Goodbye Susanna, My 29/11 Life Path Friend

Jewels of wisdom part 1. My magical friend Susanna passed this week. She was a 29/11/2 Spiritual Messenger lifepath as well, here for double action and independence. Wish to leave a message? Comment on Facebook or Instagram

When I met her on a train in Thailand, she was about to return to Australia after running a crystal jewellery business on Koh Phangan. See her creations in the photos below.

The first time we talked, I had flashbacks to Expo ’88 and a vision that my future husband was waiting for me in Brisbane.

Not long after that, I got a job over the phone and started a new life. Although it took 6 years to meet Kris and I only had one friend (Susanna) to start with, I felt I was on track.

Susanna had fantastic vision and energy. Going to her wedding inspired me to dream of my own. Looking after her son Zen was my first experience of babysitting a child. It was good practice for our three boys to come.

When she got a terminal cancer diagnosis last year, which was a total shock, she made books so her children would have a record of her stories. Right to the end, she was renovating her bathroom and asking how we were going.

Susanna loved Ziggy and I’m glad they got to connect. She was terrifically non-judgemental and had a warm sense of humour. The last time I saw her, she smiled and said ‘I guess it’s too late for a reading then?’

I said I could do palmistry for her daughter but came down with mastitis (which I will post on soon) and never saw her again.

At least I was able to give her the last mangoes from our tree. I moved to Brisbane because of its fruit, river and friendly people like Thailand. So that seemed fitting.

Just before she passed, a voice urged me to call her, but I didn’t listen it in time.

We had a lot in common. Life path 11s. 3 kids. Natural medicine students. Foodies. Wild women at heart. Find your life path

Susanna, you will be so missed. Rest in peace. Thank you for reminding to savour every moment (and dumpling).

11:11 love to you and your family. You made a difference.

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Jewels of wisdom part 2. More on my friend Susanna Evan who just passed. I dedicated my 2022 forecast to her and made this painting while channelling a Venus meditation for the class.

It’s of a holy woman supported by the tree of life (scroll to see her shining in the sun). It reminds me of Susanna, who was a generous, sensitive person and so creative. She had blonde hair most of the time I knew her, like a halo. She was a Leo and proud of it!

Before she went, she gave away her crystal creations. Here are some of them draped on my canvas. All beaded by hand. They are just like her, intricate, stunning and healing.

When she gave these to me she joked, ‘make sure they don’t end up on Gumtree!’ I said that wouldn’t happen. I love her art too much.

The third photo is of me with one of Susanna’s necklaces she used to wear. It looks like an 11:11. I wore it to her funeral yesterday.

Kris and I took the boys as I wanted them to learn about grief, endings and community support, especially as they are Old Souls.

Baby Ziggy kept looking into my eyes and touching my tears. Children are so Divinely awake. Susanna believed that too. Rest in peace Angel.

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Holy Woman by Sarah Yip, 2022 With crystal jewellery by Susanna Evan
Holy Woman by Sarah Yip, 2022 Acrylic painting with gold highlights
Sarah Yip wearing a crystal necklace made by Susanna Evan

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