360 Degree Psychic Readings

360 Degree Psychic Readings with Sarah & Kris

Want an incredibly accurate reading with two gifted psychics, at a discount?
It’s time to for us to meet.
Kris and I are experts at using numerology, palmistry, Tarot & clairvoyance to find your lifepath,
activate your spiritual gifts and open your heart to 11:11 awakening.
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What We Offer:

  • Please note, there is a waiting list for our sessions all year round. I encourage you to book in advance (around your birthday is great).
  • Professional psychic readings on Wednesdays. Other days on request depending on babysitters and Kris’s filming commitments. 
  • Readings can be Zoom or phone call (see this blog for tips). You can also come to us at Mudgereeba on the Gold Coast or at Bilambil Heights in NSW. 
  • Investment: $825 including G.S.T. for a detailed, comprehensive 90 minute reading including numerology, Tarot and other modalities as needed. Includes 1hr prep and a followup email with suggestions. This is a great saving on seeing us separately. Couples option available on request. 

What's covered in your 360 Degree Psychic Reading?

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Things to know before coming to see us

  • These readings are offered at a discount (compared to separate readings with Sarah and Kris) because we love working together. We are Soulmates11:11 Twin Flames and the parents of psychic children. So we understand the power of reading for you as a Yin-Yang Dyad. We have spent many lifetimes helping people to heal from spiritual pain and can help to restore your faith in a fair and compassionate Universe.
  • Follow-up clients: If you have had a 360 Degree Psychic Reading or Psychic Reading with Sarah before (including a numerology chart), you receive a discount on  your session. It is $704 (save $121).
  • Prices are in AUD and include G.S.T. for Australians. I send a tax invoice from Psychic Readings by Sarah by email from Paypal.
  • They say, ‘if you think it’s expensive to see a professional, wait until you hire an amateur’. Our sessions are offered at fair rates, because we are serious about changing people’s lives. We do this for a living, and offer a money back guarantee (if you let us know there’s an issue during the first 15 minutes of the reading). See this blog.

Sound amazing? Here's how to book now

1) See the calendar above 
2) Choose the appropriate session type. 
3) Add meditations, webinars or call recordings as desired
4) Set time zone. The default is Brisbane, AEST times (GMT/UTC + 10:00h).
5) Select a date and time.
6) Fill in your name/s (We need your birth name and current legal name), DOB and contact details. These are kept private.
7) Send a 50% deposit via Paypal to confirm. You can also do a bank transfer, email Sarah to organise this option and I’ll save your preferred date/s in the back end of the calendar.
8) I’ll email to confirm your reading. Thank you.

Psychic Reading Policies: As I receive hundreds of inquiries a year, I ask for a 50% deposit (in some cases 100%). The balance is due 1-2 weeks before we meet. Credit is valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give us 72 hours notice of any time or date changes. Cancellations or postponement within 72 hours attract a $100 fee. We reserve the right to change your time or date with 72 hours notice if needed (this is rare). If we give less than 72 hours notice, we can discuss a partial credit. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Sarah and Kris Anderson pride themselves on the quality of readings provided. If you are not satisfied with your reading, within the first 15 minutes of engaging in this services, it is your responsibility as the client to advise us of your concerns at this time. We will provide you with further clarification where possible. Thanks for your understanding. 

Want to know more? Click 
here for testimonials. 

Disclaimer: All readings and regressions are provided for personal entertainment purposes only. For matters that require professional help please seek the advice of a fully qualified expert. 

Preparing for your reading

1 to 2 weeks before we talk
– Your 50% balance is due, I’ll email a PayPal invoice after you book. 
Install Zoom if we are doing a Zoom call and you don’t have it.
– I encourage you to review your lifepath/s (I will confirm this beforehand in a separate email.)
– Also, check out your Personal Year/s (as above.)

24 hours before we talk
– I am an empath, so ask that you don’t drink alcohol the day before I read for you as this can slow things down. I advise drinking lots of spring water instead. Fatigue will also impact us so it’s best to rest before and after the sessions if you can.

On the day
– I often start 15-20min late. Thank you for your understanding.
– I tune in an hour beforehand, so feel free to relax or meditate while waiting. Gentle stretching can also help.
– I’ll email your chart (if needed) just before the session. 
– I’ll email a Zoom link or phone when ready, no need to call us.
– Please be in a private room with just you. It’s important that you can concentrate so consider hiring a babysitter if needed.
– If the video is lagging, I may switch to an audio call.
– You are welcome to record the session, e.g. using a separate mobile phone on flight mode, using voice recorder/ voice memos. Or I can upload a file for $15 (which can take a few weeks). There is also a record function in Zoom if you use a PC.

Additional tips for in person readings
– Come to 6/ 31 Railway Street, Mudgereeba (behind the real estate agency, up one flight of stairs). 
– Please come by yourself unless otherwise discussed. If you bring a friend, they’re welcome to wait outside. Or cafes are nearby.
– You can take photos of your chart and notes. I can also scan or photocopy them.

More FAQs answered here

Why don't more psychics read as a couple/ in a pair?

Because it’s hard! Imagine – trying to surprise your husband with a gift, only to find he’s predicted it. We are so telepathic that it’s the most intense relationship ever. They say, true love is inner growth. My courage has grown like a beanstalk since I met Kris and had kids with him. 

Our commitment is your gain. We really care about giving you the information and support you need to take your life to a higher level of joy.

FYI if you feel more drawn to an individual reading, check out Psychic Readings with Sarah and Kris Anderson Tarot.

Want to see us in action? Watch our previous video numerology and Tarot forecasts

Testimonials for Kris and Sarah's readings (from 2018 - 2021)

From the moment I walked in, I felt calm and very welcomed…

“My reading was very accurate, it was amazing what came up. It was a lot of fun as well with many laughs. I could have easily sat there for another hour. Not only did I walk out feeling positive and confident about the future but I had a sense of clarity. I will definitely be booking with Sarah and Kris again. Thank you both so much for my reading. Xx”


Had a recent couples reading and was completely BLOWN AWAY!

“While the conversation was easy and giggly, they spoke some serious wisdom and truth! Over the years I have had readings with others that were in person, but none of those were ever this thought provoking or impactful. These guys are worth every penny if you truly want to invest in yourself and those around you. I have started to put into action their teachings and can’t wait to catch up again soon.”

Amanda and Parker

SO much resonated within me, I felt that it was the absolute truth!

“I had my first EVER psychic reading with Sarah and Kris last week! WOW, was I impressed! Both their knowledge that they shared in such a relaxed setting was incredible! I honestly feel like they have not only jump-started me on my life’s journey again, but confirmed lots that I was unsure about regarding who I am as a person and how I operated, AND given me a MEGA head start too on the path I am currently on! I am so excited for my year ahead and beyond! Thank you Sarah and Kris for your honesty, clarity and the laughs!”

Bianca Nuss, The Village School Gold Coast

The benefits of this experience started long before the reading…

“I had the joy of sitting with Sarah and Kris for a 360 Degree reading just a few days ago. The day I made the appointment things started happening in my life that are hard to explain here – profound and beautiful things. By the time our reading actually rolled around I felt like a different person, and what took place there largely confirmed and validated all the things that I had been experiencing. We are unique and so are our journeys. I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do but I can say that for me this was an amazing experience and if you are reading this then perhaps some wonderful things are just up ahead for you too.”


I felt you truly understood exactly how I was feeling, and why I was feeling that way…

“Thank you so much for the reading, it was great to meet you and Kris, and I look forward to my next reading with you in 6 months or so. I was actually blown-away by how accurately you described my current life situation, the “quest for answers” I currently find myself on, and the deep personal challenges I have been facing lately. And you provided me with the tools and advice (both spiritual and practical) that I needed in my life right now, to help me move on towards my Life’s Mission and Purpose. I learned so much from you both, and I left our meeting with a deep sense of peace and wellbeing, like a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you so much, and see you soon.”


I really appreciated your ultra sensitivity and psychic presence…

“(Sarah) I have had so many readings over the years but your style was quite unique to me. You have a wonderful gift that I imagine was born of trauma as a lot of gifts tend to be. There were a few areas in my palms that you picked up on that very much reflected my journey and I would love to go deeper into this sometime. These are areas that not all readers have identified and have been at the forefront of my life in the last few years. Kris’s reading was valuable in this as it reminded me that my intuition is absolutely on track and my urges to get myself physically moving again are callings from my Soul. My biggest challenge in this life has been to integrate my spiritual into the physical and I can be a little obsessive with the internal workings and forget to tend to the physical. Thank you once again for sharing your energies with me.”


I really didn’t have any questions because you and Kris covered everything so well…

“Thank you Sarah and Kris, the session with you today was amazing and I’m so glad I took that time to connect with you. Your explanations were clear and every one of them made so much sense and related perfectly to my life. The channelled healing was so very powerful and has made such an amazing difference to the big issue I’d been carrying. And I loved the humour! You two are so awesome! 🙂 Would love to have another session with you both in a few months.”


You are both funny and work so well together, giving such clear messages…

“I had a reading with Sarah and Kris today. It was pretty amazing. I have been feeling at a very stalled place in life, and you both put so much clarity and understanding in to what and why I am feeling this way. It all made so much sense. I wasn’t too sure how it would go having you both do the reading, but, I can highly recommend it now. Thank you, I enjoyed and appreciated working with you. Until next time xo.”


Kris brought a perfect balance of playful energy and bard-like wisdom which made the journey fun and insightful…

“Thank you for the loving energy and spiritual perspective. It was a lot of fun and oddly challenging being in the hot seat! It’s almost like having a spiritual mother that is forcing you to look into the deepest recesses of your Soul. I really appreciated the hacks, and extra time you both spent to make the discussion practical to help me combat an overly critical inner voice. Despite our flaws, we are all human and everyone has their own path to follow. A powerful yet simple reminder rooted in truth. Excited to chat with you both again in the future and perhaps get our (pets) a reading. Sending warm wishes to from Texas! It was such a cool and unique experience connecting with your energies halfway around the world!”

Collin and Carly

Who would have thought that I would get such a clear, insightful, very informative and eye-opening reading?

“I invested in a reading from Kris and Sarah as a birthday/ Christmas gift to myself. I have followed Sarah for some time as I too am a 29/11 life path and am impressed by her knowledge and the incredible wealth of information she provides on her Facebook and Instagram pages – I just love her authenticity, quirkiness and humour!!

I’ve had quite a few readings but Sarah’s contained so much new information to take on board! The thing about investing this type of money in the reading is that it is of high value, and as such I have listened to it several times since and will keep listening to it on a regular basis. I loved Kris’ Tarot reading too which seemed on point with where I am/ was in my life and how to move forward. I have some valuable and resonant advice to review to enable a shift in my life.”


As Sarah connected in with me, Kris was there by her side, and they were both so loving and kind. The energy they shared as a team was something I have not witnessed in this lifetime…

“I recently had a 360 Degree reading. It was long awaited as I had been waiting for the perfectly divinely guided time that my Soul called for the reading. What an incredible experience. Sarah revealed so much to me through my numbers, I enjoyed her metaphors and the way she was able to explain everything I was feeling and experiencing.

Twin Flames they are. They complimented each other so well, bouncing off each other and I could really feel the unconditional love they shared together for each other and for what they do. As Sarah was finished with her part, Kris took over and what an energy this beautiful Soul is. He instantly made me feel safe and seen… I have known Sarah for quite some time, and we’ve already made a connection together. When Kris started his reading, I was in awe of how he connected with me Instantaneously. His humour, wit and wisdom… what a perfect mixture.

There were so many laughs and aha moments I experienced, he read Tarot cards and they were all so perfectly translated by him. All in all, it was the most wonderful experience. I have a recording and have listened to it a few times since. What was revealed to me is already coming into existence. Thank you Sarah and Kris, from my heart of hearts. I’ll definitely be coming back for more. 11/11 Stars.”

Jessica Regan, Founder of The 11:11 Movement on Facebook (165K members)

Thank you for all of your time, effort, patience, and guidance…

“The perspective and insights you shared were very helpful, and I am going to continue to think about what changes I might make in my life. I hope we can meet again so I can update you and get your further thoughts and guidance.

Thank you for turning me around onto the right path. I am eternally grateful for your guidance.”


The reading has given me much inspiration to move forward on my path, I will remember all your wise words helping guide me…

“I enjoyed meeting you both and really appreciate you sharing your insight in such a welcoming and loving atmosphere. ”


Great reading, good insights and love your energy…

“Thank you to both Sarah and Kris. It was great to share some time with you both. Light, fun and totally enjoyed it. Highly recommended.”

Sharilee May, Spiritual Medium

Thank you for the reading yesterday, it was really good…

“I’m glad I recorded it as there was a lot of info. I have come away from it clearer with my direction and less scared of the change. I talked to my husband and mum about doing crystal jewellery design and they were very encouraging – to my surprise. I have booked to come to your crystal healing with Deniz Akan in Brisbane. I think this will be lovely and much needed. Thank you for the links, they were very helpful.”


Kris gave me a lot of practical and also empowering advice to stay on my path…

“Thank you so much for today’s insightful session. Those Tarot cards are so beautiful. I was feeling guilty not being able to use my knowledge from my master’s degree to (help) those who are disadvantaged. I have never thought about it as healing for the women in my family and Sarah provided me a deep insight. All of my thoughts are coming into one under your advice. I think I know what I am going to do now. Looking forward to seeing you both (again) soon!”


I enjoyed your openness, generosity and authenticity…

“I only just listened to my reading on Friday. It took me 6 weeks! I want to thank you both for your generosity in spending all that time with me and for welcoming me into your home. You were to the point and instructive but so warm and friendly.”


Thank you for the ‘food for thought’ and for offering a unique opportunity that is hard to come by…

“My husband and I went for a reading with Sarah and Kris – what a complimentary mix the two make. Sarah a structured reading that gets straight into the nuts and bolts and Kris with a flair for the dramatic that leaves you with a smile from the inside out.”

Katrina and Michael

Having a reading with Kris and Sarah provided the opportunity to gain both a masculine and feminine perspective – Brilliant…

“There comes a time in your life when you need a different perspective, fresh eyes and an open heart to help you explore new possibilities and ways of loving life. Having a reading with Kris and Sarah yesterday provided that. Their authentic styles enabled a safe and welcome space to explore.

The opportunity to ask questions in the session as well as having the Tarot explained by Kris was very useful. I also value Sarah’s attention to detail in providing additional resources for consideration post-reading. Thank you Kris and Sarah for your authenticity and professionalism. I look forward to exploring with you again.”


We look forward to connecting with you! 11:11 Double Peace Signs

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