Alcoholism – A Metaphysical Guide To Healing

Many people I know have been, or are dependent on alcohol to get through life. Over time, I’ve swung from outright resentment of alcoholics to passive acceptance and back to a place of objective understanding. This article is not focusing on people who like a social drink or two. After all, alcohol is used as a health tonic in Chinese Medicine and can be safe in low amounts.

I’m referring to those who use alcohol to suppress their feelings on a long-term basis. Please note, I’m not a doctor – I recommend seeking qualified medical advice for any serious health conditions.

2019 update: I have written a review of Al-Anon meetings based on a long-term client’s feedback. I recommend Al-Anon if you know someone who is struggling with alcohol addiction. Sitting with strangers in a safe environment is incredibly healing and profound. Google your local group, they run by donation and you can remain anonymous. See this post, Al-Anon and Breaking the Whine Glass Ceiling on Alcoholism

From a metaphysical perspective, heavy drinking is linked to a depleted Solar Plexus Chakra (manipura). Your Solar Plexus is your internal Sun, power and ego centre. It’s your warrior or hero self. Someone with a healthy Solar Plexus stands up for themselves and comes across as an assertive, confident individual.

They are a leader who attracts respect and fairness. Why? Because they get angry in the right amount at the right time at the right person. They don’t let people walk over them (or their loved ones). They say No to mistreatment and stand by their decisions. Note how warrior is just one letter removed from worrier? As humans, we need to feel useful (find your life purpose) and have a something to ‘fight for’, otherwise we turn on ourselves and become self-critical. We ‘burn up’ inside with suppressed creativity and ideas. The longer we procrastinate, the more our self-esteem plummets.

The organs of the Solar Plexus are the liver and pancreas. In Chinese Medicine, we call the liver the ‘seat of happiness’. It acts as the ‘General’ in charge of energy flow. It has a fatherly energy i.e.  loves to plan and execute goals, and to maintain order. It’s upset by uncontrolled anger or sudden changes. Someone who blames others for their problems often has an unhealthy Liver.

The pancreas (Spleen system in Chinese Medicine), is about feeling ‘sweet enough’, mothering ourselves, feeling Earthed, and having patience. It likes to do one thing at a time and goes out of balance when we overthink, worry, eat quickly and don’t take breaks. We live in a Spleen-deficient world.

Alcoholism is a very human reaction to feeling powerless in modern society. Because we feel out of control (e.g. believing that we must work for a living, or put up with relationships we dislike), we end up overanalysing and storing our feelings, instead of moving through blocks. This creates anxiety, which we try to relieve through alcohol (and other addictions).

Think of the number of wars that took place last century (and are still occurring). Millions of people are still healing from the trauma of these events. Emotions are ‘energy in motion’ and they can ONLY be healed through physical release (e.g. breathwork, crying, acknowledgment, Emotional Freedom Technique, art therapy etc.) and acceptance.

For those people (especially men) who never saw their parents cry, and who think it’s ‘sissy’ to go to counselling, they simply do not have ways to process their experiences. So they binge drink. At least when intoxicated, they can say how they really feel and let go of their inhibitions. Unfortunately, this is like burning your house down every time you want to get rid of an ant’s nest.You see, alcohol relieves pain briefly, but by continuously congesting the liver (3rd/ Solar Plexus Chakra) it blocks the rising of consciousness and prevents the heart (4th Chakra) from healing. It keeps us locked in karmic patterns of powerlessness. So we cannot receive lasting love or comfort. We feel more and more alone and stuck in our ego centre/ pain.

Alcoholics often have underactive Heart Chakras, which means they can’t feel or show genuine affection. As a result, their children and partners develop overactive Heart Chakras, whereby they try to rescue other people. It’s amazing how many healers come from addictive families. How can an alcoholic stop the victim/ martyr cycle? By opening your heart and (safely) allowing yourself to grieve the hurts that drove you to drink.

This allows energy to flow to your higher, Spiritual chakras, which quenches your thirst for connection. This process of ‘letting go and letting God’ lifts your vibration from fear to love and gratitude.

There are two groups of people in the world – those who are trapped in karmic patterns (i.e. operating from the lower three chakras – Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) and those who create their destiny with the help of unconditional love. You can move between categories anytime, it’s a daily choice.

People in the first group worry about money, sex, power and things they can’t control. People in the second know that Earth is a school, where everything we need is provided. You can have almost anything you’d like by asking for Spirit’s guidance and help (see this article on manifesting miracles and this one on money).

Sarah’s Metaphysical Guide to Healing Alcoholism
(This is by no means an exhaustive list – it’s more of a starting point.)

*Learn how to breathe. We breathe the way we live. Many people take rapid, shallow breaths, which is a sign of anxiety. We’re literally afraid to take up space or even exist.  This habit keeps our nervous system in ‘fight or flight mode’, which promotes panic thinking. We look for quick fixes like alcohol, instead of sustainable solutions.

To help yourself to slow down, consider attending yoga, taking up swimming, tai chi, chanting or any other class where you spend time breathing evenly. Monitoring your breath is the cheapest, easiest way to shut your brain up and bring you into the present moment.

Sample exercises:
1) Breathe in for a count of 4, hold your breath for 2, breathe out for a count of 4, hold your breath for 2. See if you can work up to holding your breath for 4 counts (‘square breathing’. Repeat 10 times or until you feel better.

2) Breath into your toes, one by one. Imagine they are blue and turn pink as you re-oxygenate them. Start with the left little toe and work your way to the right little toe. Wiggle your toes. Feel yourself back in your body.

*Forgive everyone who has hurt you, including yourself, God and those who have passed over. You don’t have to do this exercise in one go! It may take years. Just get started. Guilt and shame keep us anchored in the past. If you don’t enjoy the feelings of lightness and joy that come from releasing them, you can always go back to being grumpy later…(!) I compare forgiveness to doing the dishes – you only need to scrub each memory/ plate once. Unless you’re an alien, you’ve only got one heart. It’s like a beautiful house. Holding grudges is like storing garbage under your bed. Eventually, life stinks! As they say, “Hating someone is like drinking poison and waiting for them to die.”

If you find it challenging to let go, consider working with a group or therapist to do this over time. Books such as ‘Loving What Is’ by Byron Katie, personal growth seminars and burning your negative thoughts can also help. Remember – other people’s jobs are to push your buttons. Your only job is to love yourself (Byron Katie).

Family and inter-generational healing is important in alcoholism. I have found Family Constellations super helpful for releasing baggage. Past life regression and kinesiology also help you to identify and resolve subconscious patterns that hold you back.

*Exercise your power. Walking is the Liver’s favourite activity. It clears the mind, and reminds us that we always have the choice to move on. It also improves our digestion and circulation. Many geniuses take a daily walk outside for inspiration. Choose a park or somewhere green and natural as this is the colour that heals the Heart. Martial arts, pilates or sports that strengthen the back and core muscles also help us to ‘stand up for ourselves’ again. Exercise is a key factor in overcoming the depression that often comes with alcoholism. Someone who is fit and strong has nothing to fear in life. They can leave a job, relationship or country and start again from scratch.

*Use food to help and heal. Beating addictions can take lifestyle change, there’s no single-point solution. Alcoholism can result from, or cause nutritional deficiencies (e.g. B vitamins). So it’s important to eat foods that will support you in your recovery. ‘Food’ isn’t just meals, it includes the words and information you take in through your senses.

The Solar Plexus chakra loves complex carbohydrates, Vitamin D (the happiness hormone) and dietary fibre, whereas the Heart chakra thrives on affirmations, green vegetables and food made with love. Regular meals are essential to avoid blood sugar swings and cravings. Consider working with a natural health practitioner or doing your own research.  See Deanna Minich’s website on chakras and nutrition.

*Speak up. Even better, sing up. Alcohol drains the Solar Plexus chakra, which is your Inner Child and optimism centre. Physical addictions often arise from emotional ones – it’s important to stop seeking approval from others. Give it to yourself instead, e.g. see The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. Starting a hobby is a great way to find meaning in life outside of work, and to meet people who value you. Find something that moves you emotionally, like music or dance. It’s good to keep learning, because it keeps us in a state of curiousity and excitement. As a business coach once said to me, we are like bananas. Better to be green and growing than ripe and rotten! Addictions often develop due to ‘spiritual boredom’. Give your mind a break from the mundane.

*Energise your higher chakras. This will connect you to your Soul again. Your Throat/ Thyroid (5th) chakra loves meditation, sound healing, voicework, writing and meaningful conversations. Many alcoholics and their partners are hypothyroid, because of the energy blocks in their hearts. Fortunately, the heart can renew itself, a fact which has been scientifically proven. Your Third Eye (6th) chakra enjoys fresh water, beauty, star-gazing, art and gardens. Your Crown (7th) chakra flowers in spiritual places and peaceful surroundings.

In Conclusion
Love is the answer to healing addiction. Placing yourself in a caring environment, with people who believe in you is the fastest way to change your actions and results. That’s why programs such as Urban Drug Rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous can be very effective. The truth is, you loved and supported by the Universe whether you are an alcoholic or not. The sun will shine for you and fresh air will always be supplied. However it can also be a boring and frustrating experience. You teach what you are, so please, don’t die with the music and poetry still in you!!

There is no avoiding our life purpose because once we die, we return in a new body to complete any unfinished business. Once people realise they cannot die, they often begin to ‘truly live’. Alcohol is an expensive way of controlling yourself and suppressing your leadership capabilities. Is it time for you to free yourself from captivity? What would it feel like to surf your feelings, instead of drowning in them?

When you take back your power, you inspire those around you to reach their potential too. Recovered addicts make the best motivational speakers because they know what it feels like to give up, break down and break through. They are living examples of these quotes:

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.”
“Smooth waters do not make for skilful sailors.”

I hope this article has given you some new perspectives on alcoholism and addiction. Here is a final link on healing trauma by Peter Levine, recommended by my amazing Holistic Counselling teacher Brenda Sutherland.

And – just become you’re awesome, here is a bonus section: Alcoholism In A (Numerology) Nutshell 

As a psychic reader, I always seek the deeper meaning to any issue. Let’s break down alcoholism using Pythagorean numerology.

ALCOHOL = 1+3+3+6+8+6+3 = 30/3 vibration.
HAPPY = 8+1+7+7+7 = 30/3
PASSION = 7+1+1+1+9+6+5 = 30/3
LIVER = 3+9+4+5+9 = 30/3
The words FAMILY and AUSTRALIA (!) also add to 30/3.
ALCOHOLISM = (30)+9 +1+ 4 = 44/8, the same vibration as FOREVER, ETERNITY, HAPPINESS, COMMITMENT, MEDICINE and
COUNSELLOR. Until we commit to spiritual happiness, we’ll keep falling for material crappiness (!)

Alcohol abuse is a solar plexus and liver issue – it comes from not following our passion. It tends to run in families and is predominant in Australia – maybe because many convicts were sent here and their only escape from their hellish lives was drinking. Due to its 44 vibration, alcoholism strongly impacts the heart (the 4th chakra) and locks us into karmic patterns (the 8th chakra), but it can be overcome when we find alternative medicine for our hurts. Connecting to our eternal/ Higher Self and learning to seek counsel when needed is the way out of this mentally created maze!

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