Meet Tiarnie Vidler, an amazing astrologist and Master 33/6 life path!

Meet Tiarnie Vidler, an astrologer and 33/6 Master Healer! If you love astrology, numbers and spirituality, this video will fill your heart with glee.

Dec 2023 update – New chat below! From Your 2024 Numerology Forecast (bookings open)

Tiarnie’s life story is beyond inspiring. At 6, she was living with her dad after her mum gave her up. At 15 she ran away from home to live on a mountain. At 16 she had her first daughter.

At 33, her adult life path turning point age as a 33/6, she was living on purpose as a spiritual teacher (teacher has a 33/6 vibration). These days she’s booked out 6 months in advance and overflowing with passion.

Tiarnie is a kind, brilliant, time-travelling Soul who lives and breathes service to others. I’m honoured to know her.

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P.S. Tiarnie’s astrology readings are worth the wait, I’ve had one. She also has courses, a book and 2022 energy survival kit, which I just bought.

33’s need to know that they are here to be rockstars of the truth, not scapegoats. Not sure of your life path? Go to find your life path for many posts and videos.

P.S You would not believe the hoops we jumped through to make this chat happen. It took every ounce of persistence not to quit! I took that as a sign that we just had to meet.

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