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As a psychic reader in Brisbane, I witness amazing experiences on a near-daily basis. I write about these ‘mini-miracles’ on The Numbers Queen, my facebook community page for numerology.

Here is a selection of recent posts and photos. If you enjoy them then please, join The Numbers Queen and/ or my Lifepath 11pages so that we can stay in touch. Lifepath 11 is specifically for people with master 11, 22 or 33 numerology who wish to learn more about their potential. Find your lifepath here. You can alsobook a reading with me or come to an event. I’d love to meet you!


The problem with being psychic is that your jokes scare people. Two cases in point – I said someone was a Tinkerbell and she looked shocked as she’d just talked about Tinkerbell with friends. Another time I said that men who see ghosts become plumbers so they don’t have to admit they’re weird. The woman next to me said ‘What?! My plumber sees spirits…do you know him?’ Sigh. I think I need to do a psychic sit -com or something : D

Comedy adds to 29/11, as does Light…but of course. Laughter is the sound of Divine love in motion!

Sarah Yip Psychic Blog Phoenix 11 BeanieDid you know? Your third eye chakraincludes your pineal gland & brain…so keeping an ‘open mind’ is the secret to high intuition. Gazing at beautiful scenery, nature, sunsets or art is a great way to activate your third eye. When I look at pics of my nephew Phoenix my third eye buzzes like crazy 🙂 Well, he is a lifepath 6, so it’s his job to spread love! Check out this recent photo of him all dressed up.  So cute!
Phoenix has helped me greatly. I once said to him ‘thanks for coming to join our family’ and he winked back. At that moment I knew we were going to be friends for life 🙂 Hmm, I just realised there is a giant horizontal 11 on his beanie… (!) Awesome.

I receive cool pics & stories every day but this is extra fabulous. Tanya saw this on her phone (note all the 11’s and my surname YIP) and joked it must be a sign for her to get a reading : D No comment!! I get a lot of wonderful clients from my 11:11 blogs so basically the Universe/ Google is my PR Agent. It sure beats Yellowpages…

PS 511 is the code for talk to Spirit!! The 5th chakra is the throat chakra, site of your inner voice, ability to adapt to change and clairaudience.

If you see codes like 111, 222, 333 etc. then please read this post.


I was teaching numerologytoday. After talking about 11’s all morning I saw this car in the carpark…11LVA…aka 11 lover 😀  very cool! Within 15 minutes of me posting this on facebook, one of my fans Kristy commented “Omg, we just buried our best friend’s darling mum yesterday, her name was Ilva x”

Unbelievable! I believe this was a message from Ilva to Kristy via yours truly 🙂 Spirit always finds a way!


Sarah Yip Psychic Blog 11:11 Red Miracle alert! I went to The Clever Bunch business coaching with Basic Bananas* today and spoke about 11:11 clocks in my networking pitch. Afterwards the trainer said that she sees 11:11 constantly…amazingly, she also works for Tony Robbins (a 29/11). Whoa!! I would love to read his hands…I’m loving my personal 9 year of conclusions and reward…everything is coming together like magic. Find your personal year.

*Some of you may recall that I joined this program after the founder Christo ‘unwittingly’ drew a big red 1111 on a whiteboard a few inches from me (see above) : D Funnily enough, I am a monkey in Chinese astrology and this also equals 29/11. So I loved the bananas theme from the start.


Sarah Yip Psychic Blog 11:11 Numerology Corcorz HairI had a fantastic haircut from Carol at Corcorz Hair. Check out the four white pillars in her studio! I said ‘don’t suppose you see 11:11 on clocks‘ and she was like ‘yes I do…I love that stuff’. Carol is a celebrity hair stylist who sponsored the Big Brother TV show last year…I bet she has lots of master number clients on her books!! Whenever I see signs like this (quadruple) one I feel really protected.


The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered and It’s Not What You Think – I encourage you to read this article if you or someone you know has an addiction. ADDICTION adds to 43/7, the same vibration as I LOVE YOU. Addictions can only be healed with kindness. They are a crown (7th chakra) disconnection from Source that comes from a conflict in the heart (4th) and solar plexus (3rd)…a case of ego blocking feeling.

I’m no expert on rehab but Jost Sauer is. He’s a fellow 29/11 Spiritual Messenger lifepath. I assisted Jost briefly last year – see his website. Here’s my take on alcoholism & it’s metaphysical meaning.

Miracle alert! Like many psychics, I feel a client’s energy before they arrive. Today at lunch I thought about nipple tassels and dancing – a pretty weird experience when you’re eating sushi! Of course, my next client turned out to be a burlesque starlet : D Also this week I kept thinking about my United Nations job then had someone come in who also worked at the UN. There are no coincidences. This is a logical Universe where Spirit gives you all the clues 🙂

Healer plug!! I just had a super relaxing aromatherapy treatment from Veronica Farmer, a friend who also manifests like there’s no tomorrow. An hour after she & her husband did a release prayer to sell their house (in Nov 2011, yep 11/11) a man knocked on their door and offered to buy it (true story!). Three weeks later the payment was all settled. They made a tidy profit which allowed them to relocate…so cool 🙂

Veronica is a cancer survivor who’s treated many other healers, patients and doctors. I consider her a real inspiration. Her craniosacral and relaxation massage sessions are heavenly and you will love her garden sanctuary. For 50% ($60) off your first visit (adults or kids sessions) contact her on 0477 772 344. She’s at Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane. See her website.


Sarah Yip Psychic Blog 26 Numerology Miracle alert! A few minutes after speaking to my Mum, who is from Singapore and a 26/8 (Power Through People) lifepath, I sat down for some Singaporean food. Check out the table I was given – number 26! HI God, nice to know you’re there 🙂

Haha…as I left the restaurant the guy behind me yelled ‘Number 11!’ as I walked past…I need a film crew to catch these moments.

After doing a Family Constellation on eating issues and starvation with Brenda Sutherland from The Awakening Group (Brenda is a 7 Lifepath), I followed a car with plates 07 EAT : D I then had table 7 at dinner. It’s raining numbers right now. Btw, I was so hungry after the healing that I finished two main meals, which I’ve not done before. Constellation work is really that powerful. Read more onthe spiritual meaning of  licence plates.
I’m reading for lots of master 33’s this week…they are so powerful! What they think and say comes true so fast…e.g. Hannah’s story below about ordering me like, err, Chinese takeaway :)”I read for Hannah and asked ‘how did you find me?’…she said ‘I was driving along praying for help when your car passed me with the sign about psychic readings”.

33 is double mouth/ big mouth energy…33 is also the vibration of the word TEACHER…if you carry this number remember that words are commands…order what you want and don’t be afraid to change your order if needed xx Find your lifepath here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this psychic smorgasboard. For more tips and inspiration like these, please join me on facebook for regular updates. You’re welcome to post on my timeline
It’s a blessing to have connected with you today. Best wishes on your journey!

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Stephanie Ross on Tuesday, 3 February 2015 2:21 AM

i read all your things on face book I enjoy the balance of facts & humour. I am a 22 number keep up the good work love & light to you

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