R.I.P. Connie Tuori, Master 33/6 Life Path Whistleblower

R.I.P Connie Tuori. Born Concetta Tuori on 24 Aug 1927, she was a Master 33/6 life path Whistleblower (aka Master Healer) here to open minds (6th chakras) and heal her inner child / courage (3rd chakra). Find your life path

Connie (a 33/6 vibration nickname) travelled to every continent, staying weeks at a time in dozens and countries so she could learn their cultures.

A librarian and teacher (33/6 vibration occupation), she never married or had kids, instead living an independent life at a time most women were expected to stay invisible. She kept travelling until to her late 80s – photos show her at the Great Wall of China at age 83 (!)

Dubbed ‘fearless’ by those who knew her, she was tragically killed last month at home in the notoriously troubled Skyline apartments in Syracuse, New York in a cowardly act of burglary (a 23yo woman has been charged).

33/6 life paths are known to be great writers and creators. Apparently Connie documented her adventures in detail so I would not be surprised if her family tell her story in a book one day.

Her full known name has an 11/2 numerology (Master 11/2 Destiny). People with multiple master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44) often have high energy and come here to show us alternative ways to freedom and joy.

Her interview on YouTube (see below) reveals an inspirational and positive lady. Wish we could have met. Between 3 minutes 27 to 33 seconds in her interview she talks about her father being 33 (!)

My sincere condolences to her family and friends.


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