Licence Plate Miracles – Psychic Messages While You Drive

Do you find yourself analysing number plates while driving?
Ever wondered if your guides are trying to tell you something?
You’re not alone. Many intuitive people receive messages while driving, including signs via car licence plates (see my fave example above, spotted outside a yoga class in Brisbane).
With most people spending hours in their car every week, it’s only natural that your guides will talk to you using whatever’s at hand. That’s why I call licence plates ‘Angel SMS’ because they are often used by Spirit to get our attention. Our guides are highly creative and can influence licence plates, clocks, signs (feathers, etc), people or even animals to help you. This is especially the case if you are at a crossroads and need to make big decisions.
Imagine you are running in a marathon. The best place for you to have a cheer squad before finishing line, because that’s when you’re most likely to give up. Similarly, if you are going through a breakup, job crisis or health scare there’s no question your guides are clustered around you, trying to provide support. They’re like spiritual guardians or family, who know when you’re in trouble and are here to help.
How can you communicate with your guides through licence plates?

1) Next time you’re driving, ask out loud for a sign. Be specific – ask for help with a certain issue. Include a deadline, e.g. ‘Dear guides, I want to change my career. Please send me three signals in the next 24 hours showing me the next step’.

2) If you have a lucky number or letter (such as your first initial), ask your guides to use these to get your attention, e.g. ‘Please use the number 3 or letter A to highlight important information’. Don’t know your lucky number? Find your lifepath
3) Pay attention to any coincidences that occur within your specified timeframe. They could be repeated thoughts, licence plates or things people say or do around you. Write things down and follow them up promptly.
If you don’t receive any signs, repeat the question and tell your guides to ‘be more obvious please’. Consider clearing your mind, through sound meditation or going for a walk, as this will give your guides a better chance to reach you.
This process is very effective when practiced regularly. Here are some of the licence plate miracles I’ve received over the years:
-Before buying a car, I asked my guides to give me strong signals so I could find my perfect vehicle as quickly as possible. I found a sparkling blue Toyota in the caryard and laughed when I saw the number plate, ARK 74S.
My inner voice interpreted it as ‘An Ark for Sarah’ – ark being a safe vehicle, and S representing my name. Even better, the 74 added to 11, my lucky number. Later on, I realised that 74 is the vibration of words such as PERSONAL GROWTH and SYNCHRONICITY (see the system I use here), which is perfect for my line of work  I bought the car and it has been a beauty to drive.
-My partner Kris and I needed to find a place to live asap. We only had a week, as our other plans had fallen through. I prayed for a home nearby and amazingly, a house turned up in the next street.
After submitting our application, I asked my guides for a sign. Minutes later, a car merged in front me with the licence plate 281 SIX. I couldn’t believe it. My partner is a 28/1 lifepath and 2+8+1 equals 29 which is my lifepath. Plus the house for lease was a number six. There and then I knew that everything would be okay. Shortly afterwards, we were approved to move into our gorgeous new home.
-The day after the 281 SIX event, I thought to myself ‘maybe I should get a number plate with 11 11 on it. After all I see it all the time’. Wouldn’t you know it, the next car that drove past had 11 11 in its licence plate. The four 1’s were actually letter I’s, but I’m positive it was a sign from above.
-I was thinking about kid’s names and decided Caroline Josephine would be a good girl’s name – CJ for short. Just then I noticed that the car in front had the licence plate CJ. Whoa!
-I was running late for a flight. I had two choices – drive to the airport and pay for a week’s parking (very expensive), or go home so that Kris could give me a lift (the original plan). Just then a car passed me with a licence plate ending in 444. I believe that 444 is an Angel number meaning ‘everything’s going according to plan’, so I went home despite feeling panicky. Magically, Kris found a shortcut to the airport that meant I arrived early and didn’t need to park. Plus we got kiss goodbye 🙂
-As a psychic, I spend days, even weeks, analysing things. One day I was meditating on the number 55 while driving.
55 vibrates to the words INTEGRITY and MOTHER MARY. This number is important to me because it’s the sum of my lifepath (29) plus my mother’s (26). This means it is the lesson we’re here to teach each other.
Suddenly a car with the number plate 551 TEN overtook me. I laughed when I saw 551 and said ‘thanks guides’. 55 is written as 55/1 in numerology, but I couldn’t figure out what the TEN meant. That night, I realised the Angels had spelled out TEN to make sure I knew this was no coincidence. 55 reduces to 10 which reduces to 1 in numerology. Too cool.
Accurate messages like this occur frequently when you are in ‘the flow’ and following your life purpose. That’s why I can’t encourage you enough to study spirituality, palmistry or numerology if you feel drawn to them. Life’s more fun with Angels!
I hope you enjoy manifesting some messages. If you’d like to know more, please check out this article I wrote on making your day a miracle.
Or if you wish to book a psychic reading with me, please click here.
With best wishes,
Sarah Yip
Professional Psychic Reader
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