Numerology Courses

Numerology Courses with Sarah Yip

Do you love numerology, and/ or see numbers like 11:11, 111, 222, 333? Then it’s time to meet your tribe! Seeing these codes means that you are a Messenger, who’s ready to ‘wake up’!

You’ve come to Earth to be a Spiritual teacher, so if you’re ready to shift, join my next 11:11 Numerology Workshop in Canberra (booked out) on Sat 28 March 2020.

New dates for 2021 classes coming. Check out my webinars for now and my thriving Patreon community of numerology students 

Why study numerology?

Because it’s one of the best decision-making tools around. Knowing the meaning of numbers gives you a direct line to Source and your Soul (Akashic) contract. All you need are your DOB and name to access your lifetime map of potential.

Numerology is one of the oldest forms of personality analysis and prediction. Used wisely, numbers can predict earthquakes, sunrises, harvests and eclipses – why not the meaning of your life?

Why study with me?

There’s a reason I’m called The Numbers Queen. I’m one of Australia’s top numerologists and psychics. Not only do I make a living from readings, I consistently book out at expos, including Mind Body Spirit, and am the resident reader for the 97.3FM Breakfast Show. I’m also a scientist and fundraiser, whose approach is based on over 3, 000 readings, and Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born to Live. My life has been a search for truth.

I have run over 50 psychic workshops since 2011, and love numerology as it’s helped me to handle my Master 11 lifepath with grace, and to create an amazing business and family life. I live and breathe numbers, as you can see by my 250+ blogs. When it comes to new age topics, it pays to see a specialist, as you’ll learn faster and more safely. This day of awakening will give you the tools you need to trust in life again.

“I received such an epic quantity of validation about my life path and what my Soul wrote.” Amanda

“The numerology course was amazing. You went above and beyond and totally exceeded my expectations. You have a lovely, patient manner and way of explaining how and why this all works…Realising that all of my past major life events align completely with the 9 year cycle was like magic; kind of like watching a jigsaw puzzle fall into place. I feel more than equipped to plan ahead and live my true purpose. I’m very excited to use my new skills to show my friends how to understand and optimise their potential, too. Thanks again, and I look forward to learning more from you in the near future.” Katie B.,

Ready to Shift? Join my Numerology Workshop on Sat 28 March 2020
(booked out as of 19 Feb – email to go on a waitlist)


Time: Please arrive by 9.15am for a 9.30am start. We’ll wrap up by 4.15-4.30pm latest, depending on class size. I may go over.

Location: The Griffin Centre 20 Genge Street

Class size: Are kept to 5-6 students to ensure deeper learning. FYI the past seven workshops I ran in Brisbane sold out, so be quick (!)

Includes: Detailed notes and templates. Keep in mind that one on one readings are $990 for two consults, so this day is excellent value. You’ll be learning from a professional psychic who guarantees her work.

As a special bonus (first time I’ve included this part), I’ll prepare your numerology chart before we meet, using your birth certificate and current legal names (including middle names) and DOB that you provided when booking in. You’ll receive a copy on the day.

Fees: $550 (I will email a GST invoice once you’ve paid by Paypal – bank transfer is also possible). Workshop prices are fixed, as I do considerable prep for each attendee. Please note that fees are non-refundable, but if 72 hours notice is given by phone, they can be transferred to readings or workshops within 12 months of the initial payment date. Cancellations or postponement within 72 hours attract a $100 fee. Thanks for your understanding.

Can’t make the date? Email me with the subject Numerology to receive invites, or you can sign up on my homepage for emails. I’m a believer in keeping things personal, so you have plenty of one-on-one time.

Live outside Australia/ can’t make the date? Check out my webinars.

Suitable for: People interested in numerology (beginner to intermediate) My methods are easy to learn and based on real-life experience. Here are some links you might enjoy: find your lifepathfind your personal yearreadings for famous people, and your 2020 forecast. Or check out my facebook page The Numbers Queen. I’m on Instagram as SarahYip1111.

You’ll be able to do short readings for people using a template after attending this day (with help from your notes). What a great hobby or complement to your business. BYO water, lunch and a calculator. Also the dates of birth of some loved ones.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Numerology? Numbers 1-9, Master 11, 22, 33 and 44
Find Your Lifepath, DOB Grids, Lines of Strength and Opportunity
Health, Career and Relationships by Lifepath
Compatibility and Soulmates
Why You See Repeating Numbers and 11:11 Clocks
The Meaning of Your Name and Name Changes
Predicting Your Future Using Personal Years, Months and Days

Benefits & Challenges of Numerology

Benefits: It’s quick and logical, suitable for all ages, accurate both in-person and by distance (whether the subject is living or passed), logical, scientific, no need for time of birth, and it’s great for forecasts. Wonderful for sceptics because it explains the past so clearly. Helps us to see lifelong patterns, forgive our parentscreate more moneyincrease our fertilitydetach from drama and to find and evolve with, our Soulmates.

 It needs to be used for peace rather than judgement, otherwise it accelerates egotism. There are so many systems e.g. for calculating lifepaths or personal years, that you’ll need to become a lifelong learner. It increases your vibration so be prepared for heightened senses, synchronicity and spiritual upgrades.

Feedback from previous workshops:

“Sarah, I was blown away by your teachings and you made numbers easy to understand. You love to share your knowledge and I love how you gave  each person in the room your time. I had so much fun and it was great meeting awesome ladies. You are a blessing. So glad I know you!” Desiree

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday’s enlightenment.  I am currently practicing as a Psychic Medium and love it but have always been knowing that there is something I would like to do that is more absolute…You cannot argue with numbers. I believe this is it. I’m really interested in finding out more about this modality and whilst I will certainly do my own research I would love it if you put my name down for the next level Numerology course please. I love the natural way you teach and I get the way you present so to do this with you would be enjoyable and a pleasure for me. With deep felt gratitude.” Kari T.

“I enjoyed the small class.”
“It’s a more intimate way of learning numerology.”
“You covered everything step-by-step.”
“You didn’t rush through. You confirmed my questions as we went along. I didn’t get lost.”
“Entertaining and informative!”
“Thank you for a great atmosphere and wonderful confidence boost.”
“Practical application, lots of fun, good delivery.”

Welcome to the 11:11 fun!

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