Why I Put My Hay House Cards In The Basement – We Need Spiritual Diversity

Last week, I put hundreds of dollars’ worth of Hay House books, Tarot and Angel Cards in the basement. Why? Read on to find out!

Update 1 July 2020 – After taking back my Hay House cards for a while, I recently removed them again as well as as all related books. I no longer support this company after identifying spiritual bypassing and victim-shaming by speakers like Esther and Jerry Hicks etc. See posts like this one by Be Scofield (on 11.11.2019, no less, note the 11:11!) Also this review

There is a distinct top-down, ‘father knows best’ energy to the current day Hay House products and marketing (try quitting their mailing list, it’s difficult!) Not to mention a lack of genuine cultural diversity and environmental and social conscience.

For the second time, this decision has stimulated a renewal in my business, e.g. my Patreon page) It’s time to move from the Old Way to the 11:11 Way of multiple ways to happiness. See this post on 7 Signs of Spiritual Whitewashing. As much as Hay House help a lot of people get into spirituality, it’s important to know when you have outgrown their work.

Not Your Average Psychic
Unlike most psychics, I was born a sceptic (see my bio). My background is in Agriculture and Environmental Science. I spent my University years poking in craters and completing my Honours at CSIRO, before working with the Australian Government, the UN and Greenpeace.

So I’m a fan of biodiversity, because it’s the secret to a healthy ecosystem. Think about it – the most spectacular gardens have many flowers, not just daisies. And consider your local supermarket – isn’t it depressing when you realise that every detergent you buy is owned by the same company?

That’s why Kris and I shop at organic stores, and make our own products where possible. We also watch and produce alternative news and drink spring water. As much as I love burgers, TV and radio, you can’t be truly creative if all you eat with your eyes, ears and mouth is designed to keep you average. That’s why they say, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

My Butterfly Wake Up Call
The same goes with studying spirituality. As many of you know, my friend Butterfly (a Master 33 lifepath) died recently from cancer. See her wisdom and the Kookaburra spirit she sent after death. When I first found out she was sick, I was stunned, as not only was she vegan and one of the most positive people ever, she was right into Angel Cards and all things psychic.

Part of me kept thinking ‘she must have manifested the cancer, surely she can un-manifest it?!’ Wow – how arrogant. Instead of being present with my friend, I was stuck in my head. Although I know people who have used alternative and conventional* means to overcome cancer, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. *Before I became a psychic, I co-raised millions for cancer research, so I have seen all sides of the industry.

I kept pondering Louise Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, which suggests that cancer is related to ‘Deep hurt. Longstanding resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds.’ 

Was that true, or only part of the story? Surely all babies who have cancer aren’t carrying hatreds? And if a city had been exposed to radiation, did only the resentful people get cancer?

Can Sickness Be A Good Thing? 
Eventually, I had the epiphany that, for many years, I have believed that illness and death are a form of punishment, rather than a natural part of life. Yikes, how unrealistic and linked to outdated ideas of karma, sin and humans being unworthy. Surely every saint and guru has caught the flu at least once? That doesn’t make them any less enlightened.

Sometimes, falling sick the only way we can connect with certain people to uplift them. Butterfly amazed the nurses in her palliative care ward with her bubbly personality – even while dying, she’d chat to them and sympathise with their working hours. I’m sure they will never forget her.

To help me grieve, I had several healings and did meditation. During these experiences, my Spirit Guides kept showing me a picture of Ronald McDonald, and telling me not to take everything at face value.

While reviewing my article on myths about 11:11 I started to get annoyed with Doreen Virtue (who is a fellow Master 11 lifepath who has now converted to Christianity and renounced her former work). Although I admire her books, I thought ‘why doesn’t she go deeper into numerology, instead of saying 11:11 is about keeping your thoughts positive?’

After all, my psychic readings with thousands of people have shown that 11:11 particularly appears to people with Master Numbers, Starseeds, and those who are at a Personal 9 or 1 year turning point (read more). It’s often a call to study numerology and to check your ‘inner voice-mails’. People who see it frequently come from conservative backgrounds but are called to make career changes after major life events.

Who Builds a House Made of Hay?
Next thing you know, I had a massive AHA moment, linking together several experiences I’ve had regarding Hay House:

-Years ago, I tried to email a manuscript to them, but my file wouldn’t send (read about computer/ Spirit signs).

-When I told a mentor I went to the Hay House Writers Workshop, he suggested that was a great way for the company to do market research on other authors, to ensure they stayed one step ahead.

-Although I read the hands of global and Australian Hay House VIPs, nothing came from the meeting and I got the distinct impression they were only interested in people who fit a certain mould. See readings I’ve done for famous people – I post them as a gift to the community.

-For years, I’ve delayed completing a book, because I kept fantasising that Hay House would contact me. One time while I was thinking this, I drove behind a truck filled with bales of hay as it turned down a dirt road. Yep, it led me down the wrong track.

-Despite decades of personal growth work, I found myself reading out the descriptions on Hay House Angel cards to my clients, as if I didn’t trust my own interpretation. They are designed to be accessible, which is great, but the wording can also turn into a crutch.

-My Spirit Guides kept saying to me ‘think of the Three Little Pigs – who builds a house made of hay?’

Where I’m At Now
As the title suggests, I have put all my Hay House items downstairs  for now. Look, I have loved all the wisdom gained from their books and events. This post is not meant to sound ungrateful, it’s just a reminder to help the little fish as well. We all have to start somewhere but you need to know when to move on from one-size-fits-all explanations and constant sales pitches.

Consistently supporting the biggest company creates a monopoly.It’s like feeding one child more than their siblings – a recipe for injustice. That’s the opposite of what 11:11 is about. 11:11 is a reminder that ‘every one is equal’ and ‘we are all creators’.

Before you buy anything (including someone’s opinion of you), ask yourself – is this designed to make love or money? As someone who offers a money-back guarantee on their services, and who gave up a senior fundraising position to start a business, I like to think I’m in the first category.

Sure, I’m paid for my passion, but then again, it’s a 24/7 lifestyle with sacrifices – it’s not like I can channel with a hangover! I am sure that authors like Doreen Virtue mean well, but it is a global company with a commercial focus. For every product you buy from Hay House, how many independent decks are staying on the shelves?

As you can see in my post about my 11 Favourite Tarot Decks there are many Australian alternatives such as Katy-K’s The Modern Oracle. I’ve had clients praise her cards for their clarity, punch, and user-friendly design.

Another beautiful deck is the Australian-designed Chakra Insight Oracle by Caryn Sangster, which is one of the most evocative decks I’ve ever used.

In Conclusion
I hope this blog has given you food for thought. Perhaps it will mean I will never be a Hay House Author. Oh well. Other people can have that opportunity, and I wish them all the best.

All I know is, I feel better already. The minute I put all my Hay House materials away, my creativity went through the roof. I have never had so many cathartic dreams or blog ideas in my life! Maybe you should try the same experiment.  Think of it like a juice cleanse, but with Tarot Cards…

I didn’t become a psychic to ‘fit in’. I’m here to bring integrity to an industry with a shonky reputation. That’s why my mission statement is “Transforming the Public’s Perception of Psychics, And Their Own Intuition, from Scepticism to Trust.”

It’s also why I blog about everything under the sun, so people can see that spirituality can be fun – it’s not just about eating mung beans (although they are tasty too). Now that I’ve stopped waiting for approval, I can get on with my Master 11 lifepath of being a Spiritual Messenger. And it feels great.

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years. For a one-off session, please see Kris Anderson, my psychic husband. We also read together for a 360 degree perspective you’ll love.

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