Life Path 6 Numerology – The Pros and Cons of Being a Spiritual Visionary and Lover

Are you a 6 life path in numerology? Then you’re here to be a leader of thought, who generates community support! You’re also here to reclaim your psychic gifts and learn self-love. Here are my tips for expressing your Divine power, based on over 3,000+ psychic readings I’ve delivered since 2011. Note, I use lifepath and life path interchangeably.

In my numerology classes, I teach, “Need a long-term fix? Find a lifepath six. The words TRUTH, BIRD and GROWNUP add to 6, because these people are responsible teachers, who inspire you to open your eyes and elevate your mind to explore the Universe in all its loving harmony. “

This is one of my final lifepath guides for (the last will be for 44/8 lifepaths). I was unable to finish it, until I solved the mystery of my grandmother’s death. She was a 24/6 Lifepath who ran a business and struggled with mental health like me. It was hearing about her suicide that triggered me to become a psychic in 2011-2012. I knew that unless I followed my path, I would go to early grave. 6s have a way of keeping you on track! Thank you Leanne Barefoot Medium for putting my grief to rest.

As with all my summaries, it’s taken years to create this post. I hope you find it cathartic. Email me if you have any suggestions! Please allow a few weeks for a reply due to my young family and busy schedule. Thanks

Lifepath 6’s often believe in other people more than themselves. This can change when they open up to spiritual ideas and learn about our Divine interconnections.

What is my Lifepath in numerology?

It’s your life purpose, or spiritual job description. For many articles and a calculator, see Find Your Lifepath.

In my system, it’s the sum of your date of birth from left to right, and always reduces to a number between 1-9, or 11, 22 or 33 (the latter are Master Number lifepaths – some people include 44).

We change paths each lifetime, depending on what we want to heal in ourselves and humanity. Please note, your lifepath is only 25-30% of your forecast – your names, pinnacles, challenges, personal year forecast and other factors count, as does free will. Like most experienced psychics, I believe you can alter your spiritual contracts, in co-operation with Spirit. 

How do I know if I’m a 6 Lifepath?

Find your lifepath by adding your date of birth from left to right. Unlike some psychics, I don’t reduce the day, month or year before adding them, as this removes important details. Here are the possible 6 combinations on Earth today – 6, 15/6, 24/6, 33/6 and 42/6 Lifepaths.

Note: I have another page for Master 33/6 Lifepaths – in my experience most Master Number holders operate at their simpler frequency 80% of the time, so it is still worth reading this Lifepath 6 blog if you are a 33/6.

For example (you don’t have to include zeros, but I have for clarity):
01/03/2000 = 0+1+0+3+2+0+0+0 = Pure 6 lifepath (mainly children for now)

20/07/2013 = 2+0+0+7+2+0+1+3 = 15/6 lifepath (also mainly kids or teens) If you have or are a Pure 6 or 15/6 Lifepath, please see my Why Your Child Chose You – A Family Numerology Webinar for detailed guidance ($66)

30/05/1960 = 3+0+0+5+1+9+6+0 = 24/6 lifepath (mainly adults but some babies have this path too – the latter will seem ‘older’ than their years.)

14/08/1982 = 1+4+0+8+1+9+8+2 = 33/6 lifepath (mainly adults) – this is a Master Number lifepath covered on a separate page. I note there are multiple ways of calculating Master Number lifepaths – see my Master 22/4 Lifepath post for a discussion of why I use the ‘add across method’.

29/09/1993 = 2+9+0+9+1+9+9+3 = 42/6 lifepath (mainly adults) – tend to be later bloomers than the previous lifepaths, see below.

What’s a Lifepath turning point age?

Each type of 6 lifepath is different. For descriptions, I recommend Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live (see my reading for him). I also briefly discuss the types in the Famous 6’s section.

One of the reasons I prefer the ‘add across’ method for calculating lifepaths is that it reveals our ‘lifepath turning point ages’ of maturity and when we are most ready to share our gifts with the world (thanks for the tip Max Coppa).

In my experience, all 6 lifepaths go through significant changes at or around their childhood turning point age of 6, which influences the rest of their lives e.g. moving house, the addition or departure of a loved one, seeing Spirits, being told they are beautiful or ugly etc.

Hint: If you can’t remember what happened, it may have been emotional, so be patient with yourself. I recommend placing a hand on your heart skin-to-skin, feeling for a heartbeat and then asking it out loud ‘dear heart, what happened at age 6?’. See my inner child post for more.

In terms of adult turning point ages, someone with a 6 or 15/6 lifepath will tend to find their confidence and calling earlier than a 24/6, 33/6 or 42/6 lifepath – of course, free will and other factors will still be at play.

Just found out you are a 42/6? Don’t stress! As Moliere said, “the trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” There is a reason for everything. Perhaps the world needs time to catch up to you.

FYI, I am a  Master 29/11/2 lifepath, who learned about numerology and my grandmother’s unusual death at 29, which sparked my career change from science to psychic work. I began my 11:11 research after 11/11/11, when I was 30. The ages of 11 and 2 years old were also very dramatic. I give further lifepath age turning point examples in the Famous 6’s section.

What does 6 mean in numerology?

In a nutshell, 6 stands for the 6th or Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), which is about seeing beauty beyond the material world and physical body. 6 is the cosmic guardian (aka Divine parent – see how the 6 looks like a pregnancy, or an adult cradling a child?) This doesn’t mean you need to have children to fulfil a 6 lifepath, just that self-parenting (self-care) and other-parenting (be it kids, a business, ideas) will be core themes. 6 also looks like a ‘food baby’ and someone who’s found what fills them up.

Wherever 6 appears in your life, is where the Universe wants you to work with your Soul family to create a better world. Even if you’re not a 6 lifepath, if you have found this blog, you’re probably related to, parents of or friends or partners with a 6 lifepath. Spirit has called you here.

The more 6’s you have in your numerology (and around you as friends/ loved ones), the more you need to look after your Third Eye, including your state of mind, body and surrounding environment.

About The Third Eye (6th) Chakra

-it correlates to ‘6’ in numerology
-sits in the centre of your forehead
-includes the brain and pineal gland

When your Third Eye Chakra is open, you see the big picture, believe in a higher purpose and easily access intuitive knowledge (ESP). Your mind and eyes are open to Spirit

When your Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you can be prone to worry, indecision, headaches, insomnia, trying to keep up appearances and being closed to anything Spiritual.

Ways to Heal Your Third Eye Chakra (I recommend researching this further online and/ or learning energy healing like Reiki): Meditation (see tracks and 6 Myths About Meditation – Why It’s Easier Than Your Thinking), Psychic Development and Intuition classes (see my webinar 9 August, a replay is coming), improving your sleep, dream journalling, creating vision boards and developing your creative/ observational skills, prioritising work/ life balance, time in nature, with animals and children, enhancing your health (especially mental health) and longevity (see Will This Help Me Live Longer? The Question That Clears All Fear), yoga, silence, chanting, drinking better water, eating organic (See Too Much Pretty Food Can Blind You To Your Beauty), etc.. This list is just a starting point.

Summary of Third Eye Chakra Qualities by Sarah Yip. Image made with

Pros and Cons of 6 Lifepaths

Here are my thoughts on 6 lifepaths (which apply to a lesser degree if you have 6 energy in your name, pinnacles, challenges, etc.)

Note: we tend to express the positive traits of our lifepath more strongly after our adult lifepath turning point age (e.g. 6, 15, 24, 33, 42 ) – before then we are still preparing for our major life’s work. Also, not all the information may fit you because you are a combination of numbers and have free will. A Lifepath is only 25% or so of your numerology forecast – I discuss the full spectrum of your numerology, palmistry and Tarot forecast in readings.

Pros of being a 6 Lifepath: Authoritative, clear-headed, observant, self-directed, often self-taught, powerful visionaries with extraordinary imaginations and intelligence, people who command trust from others. Charismatic, strongly sensual and passionate individuals with a talent for all things spiritual. 6s are naturally psychic and in tune with the rhythms of life, although this can be suppressed due to schooling/ religion etc. until they seek help. See my post on intuition vs superstition and upcoming Intuition webinar on 9 August (a replay will be available under Products).

6s have a strong community spirit and are almost painfully conscious of their surroundings and responsibilities as humans. Especially as children, 6’s want to care for the planet, recycle, help animals, feed the homeless, and bring people together for gatherings where no one is left out.

As adults, 6’s usually have good taste and love to celebrate/ enjoy life. 6’s are frequently attractive due to keeping a healthy lifestyle and having a warm, dreamy and romantic side. It can be part of their life journey to experience being judged on their appearance and having to overcome prejudice.

-Cons of being a 6 lifepath: Getting taken in by appearances, not thinking for themselves e.g. when younger or in relationships. Blindly accepting a status quo e.g. conservative marriage or workplace, which censors them for being different and keeps them in survival mode. Wishful thinking – failing to persevere with their dreams. Not planning ahead (e.g. financially) or to prevent emergencies – expecting to be rescued at the last minute (remember, ‘a man is not a plan’! Even Angels can only help us so much.)

6’s can become too sceptical of their intuitive (feminine/ Divine mother/ Earthly) side and block out psychic messages/ Spirit Signs/ dreams to the point of headaches (physical and metaphorical) and possibly mental breakdowns, insomnia etc. They can ignore their hearts until their head becomes overwhelmingly full and dark. This can lead to addictions, especially to overwork/ martyrdom/ being stuck in the daily grind.

A 6 lifepath who refuses to meditate, relax, take a holiday or take a risk to start again can spread endless worry and confusion to those around them. If they think they are the only ones around who know what to do and how to do it, they can become trapped in the 3D world, which is a tragedy given their potential to become spiritual guides, performers and luminaries.

Career tips for 6 Lifepaths

Please remember, your lifepath is only part of your potential energy – what I have suggested below should be tested against your own life experience and deepest desires.

6’s excel when they are rewarded for creating new ideas that help humanity to advance. They make excellent teachers (teacher has a 33/6 numerology), political or community group leaders, family business owners and parent or guardian figures. Many succeed in academia (mentoring, lecturing, writing, researching) due to their flair for combining different points of view. I also see lots of 6’s in the arts, sciences and music. I also know many top-notch psychics who are 6’s, e.g. my mentor Vicki Haspels (I will add a video of us to this page soon)

Unless a 6 Lifepath is actively changing society at the higher thought/ mental health level, they run the risk of becoming bored and self-sabotaging (e.g. by obsessing over the small stuff, manifesting emotional drama and holding others back). 6’s need to prioritise work/life balance more than most, as many of their best epiphanies will come when they are ‘off-duty’ and out of the box e.g. while walking in nature, or travelling.

Here’s a related extract from my post on chakra tips for cashflow:

“6) Third Eye Chakra Healing (Vision/ Mind) – Give and receive feedback. I’m often impressed by the open-mindedness of high-flyers I’ve read for – most are good listeners, avid learners and willing to change their ways. In contrast, I see many frustrated people who reject constructive criticism, think they know everything and backseat drive other people’s lives. I’m not asking you to believe everything people say – I’m suggesting that,when someone you respect takes the time to give you feedback, it’s worth looking inside yourself…”

Relationship tips for 6 Lifepaths

As I mentioned above, your lifepath is only part of your forecast, so I’m not going to patronise you by listing combinations of lifepaths, because that could lead to a mis-trust of your own vibes. Remember, as a 6 lifepath, you’re here to find your own truth.

We come to Earth with Soulmate contracts in draft form. You cannot assess someone’s romantic compatibility with you based only on numerology, because we are ‘more than figures and scores’. It is just a starting point. Your impressions count more than any report or blog’s advice. When I do couples psychic readings, I look at their numerology, palmistry and overall energy before giving any suggestions. That’s respectful, in my eyes.

Many factors influence whether a relationship will bring you joy, including free will, self-awareness, intent, your joint support network, past lives, health and current energy levels. Without a love of life (energy to spare), we rarely have a great love life! See 6 Myths About Soulmates, Busted! and I See 11:11, So Where the Heck’s My Twin Flame? 3 Reasons to Relax

That said, I tend to find that 6 Lifepaths are almost always in a romantic relationship or have a number of options around them, which can bring many lessons around boundaries and respect. As 6’s can strongly influence others to follow them, they need to be aware of rushing into partnerships without having cleared up trauma e.g. from childhood or other exes.

Otherwise, they may end up having more of a parent-child dynamic with their significant other than a marriage of equals. This can be tiring and dispiriting for both parties. The idealism of a 6 can mean it takes a long time for them to realise they are repeating a pattern. Sometimes they become fatalistic (close-minded) or hide their feelings behind a spotless home and apparently happy family.

If you relate to this, please read 7 Can Opener Relationships That Shocked Me Awake – Are You In One?! As someone who kissed a lot of frogs before finding her Prince, I assure you, there is always a rainbow after the storm.

As a 6 lifepath in love, you have so much to give that your kindness will be the blessing of a lifetime to Mr or Mrs Right. Give yourself permission to heal yourself for as long as you need to between relationships. Quality over quantity is the key to your success in love!! See How to Attract a Partner You’ll Love! The Secrets Behind Writing a Wishlist for more.

Animal Totems, Tarot Cards, Power Places & Words for 6 Lifepaths

Animal Totems: Bird (24/6), Cat (6), Fish (24/6), Turtle (24/6), Griffin (51/6) – a mythical Eagle-headed Lion creature you may have heard about through Harry Potter or magical studies. It’s also part of the amazing Animal Magic Divination Deck (Alexis Cartwright is a 29/11/2 Lifepath like me).

Tarot Cards: The Lovers (VI or 6), The Devil (XV or 15) – So interesting how the Tarot and numerology overlap. The descriptions of these cards have many parallels with the positive and challenging sides of a 6 Lifepath.

Power Places: BALI (15/6), BERLIN (33/6), DARWIN (33/6), FINLAND (33/6) GOLD COAST (33/6 – where I live in Australia), HAWAII (33/6), JAPAN (15/6), NORWAY (33/6), THAILAND (33/5)

Archangel Protector: Michael (33/6), See: Find Your Guardian Angel Using Numerology – It’s All In Your Date of Birth

Examples of words with a 6 numerology – See the word analysis system I’ve used. This list will be updated over time.

6 – ABC (6’s love learning), CAB (6’s often give people ‘lifts’).
15/6 – ARMS, GUN (6’s can be forceful, they need to regularly tune in to check if they are operating from head-force or heart-frequency), SIN (6’s are learning to question right/ wrong-based beliefs and move towards rainbow/ holistic thinking – see my point about The Devil in Tarot ).
24/6 – FEMALE, TRUTH (6’s are one of the most sensitive numbers)
42/6 – BELIEVER (6’s have faith in the bigger picture, which is extremely healing for others to experience), GINGER (heals nausea, especially morning sickness – 6 looks like a pregnancy!), GROWNUP (6’s raise standards and inspire us to see everyone as full Souls)
51/6 – CREATIVITY (A healthy 6 is full of ideas and constructive thoughts)
60/6 – INNER CHILD (makes sense as 6 is about being a cosmic parent)

Famous Life Path 6s

(to be updated over time – also includes my friends and colleagues) When creating this section, I acknowledge the work of Laurie Buchanan – see her list of Famous People with Life Path 6

Pure 6 Lifepath – None known yet

15/6 Lifepaths (1 adds Root Chakra/ independence, 5 adds Throat Chakra/ love of freedom) – Billie Eilish (released her debut EP Don’t Smile at Me at her lifepath turning point age of 15. It reached the top 15 in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia – note the ’15’ syncs!)

24/6 Lifepaths (2 adds Sacral Chakra/ sensitivity, 4 adds Heart Chakra/ compassion)
-Calista Flockhart (born 11.11 and likely a Starseed – at age 23-24 she graduated from theatre. Calista faced heavy criticism of her lean figure while starring in Ally McBeal)
-Dick Van Dyke (had financial issues around 23-24, he got married via a TV show, then his wife lost a baby and they were evicted – he pursued steadier work after that and they had a family)
-Eddie Murphy (released his debut music album around 24)
-Gavin Blakey (the first Australian to become International President of Toastmasters, also a speaker at The Relaxation Centre of QLD)
-Goldie Hawn (won an Oscar for her debut in Cactus Flower around 23-24)
-James Dean (starred in Rebel Without a Cause at 24, also tragically died at that age)
-Jane Seymour (her career was skyrocketing at age 24)
-John Lennon (his career was surging at age 24 and he had a break from Yoko Ono – at 25, he left music to raise his son Sean – his song Imagine is a theme song for lifepath 6’s in some ways, but I also note his violence against women was quite extreme which leaves me with mixed views of his work).
-Magda Szubanski – around 24, she joined The D-Generation, a popular sketch comedy show.
-Matthew Broderick (starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at 23, which led to great fame at his lifepath turning point age of 24)
-Michael Caine (his film career began at 23-24)
-Neve Campbell (at 6 she saw The Nutcracker and decided she wanted to learn ballet, at 23-24 she became known after the Scream movies came out.)
-Robert Ripley (moved to New York around 23-24) See profile
-Rosie O’Donnell (made her TV debut around 24)
-Seth Godin (marketing writer – his blogs have highly influenced my writing and thinking – his career launched around 24 with the Telarium project)
-Steve Irwin (at 6 he was given his first pet snake – I believe he and Terri are Twin Flames). He could have been a 24/6-33/6 Hybrid, depending on the calculation method. At 33 he made his first trip to the United States and television appearance on Conan O’Brien.) See Steve Irwin’s Numerology (class replay)
-Vicki Haspels (my psychic mentor – see this post. A video is coming)
-Warren Buffett (one of the world’s richest men – his first child was born when he was 23 and at 24 he took a job in securities analysis after years of trying to break into the industry. He is known for his philanthropy).
-Wendy Kropf (a colleague – see Vital Vibrations & the Tesla Light Chamber)

33/6 Lifepaths (3 adds Solar Plexus Chakra – communication and concern for future generations) See this post

42/6 Lifepaths (similar chakra mix to 24/6s but the 4 in front of the 2 suggests these people are later bloomers and also need more structure and organisational skills to succeed)
-Michael Jackson (was recognised as the entertainer supporting the most charities in the world around 42, had record label disputes and began performing with his brothers around 43 for the first time in decades. FYI I acknowledge the many troubling claims of child abuse against him.)
-Mira Sorvino (had a child around 41-42, also became involved with the U.N. I respect Mira for her speaking up about sexual misconduct in Hollywood, she has a beautiful Soul.)

A Note on 6 Numerology

FYI, the number 6 can appear in your:
-day of birth (e.g. Born 6 May)

-name/s (e.g. Maree adds up to 24/6, Robert adds to 33/6) See the Pythagorean letter-number system I use on Find Your Lifepath

-business name/s e.g. Fanta adds to 15/6. See my Therapists webinar for name analysis templates and tips for running a healing business.

-personal year (every 9 years you go through a 6 or occasionally, a 33/6 year. During this time you experience ‘life as an 6’) Find your personal year

-pinnacles and challenges (a calculation that tells you the theme of each decade) – I teach these in my advanced numerology courses (next dates tbc – sign up for updates) or see Numerology Books and Blogs I Recommend for 11:11 See’rs in Australia and Worldwide

-address and even your phone number. Living in a 6 house can be great for families, pets and home businesses, however it can also involve more obligations and regular physical/ energetic clearing. Living in a Master 33 house will attract miracles. You’ll be drawn to spiritual and idealistic pursuits. See What Your House Number Means – Property Numerology

-vision as repeating numbers e.g. 666, 606, 611 etc. This is part of the 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening, which is a journey of at least 5-9 years from head to heart-based living. Seeing 6s suggests you have them in your numerology, around you and/ or need to heal your Third Eye Chakra. See What 666 Really Means in Numerology – Trust Your Sixth Sense!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of 6 lifepath numerology, as much as I’ve loved researching and writing it. Nothing makes me happier than helping people remember their calling (except of course, cuddling my babies). My biggest advice to 6’s is – use your vision and imagination to create with courage, not to keep yourself in shadow. You are here to help us get ‘a-head’ and handle on what comes next!

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“You have done a lot of work Sarah – Thank you for sharing. I am a 24/6 and my life definitely changed at 24. Well written.” Karenn (24/6 Lifepath)

“You have done SO much work on this and your other posts. Your insights are epic and very helpful. I could see a lot of me in your 24/6 descriptions. It’s really helpful to have an external perspective because we don’t always see ourselves as others do, or we only see ourselves in a different light when others share their perceptions with us. So your blog is very helpful.” Gavin Blakey (24/6 Lifepath)

“You brought up so many points that resonated with me personally I went from giggling to outright jaw-dropping!” Biunca (24/6 Lifepath)

“Your many years of drafting the guide is certainly reflected in the final product. It clearly communicates your ideas and information in a well-organized, visually pleasing manner. It is written with passion and humor. It conveys the message that you (the author) is intelligent, knowledgeable, honest and sincere.

Insofar as “What made sense?” – It all did.  When I read the personal characteristics for Lifepath 6 I was gobsmacked. It was so accurate and resonated deeply with me. Thank you, Sarah for caring about folks.” Daniel (24/6 Lifepath)

“Very accurate in most ways for me. I resonated quite highly with this.” Robyn (42/6 Lifepath)

“I read this in the middle of the night when I was sleepless. I was very interested to get an overview of the other types of sixes. I relate to much of it and appreciate the detailed guidance and explanations you provide.

The pros and cons list almost feels like a surgeon’s scalpel – it is so accurate to my experience. You are a legend Sarah.” Eloise (Master 33/6 Lifepath)

“I read both your articles for lifepaths 6 and 33 and can relate to SO MANY aspects of both. I tend to lean more towards the 6’s (note from Sarah: Shannon has only just hit 33 so this makes sense – 33 is her lifepath turning point age).

Have visited some of the 6 destinations you mentioned and would love to visit all of them one day – especially Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, Norway and Finland.” I love your observations, nuances and the humour and lightness you have. Respect.” Shannon (Master 33/6 Lifepath)

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