Too Much Pretty Food Can Blind You To Your Beauty – Why I Eat (Organic) Pears With Strange Bums!

Sharing a couple of my food-related posts from The Numbers Queen on facebook!

1) Too much pretty food can blind you to your beauty. When you eat all shapes and sizes, you celebrate self-love. Choose fresh over perfect today. Your planet & future self will thank you! FRUIT adds to 29/11 in numerology, the same as ABUNDANCE, RICH and WISDOM. The danger of social media is that it turns health consciousness into self-consciousness. I should know, I almost died from trying to fit in (see my post on orthorexia).

What I’ve learned by going from science to spirituality, is that healthy people are naturally psychic. They know what’s good and don’t need lecturing…they choose growth over greed. Eating so-called ugly food – apples with spots, pears with strange bums, odd zucchinis and mottled lemons, reminds us that we are NOT our packaging. Sweetness is our core.

There’s no need for beauty contests when you’re beyond outer judgement. Going organic, local, sprayfree and/ or homegrown won’t just save you thousands in potential medical bills, you’re supporting local/ family businesses, clever farmers, biological diversity and consumer choice.

You are what you eat, and you eat what you think you are worth. Ditch fake happiness (like the toy capsicum in this pic, which is about as nutritious as some supermarket produce) for love today This one decision could change your life. Or at the very least, help you to love your weird shaped bum!

2) Haha, you know it’s good fruit when your kids storm the photoshoot to eat the props! I hated apples for years until I tried an organic, non waxed one…funnily enough APPLE adds to 23/5 in numerology, the same as LIFE. 5 represents the 5th or Throat Chakra, centre of truth and rebellion. More on healing the Throat Chakra and a stiff neck.

So apples heal your inner voice…even Intuition adds to 5! Definitely a metaphor there. I needed less censorship, toxic chemicals and relationships and nature to become my true self. Wishing you yumminess and surprise hugs today.

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