Happy True You Year! 6 Reasons to Love 2022, a Universal 6 Year of Visionary Love in numerology

Happy ‘true you’ year! Here are 6 reasons to love 2022, a Universal 6 Year of Visionary Love, based on numerology, astrology & energy. Comment TRUTH on the Facebook or Instagram posts if you enjoy these tips.

1) It brings healing for our third eye chakras (ESP, sixth sense, mental health, ability to see the big picture and love ourselves inside and out.) 6 and 33 life paths are particularly in the spotlight. Find your life path

2) The triple 2’s invite harmonious collaboration, connection and emotional healing. After the past couple of years, people are ready to let go of grief and move into new partnerships. I expect MANY people to meet Soulmates this year, have babies and launch businesses (esp. home-based, and those that value wise women.) More on 222 numerology

3) The new children will bring us incontrovertible proof that Love Sees All, ghosts are real (and bring valuable wisdom), and they have come here on a mission. They’ll talk openly about seeing Spirit, know of their past lives and remind us to be kinder to animals and nature.

4) The Chinese New Year of the Yang/ Black Water Tiger is super lucky. Tiger has the Chinese character for ‘King’ on its forehead and it’s a brilliant combination of elements for recovering any lost mojo.

5) More Souls than ever are meditating, forming online tribes and exploring distance healing. If you’re an empath, this is the first lifetime possibly ever, that you’ve been able to do your calling while protecting your energy and being able to reach thousands of people for practically free.

So conquer your fear of technology and make the most of the magic (a word with 6 energy, the same as truth!) See this funny post on Spirit signs from computers and phones Technical glitches and humour will be a theme shortly, with Mercury in retrograde from 14 Jan to 3/ 4 Feb (depending on your location). 

6) We’re 6 years into a new global cycle, so think back to 2017 and what you started then? In 2022 you can begin reaping the rewards of those difficult decisions and courageous leaps of faith.

I am seeing many 11:11 Seer’s rise up from traumatic backgrounds to take on leadership roles and it thrills me to the max!

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Image by the talented Kelli MacAlpine from Healing Canvas, used with permission.

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