Master Number Couples in Politics – 11/ 22/ 33’s in The Spotlight

Master Number lifepath couples can be super powerful, IF they can handle the extreme ups and downs to stay together. Scott and Jenny Morrison (Australia) are 33s, Margaret and Denis Thatcher (U.K.) were 22s and Barack and Michelle Obama (U.S.) are 29/11s in numerology.

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This post is not about ideology, just an observation that Master 11/22/33/44’s tend to attract drama, responsibility and the spotlight, hence their saturation of the politics and the entertainment industries. To be a Master Number lifepath is to have double potential to succeed or fail. You need a large safety net and community of friends and helpers to stay in your high vibration. Taking shortcuts will always backfire.

As an 11 lifepath, I believe that we need good role models, honest friends, spiritual training and ethics to avoid getting into trouble.

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