My Psychic Secret Weapon #1- Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing

Want to become more psychic? Then stay tuned, as I reveal my ‘psychic secret weapons’…

First up – Deniz Akan is one of my favourite sound, Reiki and crystal healers in Australia. That’s her with my husband and fellow psychic reader Kris Anderson. She travels all year round and is often booked up in advance. I see her often and she treats my partner, baby  and many of my clients. Forrest adores Deniz and smiles at her more than me (!) Her in person and distance sessions are full of kindness, joy and clarity. No wonder around 85-90% of people I send to her book follow ups.

Why I love Deniz – Because it’s quicker for me to read for someone after they’ve had healings, kinesiology, massages, coaching and/ or counselling. The connection is clearer, making everyone’s lives easier. You wash your clothes, hair and body, why wouldn’t you clean your aura of thoughts and feelings? As a psychic reader, I have treatments weekly, because money spent on your health returns ten times over. Our bodies are priceless.

Imagine if you had the same pair of shoes for 80 years. Surely you would polish them occasionally? So, when was the last time you pampered your feet, or thanked them for their hard work? They’re even more valuable than shoes. You get my drift…

When someone has a sparkling energy field, I can dive straight into their numerology, palmistry and 12 month forecasts, instead of doing ‘cobweb-removal’, which generally manifests as scepticism and/ or fatigue. It saves so much time and bother for all involved.

What’s involved in Dimensional healing?
Deniz uses a mix of modalities, which she calls Dimensional healing.

For an in-person session, Deniz will drive to you (e.g. Sydney, Coffs Harbour or Brisbane)
-have a cup of tea (she’s very friendly and professional)
-lay out her crystals
-ask what you want to work on and pull some Oracle cards.
-Then you lie down for an hour while she uses crystals, sprays, singing bowls and her voice to create sacred space.

You’ll probably feel tingly at times and may have intuitive flashes (Deniz and I often receive the same images, including occasional past life and childhood information). In other words, you’ll get to experience what psychics feel all day long – it’s blissful.-After the healing, Deniz will give you detailed feedback on her findings. See an extract from mine below, where she talks about new phases and manatee totems. She often mentions animals, and helpers such as nature elementals, mermaids, and Star beings. Don’t worry if that sounds weird – I was a sceptic until I started seeing them too. Deniz had to treat me several times before I actually believed what she was saying – luckily she’s really patient.

For distance sessions (which are equally powerful), you lie down at the appointed time while Deniz does a remote tune-up. I can honestly say I still feel many sensations during these treatments, they are excellent if you are travelling or located overseas. Deniz emails a report.

Deniz also does house and office clearings, in person or by distance. She has blessed all my residences and when she did my workplace, our bookings rate went through the roof.

What are the benefits of Dimensional healing?
If you have trouble meditating or relaxing, then a session with Deniz could be the blessing you’re looking for. I feel like I’ve had 10 hours’ sleep or a vacation after seeing her. It’s at the point, where I just hear her voice and feel happy. Other changes I’ve noticed:

-Greater intuition and self-trust (you feel home again)
-Increased synchronicity (such as 11:11 sightings)
-Feel more connected to my heart/ present with reality
-Feel more grounded and safe in my body (less inner conflict)
-Extremely relaxed, even if I had indigestion beforehand
-Less impacted by other people’s dramas
-Less money fears – become more resourceful and constructive
-Able to see the bigger picture (open Third Eye/ Mind chakra)
-Calmer sleep and dreams, reduced anxiety for weeks afterwardsWant to know more? Here’s a 28 minute insight from my session with Deniz today. It’s a sneak peek into what Starseeds talk about when no one is looking at them. How soothing is Deniz’s voice?

Please note that results will vary person to person and for medical issues you should always see a professional health practitioner.

What are the cons of Dimensional healing? Well, you’ll never be the same once you start having them. What’s seen cannot be unseen. What’s healed cannot be unhealed. It’s a risk worth taking!

Deniz also makes aromatherapy/ crystal frequency sprays, which I’ve been using for years. They are a bargain at approx. $15 a small bottle and $25 a larger bottle (a couple of sprays cost more due to the oils used). The larger ones lasts for months, even when you use them daily.If you love natural fragrances, you’ll enjoy these sprays. They are more complex and powerful than the aromatherapy products I’ve seen at health food shops. I use them in readings, asperfume, or to lift the vibration of our house. Even though I have sensitive skin and allergies, I don’t seem to react to Deniz’s products.

Here are the different sprays:

Cleanse, Balance and Shield – Deniz’s original spray, which I cannot get enough of. Creates protection and I use it frequently.

Expansion – Spiritual and psychic awareness, connect to Source energy and higher dimensions but staying grounded and protected. Unbelievable for psychic work – really high vibration.

Love Transcendent – Brings clarity, joy, hormonal balance and lifts your mood. I use this around Forrest all the time for bonding.

Retrieve Calmness (NEW) – Relaxation for kids and adults. Aid for sleeping, clearing trauma, depression and anxiety. This smells like a rainbow – Deniz just released it this month.

Pick me up – Elevates you, refreshes your senses, brings clarity and focus with ease. My favourite – instant happy vibes, sweet smelling.

Want to book a healing with Deniz, or buy a spray?
Contact her on 0487 355 939, visit her website or check out her facebook. Initial sessions are $220 (2.5-3 hours) and followups are $180 (1.5 hours). Deniz also runs crystal parties.

Please note, this is not a paid post. Deniz is a great friend of mine and I sincerely want more people to experience her amazing-ness. Lightworkers need to support each other! That said, please mention me when booking, so I can get more healings, brownie points and hugs from her. Thanks in advance.

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