33/6 Numerology Tips (Angelic and Christ Consciousness Energy)

33 Numerology Words

33/6 Vibration Words & Phrases⁣: Angelic, Wake up call, Blessing, Eclipse, People, Humour, Rockstar, Witches, Priest, Teacher, Dragons, Powers, Circles, Orange⁣

Places: Hawaii, Thailand, Finland, Norway, Berlin, In Australia – Darwin, Gold Coast (where we do psychic readings now), Eumundi, Mapleton⁣

Protected by⁣ Archangel Michael (a 33 name)⁣ Find Your Guardian Angel Using Numerology

In numerology, every word, name and address can be reduced to a frequency / number, allowing us to see connections. 33 is the Christ Consciousness number. To me it looks like two mouths speaking, birds flying forward and a butterfly or four leaf clover (if you reverse one 3). Find your lifepath and see my word analysis system ⁣ (I have many 33 posts)

I’ve worked with hundreds of 33 lifepaths and ppl with 33 names/ partners/ kids. I call them potential Master Healers and Spiritual Rockstars. They are here to open their 3+3=6th Chakra (ESP/ sixth sense, visualisation, eyes, mind) to become visionary healers whether that’s at home (inner work) or globally (outer work). ⁣More on the Third Eye and Water, and 666 Myths

Although only about 5% of people are this lifepath, at one stage they were 33% of my psychic readings waitlist. I have 33 numerology in my chart plus my science background appeals to their quirky logic (3 is the inner child / optimist / sceptic who can spot liars). ⁣

Seeing repeating 33, 333, 12:12, 12:21 and 21:21 (add to 3:3) can be a sign you carry 33 numerology in your chart, have a 33 loved one or are about to meet a 33. It’s also a call to be a whistleblower!⁣

Reference: https://www.crystalinks.com/numerology4.html (a site I found) ⁣Also see my Master 33 Lifepath posts under Find Your Lifepath

My 33 friends, hope you enjoy this – Sept 2019 is a 3 Year, 3 Month for Earth…the spotlight is on 3s and 33s!

See this post on Facebook with many more comments. Thank you to Summer G. for the beautiful photo and funny stories.

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33 Numerology Words

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