6 Myths About Meditation – Why It’s Easier Than Your Thinking

This blog is dedicated to anyone who’s tried to meditate and felt like they failed. Please, give it another shot. Your peace of mind is priceless, and once you know how to find it, you become a truly free being.

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2022 updates – see my latest class below plus a meditation tips series with famous healers, e.g. Nicole Gibson, Heather Plett and Ian White

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Imagine owning a letterbox you never check. It wouldn’t take long before the mail overflowed, right? Well, many people are in this situation, energetically speaking. You see, we’ve been sent here by our Souls, and each have a special mission to complete (see my Find Your Lifepath page).

Our Soul is determined to keep us on track, because it loves us and wants us to win our chosen race. So it regularly contacts us through our inner voice, aka intuition. This is also called our conscience – the quiet ideas that arise repeatedly.

If we miss these messages, Spirit resorts to using external signs and messengers*, such as repeating numbers (see 11:11 clocks), predictive dreams, and crises to deliver the message. Note: as a psychic reader, I’m great at teaching people to how to ‘clear their inboxes’, and ‘stop the mail piling up’. I do this by creating personalised visualisations and meditations with each client in our sessions, that they can use indefinitely.

*Of course, this way of communicating takes way more effort, and can lead to misunderstandings. We end up thinking ‘people are in our way’, when, in truth, ‘people are our way’. We get so stuck in judging our teachers, that we forget we came here to uplift ourselves and those around us.

Think of a postman who keep knocking until you open the door angrily, and realise he’s brought you a very big cheque. Working with Spirit is not only fun, it brings luck into your life. I’m here to say ‘don’t shoot the spiritual messenger’ – cut out the middle man by learning to meditate instead.

Here are 6 Myths About Meditation, Broken Down

1) Meditation is hard. What’s easier, floating in the ocean or swimming against the tide? Meditation is about accepting your life, as it is, right here and now, instead of constantly trying to escape reality. As someone who was an overthinker for years until they did yoga, I guarantee you that meditation is WAY easier than your thinking.

Meditation takes little to no effort once you’ve mastered it, whereas thinking requires a constant denial of life’s innate goodness. Staying in your head takes effort – you have to keep closing your heart, even as it begs you to let go and let God. Now that’s what I call hard.

2) Meditation is a waste of time. Nope. Meditation creates time – it not only gives you the clear thinking you need to solve problems, it slows you down so you don’t miss your ship coming in (i.e. big opportunities). They say that planning halves doing – well, meditation gives you the big plan of your life, so you stop wasting effort on the things (and people) who drain you. That’s definitely worth 10 or 20 minutes a day. Study any top executive or athlete and they meditate. Enough said.

3) Meditation puts me to sleep. The best time to meditate is in the early morning, or afternoon – doing anything at night is a recipe for dozing off. When starting meditation, it can be easier to sit against a wall than to lie down, because you haven’t yet developed the willpower to stay awake. Interestingly, people report that doing even a short meditation feels like having a long sleep. I’ve also found this to be the case. It’s helped me stay sane as a mother.

4) Meditation makes me anxious. This is not so much a myth, as a misunderstanding of meditation’s purpose in your life. Meditation is like a massage – you can do it just for relaxation, but often you need something deeper. If your Soul needs to talk to you, you’ll keep hearing words or seeing images even if you try to block them out. This could leave you feeling nervous, as if you’ve done something wrong.

In these cases, it would be better to do a meditation for guidance (see my Triple Pack above) or for psychic clearing and protection. This is why I recommend learning meditation with a teacher you trust. That way, you can master effective techniques, which make it more likely your meditations will pay off. BTW, it’s also true that sometimes, you just don’t need to meditate.

Imagine learning to riding a bike when you’ve never seen someone do so – it would take ages and probably end in tears! There’s a reason there are 6 billion people on the planet – we’re meant to be helping each other grow.

5) Meditation is just making things up. This is something I hear a lot in beginner psychic classes. People aren’t sure of the difference between their intuition and imagination. The good news is, they’re totally distinguishable. You’d never mix up your mum’s voice with a dog’s bark, right? Well, your intuition tends to be soft, repetitive and caring. Its advice is rarely pushy, however it will urge you to deal with problems before they get worse. In contrast, your imagination tends to be erratic, harsh and unhelpful.

Where your intuition wants you to succeed, your imagination wants you to stay safe. Here’s an example. Say I was thinking of changing careers because my company is closing. During a meditation, I might hear a voice saying ‘it’s time to go back and retrain, don’t worry about taking a year off to upgrade your skills – you’ll find a way to manage things – your partner will help you out’. This is intuition – it comes from a place of abundance, trust and vision.

When I come out of meditation, I might then think ‘oh my goodness, what a stupid idea. I can’t afford to wait – I’d better take the first job I can get or I’ll ruin my work history and no one will ever employ me again’. That, my friends, is imagination – it’s based on fear and the false belief that the Universe is against us.  How ridiculous.

When you wake in the morning, the sun is in the sky, right? There’s air to breathe, land to walk on…all the evidence is that we are supported – you just need to open your eyes to the love.

Quick tip – next time you find yourself panicking over the future, put your bare feet on the ground and take some nice deep breaths. Then list, on your fingers, at least 10 things you are grateful for right now…this is a rapid way to shift your attention back to a state of peace.

6) I can’t meditate because I get distracted by my kids, noise, mind, shopping list etc. Not true – it’s not that you can’t meditate, it’s that you’re still allowing external factors to control your internal weather. This is an even greater reason to tune inwards, rather than to give up. It’s the people with the loudest minds who most need their heart’s guidance.

Meditation is useless if you can only do it on top of a mountain, or when no one else is near you. It’s meant to help you stay in the world – to integrate with your human body, so you can live your life in a state of meditation.

I’m blessed because I learned a life-changing technique a few years ago called past life regression. The backstory is – I have had incredibly acute, bat-like hearing since I was a child. When I’m stressed, i.e. in fight or flight mode, I can even hear bugs crawling on the floor.

The positive side of this, is I’m clairaudient and can easily hear voices from the spirit realm, nature and other people’s minds. The downside is, I’ve spent my whole life carrying earplugs, cursing people who snore, arguing with my neighbours, and wishing people would shut up when I’m trying to meditate. That’s a lot of time spent resisting life.

In Toni Reilly’s past life regression course, I learned to use noise as a tool to deepen my meditation practice. Hooray! It came down to using self- hypnosis affirmations such as ‘everything I hear outside of me helps me to go deeper and deeper’. I also found that breathing in the sounds and allowing them to expand and flow through me, helped me stay in the zone (this last line is not in the audio version of this blog).

Since I started applying this practice, I’ve learned to meditate anywhere, even when my baby is hysterical. No surprise, as soon as I calm down, he will often go to sleep (children worry about their parents and show this concern by acting up).

Remember – meditation is not about zoning out or escapism. It’s about coming 100% into your energy so you have maximum mojo and control over your next steps.

In Conclusion
While there are meditations where you can travel to past lives, astral realms etc. (all fantastic in their own ways), I believe it’s also important to deal with what’s in front of you. You need a balanced diet. That’s where breath-based meditations like the one I outline below come into play.

Rememberyou can listen to this meditation online or download the MP3 here. I start the meditation at 9min45s.

Basic meditation for inner peace and guidance: 
1) Sit or lie down (a quiet place helps, but as mentioned, you can also do this where there’s noise especially once you’re more experienced) – play music if you need something to focus on – Deva Premal’s music is perfect.

2) Place your hands on your heart (preferably skin-to-skin) and breathe slowly until you can feel a heartbeat. This can take a while if you live in your head. Picture your heart if needed. You might even need to do some starjumps to get your heart beating more loudly!

3) Once you feel a heartbeat, you can drop your hands.
Now, breathe in for the count of 4.
Hold your breath for 2 counts.
Breathe out for 4 counts
Hold your breath for 2 counts.
Repeat this for a few minutes, until it becomes automatic.

4) If you have a question to ask your Soul, ask it out loud (if possible). Continue breathing slowly and wait for an answer. This could take time, especially in the beginning.

You might see a picture (clairvoyance), hear a voice (clairaudience), feel a response (clairsentience) or even just know what to do next (claircognisance). Thank your Soul for its help, and be sure to write down what you experienced.

5) Finish up by thanking your body for its help – perhaps focus on an area that needs healing. If you put your hands here, you may feel tingles/ warmth, this is a positive sign.

5) To get the most out of your meditations, tune in daily for the first month, and act on what you’re told. Without action, you’ll never gain confidence in your inner voice. You must test Spirit in order to trust it! It’s just like any other relationship, you have to put in work to make it work.

I hope this article has given you hope that meditation is within your reach. Believe me, it really can change your life for the positive in a hundred beautiful ways. There is no substitute for being centred. It’s like knowing how to change a flat tyre on your car – you stop worrying about breaking down when there’s no one around, and just get on with your journey.

A genuinely calm person is not only easy to be around, they become the leader in any situation. Don’t forget – you spent nine months in the womb meditating. Peace is your nature, and the more you meditate the easier you will find it to birth your ideas and release your fears. When you meditate, you meet life in all its glory – what better gift could you give yourself today?

Thanks to Ian White (Founder, Australian Bush Flower Essences) and the students at his White Light Essences workshop for inspiring this article.

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