Find Your Guardian Angel Using Numerology – It’s All In Your Date of Birth

Ever wanted to know who your Guardian Angel is? Well now you can find out, thanks to numerology. This article is based on my original research. As a psychic reader in Brisbane, clients often ask me which Angel or Guide is looking over them. That’s why I’ve written this post, to help them and you to connect with your spiritual helpers. Life’s easy when you know who to call on! I’ve focused on the Archangels below, as they are the most powerful Angels you can summon.

How to find your Guardian Angel/ Archangel Protector using Numerology

1) Write your date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format.
2) Add it from left to right, e.g. 28/04/1956 = 2+8+4+1+9+5+6 = 35

3) Reduce this to a single number e.g. 3+5 = 8. So this person has an 8 lifepath in numerology. Hint: If the sum of your date of birth is 11, 22, 33 or 44 do not reduce it. You have a master number lifepath. More on lifepaths

4) Check the list below to find out who your Angel is.
A Suggested Prayer to connect with your Archangel:
Dear Archangel (add name), thank you for protecting me all my life. I wish to form a deeper connection with you now. Please send me clear signals, starting from today to keep me on track and on purpose. I specifically need help with (list any issues you need solved). Thank you for stepping in right away. I can’t wait to work with you. Let the miracles begin! Amen (optional). You can also use my Angel Meditation MP3 track.
Archangels by Lifepath (by Sarah Yip)
Each Angel’s name vibration is in brackets for the number nerds among you. I’ve also included a keyword that corresponds to the Angel’s name number.
ONE Archangel Raguel (28/10/1) – keyword HERO. If you are a 1 lifepath (The Pioneer), call on Raguel for integrity and the courage to stand up for yourself. Raguel is a fighter for justice and fairness above all.
TWO and ELEVEN Archangel Uriel (29/11/2) – keyword LIGHT. If you are a 2 lifepath (The Peacemaker) or master 11 lifepath (The Spiritual Messenger), call on Uriel for wisdom and clarity, especially when all seems lost. Uriel shines light in the darkest of times, helping us to see that we are eternal beings who can never truly be harmed.
THREE Archangel Jophiel (39/12/3) – keyword FREEDOM. If you are a 3 lifepath (The Communicator/ Artist), call on Jophiel for inspiration, new ideas and joy. Jophiel can beam you positive energy at any time and assist you to finish creative projects.
FOUR and TWENTY TWO Archangel Haniel (31/4) – keyword GARDEN. If you are a 4 lifepath (The Builder) or 22 lifepath (Master Builder), call on Haniel for constructive feedback, support and healing in work in romance. Haniel loves to reassure you of your worth and encourage people to bloom.
FIVE Archangel Jeremiel (41/5) – keyword YIN YANG or PYRAMID. If you are a 5 lifepath (The Rebel), call on Jeremiel for objectivity and staying power to overcome obstacles. Jeremiel loves to show you the rainbow after the storm. He also helps spirits to pass over.
SIX and THIRTY THREE Archangel Michael (33/6) – keyword TEACHER. If you are a 6 lifepath (The Lover) or master 33 lifepath (Master Teacher), call on Michael for protection against, and the clearing of negative energies.
Michael is the Chief Angel and all lifepaths can request his help 24/7. I always ask him to surround my car with blue light while I’m driving. He’s very quick to act! Once, when my friend’s daughter had a night terror, I prayed for Michael to intervene. Within a second, the sleeping child stopped screaming and she remained calm for the rest of the night.
SEVEN Archangel Raphael (34/7) – keyword PLEASURE. If you are a 7 lifepath (The Seeker), call on Raphael to bring your life into balance, particularly your health. Raphael brings truth to all communication and can help you to listen to your body’s messages.
EIGHT and FORTY FOUR Archangel Raziel (35/8) – keyword WATERFALL. If you are an 8 lifepath (The BOSS), call on Raziel to help you to activate your intuitive flow. Raziel can reveal the mysteries of the Universe to you, including how to boost your clairvoyance (clear-sight) and claircognisance (clear-knowing).
NINE Archangel Ariel (27/9) – keyword LEADER or SCHOOL. If you are a 9 lifepath, call on Ariel to show you how to make a difference in society. Ariel loves to help people to protect the planet while enjoying its beauty. I note that Archangels Gabriel (36/9) and Chamuel (27/9) also have a nine vibration. This is no surprise, as 9 is the number of completion and is a sign of great learning and maturity.
Interestingly, Jesus has an 11/2 vibration, and Buddha has a 22/4 vibration. Visually-speaking, Jesus represents people who are equals (see how the 1’s both stand tall?) and Buddha reflects peaceful partnerships (the 2’s are like swans in love).
Master numbers are always a sign of double energy and heightened spiritual powers, including psychic ability. Having a master lifepath doesn’t make you better than anyone else, it just means you wanted to make up for lost time in this incarnation 🙂 I should know, because I am one (a 29/11).
Final tips for working with your Archangel:
  • Google your Guardian Angel for more information on how they can help you. Or print or draw a picture of them for a closer relationship.
  • You can call on any Archangel, any time for help. I’m simply highlighting who your naturally assigned Archangel may be.
  • In my belief system, Angels don’t necessarily have a gender, although some have masculine or feminine names in popular culture.
  • We all have a Spirit Team that includes Angels, Guides and in some cases passed over relatives. The Archangels listed are only a starting point. It’s best to do a meditation to find out who your Spirit Guides are now (they can change!).
  • For more info, see my Find Your Lifepath page. I also recommend book, The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman.
  • I’ve allocated the Archangels using Pythagorean Numerology. In this system, each letter has a number, e.g. AJS=1, BKT=2, CLU=3, DMV=4, ENW=5, FOX=6, GPY=7, HQZ=8, IR=9. I’ve used the vibration of each Angel’s name to match it to a lifepath e.g. ARIEL = 1+9+9+5+3 = 27/9 or a 9 vibration.
Happy Angel-schmoozing! Let me know your experiences below, or on my facebook page. I wish you all the best.
With love
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