My Birth Mentor Suzanne Swan from Yogababy Brisbane

Special beings! With my birthing mentor, Suzanne Swan from Yogababy Brisbane and Gold Coast (also online)​​. Suzanne is a 29/11 life path Spiritual Messenger as well and we’re both believers in active labours and birth. Find your life path

Suzi’s courses are one of the reasons Kris knew how to deliver and catch Ziggy by himself, when the hospital staff and I had a standoff (they wanted me to lie down, but I knew that would create an injury as baby was crowning, so I chose to stay standing / upright).

Kris also said watching Baywatch helped as they’ve shown a few emergency births on that show.

Birthing a baby is one of the hardest physical tasks you can do. It requires very different fitness to gym workouts and is 90% a mental game. You need people around you who’ve done it many times before (e.g. mothers and grandmothers who have multiple kids!!) and who believe in you and the baby.

I used yoga, bellydance, stretching, perineal massage and light weight workouts to prepare for all 3 of our births. Also daily meditation, so I knew how and what to relax, when.

Plus I kept chatting to Ziggy throughout the pregnancy so we were working as a team. And I re-read books like Birthing from Within and created birth art and birthing playlists.

I didn’t do cardio as running hurts my ankles plus we have little kids so I get plenty of exercise anyway.

Ziggy’s full birth story is here. For now I just want to say a big thanks for all your support.

Suzanne and team run in person and online pregnancy yoga classes which are priceless if you are wanting to fall pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy and/ or a conscious birth.


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