Gigi Hadid’s Assault by ‘Prankster’ Vitalii Sediuk – When Master 33 Lifepaths Collide, Sparks Fly!

I’ve been following Gigi Hadid since I realised she was a Master 33/6 lifepath in numerology, i.e. a Master Healer. This makes her a rarity in the fashion industry, as there aren’t many Master 33/6 models (this is a less common lifepath). Find your lifepath.

Although I’ve found a few Master 11/2 Spiritual Messenger Lifepaths (Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), Gigi is one of the only 33’s. Master Number carriers always attract the spotlight. So it was no surprise when a recent assault on Gigi made headlines.

In summary, serial pest Vitalii Sediuk (also a Master 33/6 lifepath – perhaps their encounter was fated?) picked Gigi up after a show, pinning her arms to her sides. Gigi fought back, using her elbows to force him to let go. Vitalii has accosted many celebrities before, but this is the first time his subject hit back – you can see from the video that Gigi’s kickboxing training serves her well.

Video of Gigi being attacked by Vitalii Sediuk

Why is this significant? Well, if you’re into numerology, you’ll know that someone with a Master 33/6 Lifepaths often end up educating the public by provoking controversy and questioning authority.Gigi has millions of followers on social media and her actions galvanised debate. She was interviewed numerous times after the episode, and called out a journalist who accused her of overreacting. See this interview with Lena Durham.

“Honestly, I felt I was in danger, and I had every right to react the way I did. If anything, I want girls to see the video and know that they have the right to fight back, too, if put in a similar situation. Practicing self-defense is important so that when you’re in the moment, reacting from muscle memory comes more naturally to you than freezing up.”Gigi’s experience dovetails perfectly with my thoughts on the September 2016 Eclipse & 9-9 Numerology energy. This is all about overcoming bullies and healing our shadow sides, or black spots.

The words ECLIPSE and TEACHER add to 33/6. Perhaps 33/6 events and people show us that life is black, white or grey, depending on where we choose to stand. I note that BREXIT also adds to 33/6 (!) 33/6 people can appear very bright (smart, funny and progressive), or dark (malicious, depressive and fear-mongering), depending on how they use their sizeable egos, manifestation ability and intelligence. Like all Master Number carriers, they are psychic, even if this is buried under scepticism, e.g. due to a tough upbringing or heartbreak.

I love that Gigi listens to both her intuition and her mother (the two aspects are related). It’s uplfting to find someone so positive about Spirit – also see Einstein’s words below. Words like FAMILY add to 3, and 33/6’s are often close to their family of origin and/ or tribe of friends, partners and children.

“When my mom first saw what had happened, she texted me the picture of me elbowing the guy and…said, “Good girl.” My mom has taught me the power of my instincts since I was a kid. She’d always be like, “OK. Pay attention to the people who make you feel uncomfortable. I want you to tap into that and be aware of it.” I continue to use that intuition with the fashion industry and the people who I have to be around. It usually guides me pretty well. I think it guided me in this situation, too.”

Gigi’s 33/6 lifepath makes her a powerful change agent (her courage will peak from age 33 onwards). ‘3’ energy gives someone an authoritative voice (verbal and written) – so 33’s can be seen as ‘big mouths’ (no wonder PELICAN has a Master 33/6 vibration). You may not agree with them, but you never forget their teachings.

Many of my clients with Master 33/6 lifepaths (or name/ destiny numbers, soul urges, pinnacles, etc.), become whistleblowers. They are fighters, who consciously, or accidentally highlight injustice.This makes sense spiritually speaking, as they are here to heal their 6th (Third Eye) Chakras, and to open people’s minds.

Think of Pauline Hanson’s race-based politics, Jessica Chastain talking about gender inequality in movies screened at Cannes, Delta Goodrem’s vocal critics, Lindsey Lohan’s teen-drinking, Stephen King’s personal and political activism (the man who crashed into him never received jail time), George W. Bush’s gaffes, and Einstein’s brilliant ideas. In numerology, ‘3’ represents the Solar Plexus Chakra – our inner sun – this sheds ‘new light’ on Einstein’s wisdom. Of course a 33/6 would understand solar/ cosmic forces – see this quote –

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am. When two expeditions of scientists, financed by the Royal Academy, went forth to test my theory of relativity, I was convinced that their conclusions would tally with my hypothesis. I was not surprised when the eclipse of May 29, 1919, confirmed my intuitions. I would have been surprised if I had been wrong…

I am enough of the artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

33/6 energy is about heroism versus victimisation* – the truth is that no one ever ‘saves us’ or ‘traps us’ – we create that story in our heads. Yes, reality can be difficult, but our attitude is our power. When you stay gracious and look for solutions, the Universe sends you all kinds of miracles – see this post. When you focus on your problems, they grow like weeds in manure! Switch your frequency, access your brilliance. It all starts with confronting your critics.

*Perhaps this is why 33/6 lifepaths seem over-represented in news stories, e.g JonBenet Ramsay. However I could be biased as I am a Master 11/2 lifepath myself, and you tend to ‘see what you are’.

I hope Gigi Hadid’s actions inspire her fans to get fit and to keep trusting their gut instincts. When you ‘exercise your power’, you literally stay in charge of your life. After seeing the way she handled Vitalii, I went straight back to yoga and working out – the same thing happened after I met another Master 33/6 lifepath, Olympic beach volleyballer Natalie Cook years ago. See her psychic reading, including her palmistry and numerology. Funnily, Gigi is also a volleyballer, who qualified for the Junior Olympics.

In the past, Gigi has faced enormous criticism for her appearance and connections, mainly from online trolls. Vitalii also attacked her based on her looks, according to this article: “While I consider Gigi Hadid beautiful, she and her friend Kendall Jenner have nothing to do with high fashion. By doing this, I encourage the fashion industry to put true talents on the runway and Vogue covers instead of well-connected cute girls from Instagram…This is also a wake-up call for Anna Wintour, who turned Vogue into a tabloid by putting Kardashians and other similar celebrities on a cover of a well respected magazine.”

As a woman, I roll my eyes at Vitalii’s naivete. Times have changed quickly as the Millenial generation take charge. As a numerologist, I thought it was interesting that Gigi Hadid is a Master 33/6 lifepath, Kendall Jenner is a Master 11/2 lifepath and Kim Kardashian is aMaster 22/4 lifepath.

Even weirder, Vitalii Sediuk’s old employer was Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 (as in, 11). Plus his first high-profile victim was Madonna, a Master 11/2 lifepath. Coincidence? Surely not.  When Master Number lifepaths collide, flashlights go off and intense lessons are learned. I can say this with confidence because my greatest critics are almost always other 11/2 lifepaths or people with Master 11/22/33 energies.

I recall an incident on facebook, when I announced a price rise. A woman (who’d never had a reading with me, and didn’t know my situation), accused me of many things. In my response, I inquired ‘are you an 11/2 lifepath?’ and she said yes! My psychic ability is now at the point where I can spot an 11 across a room…

One of the downsides of being online is people trolling my work. Through experience, I’ve learned to say to critics, ‘you become what you judge. When you attack me, you attack the part of yourself which believes anything is possible. Be careful how you use your words – Karma is always listening.’ A Poem for My Critics

Hmmm. Just as I sat down to write this article, I not only deleted another obnoxious blog comment, I read that Vitalii recently accosted Kim Kardashian by trying to kiss her butt (?!) As much as I think she’s overexposed, she has a right to her personal space too.

Being a Master Number lifepath doesn’t give you automatic superpowers. You still have to do lots of personal growth and learn to use your free will wisely. It’s a case of double success, or double defeat – the movie ending is up to you. I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time before Vitalii gets his karmic desserts.

Oh yeah – and how’s this for quirky? MODEL adds to Master 22/4, the number for double sex, money and power (2nd, or sacral chakra healing). This energy is about using your charm and influence to help people learn to love themselves. Reverse psychology in action perhaps?

Maybe one day we will realise that we are all perfectly imperfect – that’s right, you don’t have to be worthy. You’re already incredible, and everything you conquer in this body will stay with you for lifetimes to come. Be at peace, Earth Angel.

P.S. Had to chuckle – while writing this post, I checked the clock at exactly 11.33 and 1.33. Then when I posted it on facebook, I had 2 messages, 22 notifications. Makes sense. Many Master Number carriers see 11:11 and other repeating numbers. It’s how many of us discover our purpose.

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