all of your days.

-Emotional depth. There’s a line in the movie Titanic, that a ‘woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets’. 2 energy is ruled by the element of water (which has a 22 vibration in numerology) and planets like the Moon. So, this saying is especially true for you, you take life seriously and when you combine this with education and free will, you can experience spiritual enlightenment at an early age. You’ll soon realise that, nothing is personal and that emotions are just energy-in-motion, or winds of change to move us back into our purpose. No wonder people confide in you. You’ve had to learn to be super patient!

-Attention to detail. I was taught to visualise people with a sign over their heads, saying ‘make me feel important’. You have this ability in spades, and you can also apply your acute observational skills in numerology, finances, the creative arts, writing cooking, childrearing and music…the possibilities abound.

-Extraordinary intuition – ‘clairsentience’ (clear feeling). With training, meditation and relaxation, your inner guidance will become your secret weapon. You will be able to read people instantly, and know the difference between intuition and imagination. See my articles on psychic ability vs maturity and intuition vs superstition (critical if you see 11:11 or are into Angel Numbers. It’s not about copy-pasting other’s ideas or websites, it’s about listening).

-Gifted with children and animals. 2’s tend to be good with their hands, they have the healing touch. My friend Diane, who asked me to write this post years ago, is a 20/2 lifepath and works as a zookeeper. Funnily, her son is a Master 22, giving them much in common! Steve Irwin, born 22/2/1962, had 4 x 2’s in his date of birth (he shared a birthday with his mother, and she knew the moment he died). This quality gave him a sense of timing and knowing that would have helped him immensely on camera and with taming crocodiles. Did you know? A crocodile in water is the symbol of the Sacral or 2nd chakra!

So Steve Irwin was right at home as the Crocodile Hunter, helping people to let go of their irrational fears through entertainment and exposure. Terri Irwin is a famous 29/11/2 lifepath, she had just moved to Australia and married Steve around 28-29. Thank you Julie Tester for lending me Bob Irwin’s book The Last Crocodile Hunter – I totally love and recommend it. Bob is a 27/9 Old Soul lifepath and his direct, humble, loving writing is truly cathartic.

-Able to see both sides. You care about the disadvantaged, and the underdog, because you know that luck can flip in an instant. This often means you’ve seen a lot of poverty/ power struggles/ injustice for your years, and prefer not to judge. While it’s true you can be extreme in your viewpoints, faced with real-life feedback you’ll often choose the middle ground and talk others into helping change the system too.

-Affinity with money and the ability to solve problems quickly. Perhaps you will laugh at me for this, but remember that your net worth is your network, and you generally have a thick black book of confidantes. Just a few phone calls or texts and Bob’s your uncle, someone will turn up to fix your leaking pipes, or to help you finance your dream. Remember, you don’t need an ATM card if you are the bank…word of mouth and personal creativity are your ultimate wealth. I have an article on chakra tips for cashflow if this subject is your cup of tea. Here’s an excerpt regarding 2 energy:

“Sacral Chakra Healing (Partnerships) – When you feel poor, give something away – whether it’s money, a gift or a compliment. Love attracts love. There will always be people richer and poorer than you. Judge yourself by how far you’ve come, rather than other people’s Photo-shopped lives. When I volunteered in Thailand, I had down days where I felt impoverished. Those were the times I would buy food for the homeless people on my street – they reminded me to be grateful for the simple things in life.

There’s no question that prickly people repel energy, including money. Sometimes, you just need to lower your defences and let people carry you forwards. Being paid well, brings good karma to the buyer AND the receiver.

The sacral chakra is about self-worth. If you needed a heart transplant, the operation would cost thousands. As a body and Soul you are irreplaceable. All the money in the world couldn’t buy your life back. So never get blinded by the lie that you are your income. Money is just a measuring stick for how much energy is flowing through you – it comes and goes like thunderstorms. Turn off the TV and media brainwashing – it’s weakening your aura.”

Some Cons of Being a 2 Lifepath and Spiritual Peacemaker

A tendency to keep everything inside – trouble letting go and letting God flow. You encounter inner and outer conflicts to help you find your wisdom and resilience. When you’re feeling rushed or overwhelmed, you can shut down and freeze (I still do)…you might lose your appetite, get constipated, shallow breathe, have trouble sleeping or sitting still. It’s as if there’s a cyclone in your belly and you don’t want to open your mouth in case you destroy the house or your relationships! At times like that, I say a prayer out loud, ‘Dear Universe, please show me the lesson here so I can integrate it and move on’...I ask for understanding, not band-aid relief. You get confidence from working through your stuff. I’ve come to accept it takes me a long time to process pain, and that’s my special gift. I don’t miss a thing! I find every ounce of gold in the mud pile.

Just remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. Stop multiplying your wrongs, it’s just draining your energy and keeping you stuck. Write down your issues and burn them if needed, go to yoga or the beach, get counselling, go for massage, drink more water, dance, talk to a friend (especially someone with 1’s – my psychic husband Kris Anderson is a 28/10/1 Action Hero lifepath and he says ‘action is the highest spiritual path’). See this article on Why High Flyers Need a Safety Net

-Swinging between independence, co-dependence and inter-dependence. Yeah, this is the fun part. Are you a doormat or a door opener? People-pleasing can be a slippery path, are you sure still grounded right now? You’ve come here to find the peaceful way, and that means you’ll need to explore all kinds of extremes to discover your limits. It’s going to be a deep end, sink or swim kind of life…

There’s such a focus on being independent, ambitious and financially free these days, it’s far too Yang/ masculine and doesn’t allow for good relationships. It’s also hyper-Western macho culture and almost impossible to achieve if you’re from a culturally diverse background (like myself). There needs to be a balance between self-realisation and being of service. See Jost Sauer’s book The Perfect Day Plan for more thoughts on Yin/ Yang (he’s a 29/11/2 lifepath).

We thrive when we’re needed, when we are helping the public and our communities. This idea that you will have a big famous career and then be a top-down philanthropist when you’re retired, doesn’t always work. It takes love to work for money and money to work for love. There’s a cost to being a workaholic. You might spend so long climbing that by the time you get to the top, there is now one left to help you celebrate! Why not do it the 11:11 way and build your vision from the ground up, with a tribe from the beginning? Hence the saying, ‘walk alone, walk fast, walk together, walk far’ (African proverb).

Yes, there will be times you fall into co-dependence (I really dislike the term ‘falling in love’ for this reason – as Osho says, why not focus on ‘rising in love’?). Times that you lean on others, to the point they push you away or accuse you of smothering them. Times you want to quit. Don’t feel bad – breathe, adjust and start again. They call it a relationship because it’s a constant juggle between the boat and the sea, our goals and our reality, our thoughts and our feelings.

What does inter-dependence look like? It looks like two beanstalks winding up a lattice – sometimes touching, sometimes not. Fruiting, exploring, thriving because they have just enough distance and intimacy to be themselves within the same garden. Don’t aim to be happy all the time with your partner, that’s way too much pressure! Measure yourself by how fast you recover your groove…by how quickly you come back into tune. Karaoke duets are great for this! Read about my 11:11 Soulmate Kris or about relationship palmistry and Soulmates

-Extreme fears and phobias. This has been my greatest plothole – before I knew I was a spiritual being, I was always attracting my worst nightmares (like the black dog that chased me every day after school!) Only in hindsight, can I see that the Universe was desperately trying to show me how powerful my expectations are.

I still remember, the day I picked up a numerology book by Max Coppa and did all my loved ones’ numbers. I was horrified – and excited – to discover that many of my challenging partners and relatives had similar lifepaths…what a relief! As soon as I saw the pattern, I was freed from the need to keep repeating it. That’s not to say I never have problems now – far from it, I have bigger tests the more I put myself out there, but at least now I have many tools and helpers to crack the nuts, so to speak.

Some of the fears I’m overcoming this lifetime include phobias of: fire, water, heights, giving birth, dying in birth, my children dying, my husband dying, being stuck in elevators, being locked in toilets, going mad, going to Hell, being abandoned, being poor, being paralysed…the list is endless. The only difference between the me of today and my child self, is that I eat my fears regularly now, instead of letting them build up and hurt me. I know my soft spots, and I’m open about what I’m working on – perhaps that’s why I attract so many amazing people. I do past life regressions and energy healings on myself, and deliver psychic readings to ensure I stay connected to my happy place. The safest place is always in the open among friends – there’s strength in numbers.

Why have I written so much about the cons of a 2 lifepath? Because most 2’s like to know the fine print!! So I’m just keeping it real. Really, nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so (thanks Shakespeare). As my Dad says, a weakness is just a strength extended. So be careful of ‘over-two-ing’ it folks!

Famous 20/2 Lifepaths (in alphabetical order, by firstname) Have I missed someone? Email me

Hans Christian Andersen, Author. He wrote many incredible children’s stories like The Ugly Duckling (which helped me to survive childhood), The Little Match Girl and Thumbelina. Around 20, he was still studying and going through an abusive time unfortunately. 2’s are here to connect people with their feelings, sensitive/ feminine side and intuition (inner teacher). He did that for sure.

Jacinda Ardern’s daughter (born yesterday! 21/06/2018). Jacinda is a Master 33 lifepath and New Zealand’s youngest Prime Minister. I often find that 2 lifepaths come to bring female justice issues to light – so often the Divine Feminine has been hidden or exploited in our race to conquer the planet.

Dame Julia/ Julie Andrews, Actress and Singer. Best known for The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. At 19-20 she made her Broadway debut and won an award. Her life has been marked by many extremes, including the loss of her singing voice and being overlooked for My Fair Lady in lieu of Audrey Hepburn. She is the embodiment of 2 lifepath resilience, and continued her career despite many setbacks and divorce etc.

Mia Freedman, Editor and Writer. Shares a birthday with Dame Julia. Known for being the youngest editor of Australian Cosmopolitan magazine, for axing the Dolly magazine model contest, and co-founding the Mamamia Women’s Network – they reposted my piece on crazy psychics. At 19-20, Mia was hired at Cleo magazine, launching her publishing career. I did work experience in the same industry, and have followed Mia’s journey with interest. She often hits the headlines for conflicts e.g. with 1 lifepath Roxane Gray – while not defending Mia’s choices, I do think she was used by Spirit as a teacher.

Prince Louis, Third child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine (Kate) Middleton. 2’s can be powerful supporters and help to keep their families together and evolving…will be interesting to see how Louis applies his softness. Interesting that his Dad (William) and Grandfather (Charles) are 11/2’s.

Prince Phillip, Consort to Queen Elizabeth 2 (who became Queen at 25, her 25/7 lifepath age turning point!) He is the longest-serving consort of a reigning British monarch and the oldest-ever male member of the British royal family. 2’s often act as the power behind the throne, in his case, literally. Prince Phillip is an interesting man. He won the Greek War Cross of Valour at 19, for operating searchlights during a battle at sea (notice the connection between 2’s and respecting the water?!) Around this age, he was courting a young Elizabeth through love letters.

He’s a man of extremes – an environmentalist (like Prince Charles, who’s heavily into organic farming), yet politically incorrect to the max. His palmistry is full of Earth signs (thick palm, few lines), so I guess he’s just old school. Like many 2’s, he has an unusually strong connection with women – he has four older sisters, and his mother, Princess Alice was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Sadly, the doctors were atrocious, in fact Sigmund Freud said her mental illness was the result of sexual frustration and that her ovaries should be X-rayed to kill off her libido. OMG. See my post on Starseeds and Composite Whorl Fingerprints (essential reading for people with 11/2 energy). It’s amazing how many ‘mad’ women were simply butting heads with the establishment.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Spiritual Author connected to Hay House. Was in the U.S. Navy at 20 (see Prince Phillip’s entry). Like many 2’s, he polarised people. He was originally a counsellor, was (correctly) accused of plagiarism a number of times, married thrice, and also helped millions through his books. I think his support of Anita Moorjani and her book Dying to be Me, is particularly notable. He was the reason her story about her Near Death Experience (NDE) and miraculous cancer recovery came to light.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this plunge into 2 lifepath numerology. This article has been beyond testing for me to complete. I’ve been sick with grief and respiratory bugs for months, after my lifepath 20/2 Aunty passed away in January. Her life was an inspiration. She could barely walk due to childhood illness, but went on to have a happy marriage and beautiful children. She was also a supporter of my work, at a time when I wanted to give up completely. If I hadn’t shared my dream of numerology with her, I may never have quit my day job, and become a full-time psychic in Brisbane. Perhaps you would not be reading this blog, either?

True story – I found out she died, after she came to me in my sleep. If her Spirit hadn’t talked to me, I may never have known she had passed, for a variety of reasons I’d prefer not to share. Turns out, I lay on the ground, feeling faint, at the time she passed away. Even after death, she helped me to heal my fear of ghosts and mediumship and to trust myself more. And she brought me closer to my mother, who was surprised at my precognitive dream. This article is dedicated to her kindness, and I hope that it will make her proud. As I type this, the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams (another famous 29/11/2 lifepath), started playing. I also feel like crying. Guess, I’ll take that as a confirmation!

Until now, I believed that it was a bit embarrassing to be a 2 lifepath…I was always trying to be an 11 instead of the ‘lower vibration of 2’. After much digesting, I’ve realised this is the result of my beliefs about men being better than women seeping into my spiritual work. As someone who was raised Christian, it’s taken two pregnancies (and sons) to convince myself that men come from women, not the other way around *chuckle*, and to undo the knots of misunderstanding. I’m now at a point, where I can honestly say, I love 1 (Divine Masculine) and 2 (Divine Feminine) energy equally.

The Sun needs the Moon to reflect its strengths and weaknesses, just as the Moon needs to Sun to illuminate it’s vast mysteries. Every pacemaker needs a peacemaker to bring their plans to life.  We have chosen the perfect lifepath for this lifetime, so have fun and remember that you are always supported!

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Past life regression and subconscious therapies (kinesiology, music, art therapy, EFT) are great if you have strong 2 numerology. Here’s my post on finding a great healer.

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All articles on this blog are copyrighted. Content may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. Comments made below will be reviewed before they appear onlineAsal Shokati 23/6/2018What can I say but marvelous. In fact the shadow side of number 2 explained puts it in a better and more positive light. Truthfully as I was reading the (want to call it Article) I was (considering) how much I’ve been enjoying the ‘lower vibrations’ of 11->2 and not seeing it as low but a lot more feminine and in some areas effective. The post puts so many questions and ideas into perspective for me as I had been seeing a lot of 22’s for a while until recently as then feeling co-dependence and independence struggles as so much more. Thanks for baring your soul to us in it and am I sad to hear about your loss. Lots of love/ Great job/ Simply the best writing out there on the topic.Vannessa Williams 22/6/2018
Sarah, I absolutely love your writing. I have learned so much about myself and others through your advice that continues to improve my life and relationships. Your advice to envision everyone has a sign over their head saying “make me feel important” is amazing and I can’t wait to utilize it!
Thank you a million times over! Renee 24/7/2018
This article is great, the part about how we thrive when needed and helping others really rang home, this section was so well worded and accurate.


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