The Secret to Skyrocketing Intuition – Water and Your Third Eye Chakra

Today I’m writing about the impact of water on your health, intuition and ability to LET GO of the past. Please note, I am not a medical practitioner and this article is based on my research and experiences. I encourage you to test this information for yourself before accepting it.

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Do you ever find yourself:
Obsessively worrying? Tired? Cranky? (Like Grumpy Cat)
Indecisive or Forgetful?
Unable to get rid of negative emotions such as fear or anger?
Getting headaches, or foggy thinking? Then you’re probably dehydrated.

Think of water as the river of life that flows through every cell of your body, bringing it nutrients (as blood) and removing toxins (as lymph fluid etc.) Even a small reduction in flow can lead to problems ‘downstream’. Not drinking enough water is like suddenly turning off the water supply to certain parts of a city – most people will be fine, but somewhere, someone is going to be in trouble before long.

Your body uses water to rinse away the past – imagine not flushing your toilet for a day and you can see why dehydrated people sometimes feel clogged up (or ‘bogged’ down!)

I first came across the importance of water for optimal health when my friend Tarla Jocumsen began treating me with kinesiology. Invariably, she would muscle test my hydration only to find out I was dehydrated  – after the first few sessions she’d just hand me a glass of water as I arrived! Since then I’ve been great at drinking enough water but until February this year I still didn’t believe the quality of my water was important. I figured my kidneys would sort things out, after all that’s why we have them right?

It wasn’t until I did some research on 11:11 clocks), that I realised there is a correlation between the freshness of your water and the vibrancy of your thoughts. Psychics like myself spend thousands of hours meditating to ‘open our third eye’ (or third eye chakra – the mind and pineal gland located behind the centre of the forehead) so that we can ‘tune in’ to information not available to most people. But there’s not much point doing this if we then drink fluoridated water, which subdues the function of this gland (according to some sources).

It’s the equivalent of running up an escalator the wrong way…a lot of effort that gets you nowhere fast. I’ve come across information which links a blocked third eye chakra/ pineal gland to many modern maladies particularly obsessive thinking, drug addictions and body hang ups.

The idea is that our third eye allows us to have HIGHER VISION and see that we are lovable no matter WHAT we look like, do or say. When it is malfunctioning we think we are ugly, fat, alone or not worthy of happiness unless we ‘prove ourselves’. Boring!

That’s why I use a Gentoo jug to filter water for cooking. I also pay to have Montville Mist spring water delivered in Brisbane. Their water is delicious and we’ve ordered from them for years.

2020 Update: I have moved to the Gold Coast and now buy Wild Oasis Water from Miami Organic Markets (they also deliver). 

Plus, we’ve installed an Omica shower filter that has been a godsend for my skin (which is prone to eczema). It’s like bathing under a waterfall, no more chlorine fumes!

In the past few months I’ve had better reflexes and co-ordination, less  sore muscles, improved memory and energy levels. Not to mention my clairvoyance has gone through the roof. I can now see, taste and smell things as people talk about them, which I could not do before.

It’s hard to say how much of this was due to the water, as I have also started taking B vitamins and getting more sunshine and exercise. I’ve also had crystal healings with Deniz Akan.

You could be rolling your eyes about now – there are many pro-fluoride people out there (I was one of them) but I want to express what has worked for me, because I know  it’s part of my role as a spiritual educator.

*My suggestion for you is to go off tap water for 1 month (by getting a filter e.g. the Gentoo jug or a kitchen tap filter that removes fluoride and metals) and keep a record of any difference you have in your health. You could also go on rainwater or tank water if available. *

It is possible that a lot of the difference will be simply due to the fact that you drink more water (because it tastes better) but either way you get all the benefits for a minimal cost (no, I am not getting kickbacks from any filter companies!)

The best thing that can happen is your life improves. In fact some people lose weight once they start drinking more water (often we eat because we are thirsty and confuse this with hunger).

The worst thing that can happen is nothing, and you just go back to drinking tap water (and donate the jug to that hippy Aunt of yours) Hmm, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for tap water, after all I have lived in countries where you can’t drink the water and I do love being Australian!

However in my experience, we live in an equitable Universe, where if you eat average quality food and drink tap water, you are likely to have an ordinary level of health and intuition.

In horticulture, you always give your prize roses the best soil and fertiliser, to maximise each plant’s success…so  if you want to have extraordinary intuition and be able to make smarter decisions than Joe Blow, it pays to eat the best food and drink the best water you can afford. There are no shortcuts to success.

Hint: Ask the most healthy, wealthy and wise person you know what keeps them going and I bet they will mention a good diet. Interestingly, every day you eat 2-3 kg of food and drink 2-3kg of water…so really, water is 50% of your diet!

Thanks for your support of this blog…without your support I couldn’t keep writing so I massively appreciate all your feedback. Remember – I’m not a Doctor…I’m just asking you to consider the possibility that you deserve ABOVE average results in life!

Hint: I often joke that the difference between a psychic and a normal person is just a few litres of water, because hydration really does increase our intuition, sensitivity and emotional connection!

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Aceite de masaje on Friday, 6 September 2013 5:17 PM

There is a hidden third eye which is just like your sixth sense. Color meditating is the best treatment to open your third eye and making your sense active. You describe things very well and in an easy to understandable manner.

Recycled water on Wednesday, 19 February 2014 8:00 PM
I very much like your post regarding the effect of water on our health. This contains some nice facts about the impact of water. So thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us..

best faucet water filter on Friday, 11 April 2014 4:58 PM
whoah this blog is great i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You already know, many people are searching round for this info, you could aid them greatly!!!!

Natasha Nanda on Saturday, 29 October 2016 6:40 AM
See our 11:11 interview Thank you so much for writing and sharing this post with us Sarah. I was actually reading about water the other night, as I felt it would help me on a health and spiritual level. I must say, I too have seen and felt a massive improvement. I drink, bottled sparkling water everyday. I’ve noticed my energy levels improving and also my intuition. So, yes I do agree this benefits us.

I find us in sync a lot recently… I was thinking about having a Himalayan pink salt bath the other day (I must do it now). I also, read an article the other day about writing words like, “Love and Happiness” on our water and the water changes and holds that vibration, which we then drink. I will try to find the article and send it. It’s very interesting stuff!

Sarah Yip
Thanks Natasha – it was a blessing to do an 11:11 interview with you and best wishes in all your spiritual adventures

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