Are You Honest with Money? 8 Chakra-Based Tips for Creating Cashflow

Happy 27/9! To follow up my post about manifesting money, I’d like to share 8 chakra-based tips for creating cashflow. These ‘left field’ ideas come from doing psychic readings for thousands of people since 2007, including many millionaires and successful business owners. Please treat this article as a starting point, rather than a complete guide for abundance. Updated 10 May 2023.

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Why am I so big on honesty with money? Because I’ve seen the nightmare-ish results of dishonesty with money and power, through my previous roles in government, the United Nations, and other agencies. As a psychic, I’ve seen numerous pioneers in the spiritual field closed down by current affairs shows and dodgy journalists.

I’ve also been burned by con artists (see this post on crazy psychics). That’s why I believe you should ‘live your life as if it were on the front page of the paper’. Being ethical with money is one way to ensure that my taxes never get discussed on the evening news! It’s part of being a spiritually mature Lightworker.

Note: Ironically, other people have tried to copy this post, hence my blog A Warning to Copycats: Plagiarise My Blog & All Heaven Will Break Loose!

As a Master 11 lifepath in numerology, wealth comes to me easily through creative work, humanitarian projects and equal partnerships. Your opportunities may be different – find your lifepath here.

What qualifies me to talk about money? I am a self-taught, self-made professional psychic in Brisbane who has created a business in a notoriously flaky and underpaid industry. In the past decade I’ve gone from charging $0-15 a session to $1650 and up for new client reading series.

Between 2007-2011, I helped to raise around a million dollars in long-term income for charity through telefundraising campaigns. I’ve also volunteered for causes since I was eight years old. So I know what attracts flow. 

Although I don’t own a house/ Ferrari/ Manolo Blahniks, I do have a great life with a baby, spouse and amazing clients. I also have bulletproof faith in the goodness of the Spirit World. All my profits goes towards personal healing, education and building my business up. For me, that’s more important than stuff right now.

A happy cow produces milk. See this post on 10 Ways Making Breastmilk is Like Making Money. Similarly, a happy business owner creates work for themselves. The best marketing is five star customer service and unquestionable passion for your work. if you don’t have these in place, don’t waste your time being miserable – do whatever it takes to find your mojo again.

Barbara Sher’s book I Could Do Anything if Only I Knew What It Was is fantastic as is targeted business coaching, e.g see Liz Cassidy in Brisbane.

In numerology, MONEY adds to 27/9, the same vibration as words like LEADER, SCHOOL and WITCH. That’s another reason I’m writing this on 27.9.2016. Things to consider:

-Money follows action – it’s a cosmic ‘thank you’ for making someone happy (whether that’s briefly, or long-term). That’s why I don’t judge people who overspend – they just love helping other people and businesses succeed! When you see it like that, it’s easier to correct the behaviour, and keep money in reserve.

-You learn how to make and keep money – just as we are born not knowing how to read and write, or how to deal with our feelings, we must be taught financial literacy. The difficulty arises when ‘logic errors’ get passed down from generation, e.g. limiting ideas like ‘rich people are greedy’ or ‘money is the root of all evil’*. In these cases, personal healing and external coaching might be needed to break the pattern of poverty consciousness.

*I believe the saying is actually ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’. Even so, I disagree – I think it’s healthy to love money. The pain arises when we love it more than people. Money can never replace good relationships. It comes from intimacy.

The closer you get to people, the closer you get to their money. One true friend on call, is worth more than any savings account.

-Money flows when you use your magic powers, i.e. intuition, creativity and faith. If getting rich was as simple as going to University, getting a  job and buying a house there would be no need for the countless facebook posts pushing wealth courses. I’ve seen so many people get stuck trying to find the ‘perfect career’ or business. Newsflash people – committing to any worthy goal will bring you more reward than jumping between ideas.

Contrary to what people say, you don’t need to ‘make money’ or’make love’. Money and love always exist in vast quantities around you. When you focus on ‘making opportunities’ and living a bigger life, money and love naturally join the party. 

I say the same thing about world peace. The world is already peaceful without our judgements. We just need to find peace with the world!

So – Here are my 8 Chakra-Based Tips for Creating Cashflow
Note: I’ve made this 8 tips as 8 is the lucky number for money in Chinese. In numerology 8 is not just about finances, it’s about karmic reward (KARMA adds to 17/8 as does GOD) and the power of good deeds to break a cycle of suffering. Just like the image, 8 represents ‘what goes around, comes around’. I’ve also based these tips on the chakra system, as this is how I teach numerology.

1) Root Chakra Healing (Security) – Pay people properly, including yourself. Money, love, time and energy well spent always return 10 times over.

Would you rather pay $100 for advice that loses you $500, or $500 for advice that makes you $5000? How much is a great life worth? I know plenty of people who’d pay big bucks to have a healthy body, child, Soulmate relationship etc. If you have any of these things, please protect them.

People who are unwell, worry about money. So don’t take shortcuts, you’ll just reduce your lifespan. No one likes a cheapskate (not even your body). You can’t treat people like crap then expect them to fork out their credit card details. You can’t deny yourself holidays then expect your body to go the extra mile.

Having worked with cancer charities for years, I now eat organic food and have spring water delivered. One case of cancer can cost up to $50-100, 000 in lost income and bills – Yikes! I’d rather eat more apples to keep the doctor away. Here’s who I order organic fruit and vegetables from in Brisbane – Spray Free Farmacy).  Remember, you eat what you think you are worth. You can boost your self-confidence just by changing your diet.

BTW, If you are into Chinese Medicine, money worries can indicate Liver-Spleen issues. When I get acupuncture, reduce my sugar/ gluten/ dairy intake and get more sleep, these anxieties ease. Also, saving at least 10% of your income is a good step. To do this, you’ll need to keep an eye on your financial income and outgoings (e.g. through software or spreadsheets).

2) Sacral Chakra Healing (Partnerships) – When you feel poor, give something away – whether it’s money, a gift or a compliment. Love attracts love. 

There will always be people richer and poorer than you. Judge yourself by how far you’ve come, rather than other people’s Photo-shopped lives. When I volunteered in Thailand, I had down days where I felt impoverished. Those were the times I would buy food for the homeless people on my street – they reminded me to be grateful for the simple things in life.

There’s no question that prickly people repel energy, including money. Sometimes, you just need to lower your defences and let people carry you forwards. Being paid well, brings good karma to the buyer AND the receiver.

The sacral chakra is about self-worth. If you needed a heart transplant, the operation would cost thousands. As a body and Soul you are irreplaceable. All the money in the world couldn’t buy your life back. So never get blinded by the lie that you are your income. Money is just a measuring stick for how much energy is flowing through you – it comes and goes like thunderstorms. Turn off the TV and media brainwashing – it’s weakening your aura.

3) Solar Plexus Chakra Healing (Power) – Be careful how you speak about money. It’s listening!

Money is a relationship –  honour its place in your life. Just imagine, if money was a relative who always brought you cake, do you think they’d keep visiting if you insulted their cooking? Of course not. When you hear yourself saying ‘I wish I had more money’ or ‘I never have any money’, try listing five things you’ve bought in the past week that you are grateful for. Shift your vibration. We all have bills, and there are no free lunches, karmically speaking. Why not pay for lunch so you can start the picnic? We’re waiting for you on the grass!

4) Heart Chakra Healing (Compassion) – Reward integrity and independence.

Someone who has created a business after bankruptcy or a tough childhood is more inspiring than someone who works at a high-paying job they hate. As my Dad says, ambition is more important than wealth. Anyone can be a money-taker, but it’s better to be a money-maker. Similarly, you can be a job-taker, or a job-maker. It’s not as hard as you think, it just takes courage. Next time you buy something, choose a local (preferably eco) product and give your cash to the person who made it. 

Notice how good feels to invest in your community and planet. That’s why money was really invented – to create justice.

5) Throat Chakra Healing (Truth) – Choose your friends wisely.

Apparently, our income tends to reflect the average of the five closest people to us. I can’t prove this, but I do know that I generate way more cashflow when I hang out with small business owners. It’s a different mindset – instead of thinking about ‘how can I spend my next paycheck?’, I think about ‘how can I create a new way to change the world?’ If you don’t know any people like this, Google groups in your area, or visit markets and spiritual events, e.g. Conscious Life Festival on the Sunshine Coast.

6) Third Eye Chakra Healing (Vision/ Mind) – Give and receive feedback.

I’m often impressed by the open-mindedness of high-flyers, including the famous people I’ve read for – most are good listeners, avid learners and willing to change their ways. In contrast, I see many frustrated people who reject constructive criticism, think they know everything and backseat drive other people’s lives. Their bank balances reflect their lack of balance. Look, I’m not asking you to believe everything people say – I’m suggesting that,when someone you respect takes the time to give you feedback, it’s worth looking inside yourself.

My greatest breakthroughs have come from digesting my epic failures. You might be the same. For example, when a client complained that my forecasts were too vague, I introduced a month-by-month Tarot analysis which has brought in many repeat customers. I also gave her a free followup. Look at where in your life you are avoiding change. The minute you start healing that relationship/ illness/ addiction etc. you’ll start feeling wealthy again because you are in your power.

7) Crown Chakra Healing (Trust) – Let go of the idea that money is yours. It’s just passing through you.

Once, when I was low on funds, I ran a palmistry workshop on the Gold Coast and was paid in cash. As I walked to my car, a gust of wind blew the hundred dollar bills onto the beach! Oh boy, did I cry. I recovered some of the money, but the rest, well, it made some sunbathers very happy. Here’s the funny part – I was fine. I survived. My friends helped me out. Someone bought me broccoli. I used to hate charity, but now I figure It’s ok to receive money from others – maybe I saved their life last incarnation.

They say that ‘money goes to the person with the best plan for it’.Perhaps it’s more a case of ‘money has its own plans’. Sometimes we need to ‘run out’ of cash so we stop and reflect on how we run our lives. When you pour yourself into other people’s goals, they get rich. When you pour yourself into your goals, you get rich. It’s wise to juggle the extremes.

Next time you’re worried about money, spend an hour on radical self-care. Go for a walk, call someone you love, cuddle your dog, cook a meal…Someone who controls their time, controls their money. Until you learn to say NO to others and YES to your sanity, you’ll always feel out-of-pocket.

8) Karmic Chakra Healing (Patterns) – Everything is negotiable.

As a kid, I hated my Chinese Mum bargaining in stores. Now I do the same thing as a business owner. It’s the responsible thing to do – money is sacred and people should respect you for investing in them. However don’t forget 1) – no one likes a miser.

I treat money like a game – not Lotto (I dislike gambling because it perpetuates suffering) – more like a video game. Think of Super Mario Bros, where you have to keep moving forwards and get chances to ‘win big’. Well, the Universe uses money as a ‘carrot’ to help us unlock our spiritual potential. When we do something that is ‘on our purpose’, we receive income and luck as a reward.

Here is a neat tip to kickstart your cashflow TODAY. Choose one area you’ve been stuck and do the opposite of what you’ve been doing. If you hate cleaning, scrub the toilet. If you’re a workaholic, take a weekend off (my bookings rate doubles after a trip away). If you’ve been off work, turn off your phone and spend a whole day brainstorming. We sit for 30-50 hours a week at a computer, what if you devoted that to finding your next calling instead of answering emails?

If you jog, go to a yoga class. If you go to yoga, try kickboxing. If you always pay bills on time, pay one late – the sky won’t fall down. If you use your right hand for eating, try using your left hand. If you never ask for help, call, email, hire or research five people who’ve solved your problem before (this one step can work miracles). For example, if you’re starting a business, look up someone who’s kept theirs going for years and still loves their work.

You get my drift. What this does is break habits and put your brain back into learning mode. As I mentioned, MONEY has the same vibration as SCHOOL. It turns up when you’re mastering a subject that’s part of your lifepath.

Although the results may not be instant, the pleasure of something new can be as thrilling as money in your pocket. I can’t tell you how many times I have invested in myself when the chips were down, only to receive a refund, freebie or bonus soon afterwards. The Universe loves when we honour our instincts.

In Conclusion
When people complain about money, they’re usually more annoyed about a perceived lack of choice. Truly, if all your needs were met, money would be irrelevant. When you were a kid, you didn’t care about your piggy bank, you just enjoyed playing on the monkey bars.

Waste not, want not. If you’ve had an idea circling around your head for days, weeks, even years, please act on it. That’s your intuition trying to help you grow stronger. The more fears you conquer, the more confident you become. The more confident you become, the more of a leader you are – and as we saw above, MONEY = LEADER in numerology.

A person can live happily on very little – I know because I’ve done it. However you can’t be joyful without a sense of choice.

A (wage) slave always dreams of freedom…Most people brush their teeth more often than they thank their body and Soul. What would happen if you spent two minutes a day thanking the Universe for giving you another 24 hours to play?

Here’s a prayer that I use in the mornings:

‘Dear Spirit, thank you for paying all my bills in full, on Divine time, everyday. I look forwards to working with you again. Please show me the next steps to creating a life of wonder, ease and flow. I’m ready to serve in new and joyful ways now. Amen’

When you take one step, the Universe takes two to meet you. I hope this article has given you ideas for creating abundance. The secret to healthy cashflow is to ‘spend your life wisely’. Do what brings your energy – it will bring you good people and money. If not, at least you’ll have the energy and support to try other things. Problems are good – they mean you’re still alive!

Don’t forget – you’ve had past lives and will have future ones too. So there’s no rush to figure everything out – You Don’t Have to Be Worthy as this article by Jeff Foster points out. Just do your best and let Spirit handle the rest. Money is your friend – let it help you grow!

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