Psychic Reading For Ian White, Founder Of The Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian White, Founder & Director of the Australian Bush Flower Essences is a modern day alchemist. A fifth generation herbalist, he has created an empire of affordable essences and books to enable anyone to balance their bodies, families and even their pets (!)He reminds me of a wizard from Harry Potter (see photo), only in a brighter suit.

When I first began psychic readings at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in 2008, I used Ian’s Space Clearing Mist religiously between clients. Imagine reading for 15 people a day next to 80 psychics…it’s vital to stay in your own energy otherwise you’ll fall sick. At the time, I didn’t understand how essences worked, I just knew that the spray smelled good and I felt better after using it.

I never imagined I’d have the fortune to meet Ian (and his hands) six years later. Luckily, one of my clients, Lisa, let me know that Ian was running a Numerology and Australian Bush Flower Essences weekend in Brisbane. I was overjoyed at the news, as I’d always wanted to attend a numerology course.

Until now, I’ve been entirely self-taught. I learned to analyse dates of birth from books by Max Coppa, Dan MillmanDavid Phillips, Carol Adrienne and Lisa Lenard then practiced on thousands of people until I got it right. I even left my day job to ‘force’ myself to become an excellent psychic reader. When lunch is on the line, you don’t mess around!

Apart from Ian’s fantastic teaching, a highlight of the class was meeting other lifepath 11‘s (see photo). We dominated the group! This was no surprise, as NUMBERS reduces to 29/11. I find that 11’s are often drawn to numerology and metaphysics. Read more on 11’s.

Let’s have a look at Ian White’s Palmistry

For brevity’s sake, I will analyse Ian’s writing/ right hand only in this blog.  In palmistry your writing, or active hand, shows your conscious and adult self. Keep in mind that this is a mini-lesson.

1) Ian has a bendy thumb. Your thumb reflects your ability to compromise, and to revisit your work. Ian’s thumb shows that he’s a great team player and enjoys revising formulas until they are perfect. This is essential for anyone in creative work. They often enjoy travelling to other cultures, such as Asia, where people are more flexible and easygoing.

2) Ian has an unusual Heart Line. It spans his entire palm and is ruler-straight. This suggests he is deeply humanitarian (I see this on missionaries and aid workers) and can be emotionally detached. This is a helpful skill for managing organisations.

Ian has what’s called a ‘semi-Simian’ line as his Head Line appears to drop from his Heart Line (usually they have separate beginnings). Hmm, well Ian IS a Monkey in Chinese Astrology…jokes aside, a Simian Line in Palmistry shows someone who gives 100% to whatever they do. This matches Ian’s Line of Total Commitment in numerology (see below). It’s important for him to have hobbies so he doesn’t become too intense.

3) A Lifesaving, or St Andrew’s Cross (highlighted in white) off his Life line suggests he will save lives in this incarnation. Many reviews of the Australian Bush Flower Essences suggest that people gain great benefits from using these remedies in times of crisis.

4) Ian’s Loop of Humour (outlined in white) gives him eternal optimism, a goofy sense of humour and perspective. Many entrepreneurs have this marking – they choose their work for the people not the prestige. They often crave a life of freedom, travel and variety.

5) Ian’s long Mercury, or Pinky finger reaches above the first knuckle on his Ring finger. This feature, along with the Medical Stigmata, gives him a sharp intellect, good memory, language skills and healing abilities. Mercury is associated with business acumen and medicine. Ian has a faint Girdle of Venus, which is common on sensitive people.

Interestingly, Ian has Composite Whorl (Yin Yang) Fingerprints on his thumbs, giving him psychic ability and a philosophical outlook. He can always see both sides of any argument. I see these fingerprints on people with strong 11 energy, and associate them with Ascension Lightworkers and Starseeds. Ian has many 11 lifepaths in his family, which make sense as 11 adds to 2, the number for group work.

Ian has produced the White Light Essences, which amused me no end as ‘White Light’ reduces to 11 11 in numerology – one of my chief interests (Update August 2017 – I will review these essences in future). He also has Tented Arch Fingerprints on his index fingers, the sign of an inspirational speaker and musician. Kirtan singer Dave Stringer has similar Tented Arches in his hands.

Ian’s date of birth (kept confidential for privacy reasons) gives him a lifepath of 31/4. That means that his lifepath, or life purpose is the Builder/ Mr Practical. 4 looks like a flag and represents physical achievement. Find Your Lifepath

I sometimes call 4 lifepaths ‘tradies’ as they are so self-sufficient. Men with this lifepath often inherit a strong work ethic from their parents (especially their father – Ian’s was a herbalist). As a 4 lifepath, Ian is here to strengthen and share his 4th, or Heart Chakra. These people don’t just wear their hearts on their sleeves, they ARE hearts with sleeves! Just like the organ, 4s help to regulate the world around them. They are natural guardians and want people to feel safe in their bodies. They may spend a lot of time before the age of 31-32 processing family wounding.Words like HEALER, SCIENCE, DESIGN, GREEN and GARDEN reduce to 31/4 in numerology, which fits beautifully with Ian’s calling. 3 looks like lips, and it represents the Solar Plexus Chakra (overcoming the inner critic to speak up). 1 looks like a tree, and it gives Ian independence. a dedication to personal growth and natural authority. It relates to the Root Chakra (establishing a tribe and making a mark on society). Many abundant leaders have a 31/4 lifepath, including the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and business moguls.

Ian has the 1-5-9 Line of Determination in his chart, which gives him resilience and tenacity. I call this the survivor line (think of a bug that survives a nuclear bomb!) He also has the (rarer) 4-5-6 Line of Total Commitment, which means he’s got a strong physical and moral backbone. I’ve seen a similar formation in Guy Bennett, the owner of Create Your Reality, a successful kinesiology school in Brisbane. The double 6’s in his DOB suggest a deep fondness for home and community.

Ian’s birth name adds to a 77/14/5 Master Sceptic/ Teacher Destiny. This means he has many quirky ideas, will specialise in his career and must learn by doing. They tend to attract VIP’s, as 7 is the Crown Chakra or symbol of Spiritual Royalty. Ian often sees 7’s around. Perhaps this is why. SPIRITUAL TEACHER adds to 77/14/5 in Pythagorean numerology. 14/5 is a Karmic Debt Number associated with using your compassion to heal and help, rather than to control – read more on Karmic 13, 14, 16 and 19.

Ian’s known name adds to a 44/8 Master Builder, the frequency of words like COUNSELLOR, SPIRITUAL, MEDICINE and COMMITMENT. It’s a sign of excellent self-discipline.

Looking at his DOB, Ian is in an 8 Personal Year, until June 2015 (or Jan 2015, depending on the system you use). This means he is close to concluding a 9 year life cycle. Find Your Personal Year. I see from his late life 9 Pinnacle that 2015-2016 will be a time of enormous achievement. I can’t wait to find out what he does next!

This was Ian’s feedback on his reading:
“I was very excited and looking forward to meeting Sarah when I knew she was coming to my workshop. I had been to her website and watched some of her videos and was very impressed with how Sarah brings so much of her own insights and intuition to her Numerology as well as all the experience she has gleaned from the thousands of people she has done charts with.Sarah brings a great spiritual perception of an individual through her Numerology. In the system of Numerology I use I do not focus very much at all on a person’s name, so I really enjoyed Sarah’s analysis of my name in her reading.I have not had anyone do a palmistry reading for years and Sarah came up with so many positive things I am very happy to claim “that it must all be true, and that she is incredibly accurate”!! I am looking forward to having lots of ongoing numerological chats with Sarah.”

What a thrill it is to receive this encouragement! Being a psychic reader is a joy and I am so grateful that it’s my calling. Don’t forget to join my facebook page: The Numbers Queen for weekly tips, Q&A and pictures of real-life miracles. Please note, all comments made below will be reviewed before they appear online.

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