Miracles Happen – What It’s Like To Live And Breathe Magic

As a psychic reader who ‘walks her talk’, I experience miracles almost every week.  Here are some inspirational stories from my facebook page The Numbers Queen and a recent trip to Hervey Bay.

1) The Butterfly Messengers
While walking through the Botanic Gardens with Kris, I looked down at my blue applique butterfly ring and said ‘I miss those blue butterflies we used to see at our old house. They were my favourite!’

Within a minute, a pair of blue butterflies appeared and started to circle us. One even posed for a photo. We had not seen any butterflies the whole time we had been walking so this was a wonderful surprise. Ever the sceptic, I said ‘Hm, that’s weird, what a coincidence!’ A short time later I said to Kris, ‘Hey, do you think there really is a God?’ Seconds later, he pair of blue butterflies reappeared and did a few more laps around our heads. I took this as a Divine Yes!Interestingly, I had been researching thyroid health that week, and the blue butterfly is a symbol for this organ. Blue is the colour of the Throat Chakra, and the thyroid is shaped like a butterfly.

2) Pat’s Touching Tale
I read for a beautiful client called Pat this week, who has proof of the afterlife. Shortly after her husband passed away, her family received a one word message on their answering machine. It was her husband saying ‘Pat.’ in his characteristic accented voice, then hanging up.The phone company has NO record of this call being made. A few minutes later there is a message from another relative, which proves that the machine was working at the time. Have I given you goosebumps yet? There is nothing to fear in this life, except forgetting your incredible connection to the Divine. We’re all in this together! Thank you Pat for sharing your story with me. You are a living Angel.

3) Bird Of A Feather
I worked with a client called Sandra, who resonates with birds and flight. I mentioned that she had fingerprints that look like feathers and that my nephew’s name is Phoenix. She said that she met her partner in Phoenix, Arizona. Aiiiiyyyyy. We are obviously from the same soul tribe. More on Peacock’s Eye Whorl fingerprints

4) TV Telepathy?
I walked in the door recently to find Kris watching ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ a TV show from 1987. To my astonishment, an actor came on screen saying ‘I found this toy…it belongs to a Sarah Anderson.I said to Kris – hey that would be my name if we got married! I then asked Kris – what movie is this?!! He’s like ‘I don’t know – I heard them say ‘Chris, you have to go to the Andersons’ so I kept watching…WHOA. My boyfriend’s name is Kris Anderson.Anyone. Weirded. Out? How many movies in the world have a scene talking about a Sarah Anderson and Chris? Probably just this one! And it happened to be playing tonight.

2018 update – here’s my latest post on Kris, my 11:11 Soulmate and our Eco-wedding…my married name is now Sarah Anderson, which adds to Master 11 and matches my lifepath! Find your lifepath

5) Twins Alert
I laughed when I read Rita Ora’s comment that she saw Gwen Stefani on TV when she was young and said ‘I wanna be like her’. Why? Because Rita Ora is a 29/11 lifepath, as is Gwen! They even look similar. The numbers are always spookily accurate.  29/11 women are often quite striking – Kendall Jenner, Ruby Rose, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Watson are also this lifepath. That means they are all acutely psychic, sensitive and here to heal feminine energy on the planet. Sistas doing it for us all! Here’s more Famous 11 lifepath

As you can see, there’s never a dull day when you’re a psychic with fantastic clients.

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