*NEW* Detox Relationships – A Meditation to Clear the Drama and Karma from Your Love Life!

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My relationships healing meditation is available! Listen to a 2 minute sample and buy the track for instant download. You can also read more about my meditation triple pack

Oscar Wilde said, ‘who, being loved, is poor?’ Our greatest joy comes from our network, not our net worth. Be more present this Christmas by clearing your heart before you see your loved ones. Everyone wins when we bring the peace with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the track and how long is it?
The track is AUD30 as part of a three pack MP3 download. It’s just over 10 minutes long, which is the number for completion and perfection (The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot). I specialise in reading for people who see 11:11 and repeating numbers, which are the wake up codes for Starseeds, people with Master Number numerology (find your lifepath) and spiritual teachers. Many of us go through relationship changes, especially by Stage 3 of our 11:11 awakening.

What can I expect in the track?
A gentle voice backed by music, guiding you to send healing to your body, seal your energy field and detach from a past or current relationship using imagery and powerful affirmations. They call it spelling, because words are magic. This track includes sections which are spoken out loud, in order to activate your Spiritual energy. For this reason, the meditation is best used daily for a week to start with, so you can get used to the phrasing.

What are the benefits of this track?
This meditation will help you to relax, claim your space and clear the confusion and drama from your relationships, one by one. They say that, you can only love someone as much as you love yourself. I say, you can only love yourself as much as you love someone! Both are pathways to bliss. In the same vein, everything you want, lies on the other side of forgiveness. Until we embrace the lessons of a breakup or conflict, we stay in energetic limbo, stuck in the past.

This disconnect can affect every area of our life, as we have only one heart and fountain of hope. So it’s logical to reset ourselves to love, as often as possible. When we look with kind eyes at those who trigger us, we not only heal their personality traits in ourselves, we remember that we are Souls, here by choice. This meditation can help you to appreciate the deeper significance of your  partnerships, whether the person you talk to is still in your life or not, or is alive or in Spirit.

As humans, our first contract is between our body and Soul, one is the vehicle and the other the navigator. Only when this ‘inner marriage’ is balanced, can we commit to others, and feel energised no matter who crosses our path. I’ve used exercises like this meditation for years, which has given me a strong trust in my inner voice. This in turn, has allowed me to recover from significant trauma in order to marry my 11:11 Soulmate Kris, have two children after anorexia and heal my body.

Why are you releasing this track now?

2018, a 11/2 Universal Year, has been all about wake ups and breakups, as I wrote here. Most people I know are feeling a bit bruised from the intense lessons they’ve experienced, and are ready to digest their past in order to claim a brighter future.  In 2019, a 12/3 Universal Year of Inner Child Healing and Creativity, we will have many chances to create happy endings and pursue childhood dreams. See this post, It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood. I’ll also release my blog on 3 lifepaths soon.

This track will help you to make the most of 2019, by dissolving any leftover baggage before your life takes off. It enables you to ‘reparent’ yourself and find better solutions to your relationship dilemmas, which come from a place of maturity rather than fear-based compliance.

How do I know it will be effective?
I’ve been testing this meditation on myself and dozens of clients for months. It’s based on a process channelled from my Guides and Soul. When you hear the track, you will know that it comes from a pure place. As a professional psychic, who’s done an average of one reading a day for the past six years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to create custom meditations, so they can base their future decisions on their heart’s desires and life purpose.

As an ex-scientist, who used to work for Government and then United Nations, then for charities in data quality, I am an evidence-based person, who tests everything before accepting it. Within a few days of using this MP3, I not only had a breakthrough with my parents, I went and cut my hair the shortest it’s been in 23 years (!) Talk about a weight off my shoulders – see this post.

Most people report a result within a few days of using the track – you may feel lighter, happier and more able to connect with people, whether they are strangers or current loved ones. It can feel like you’ve been reset, or built a bridge over troubled waters.

Will this track help me if I see 11:11 and repeating numbers?
Yes – I have been researching the 11:11 on clocks phenomenon for years and read for hundreds, if not thousands of people who are 11:11 See’rs. Meditation is one of the best ways you can harness this portal for change and evolution. Many people who see 11:11 are ready to meet their Soul tribe, Soulmates, Twin Flames and heal past trauma (see my post on can opener relationships). This meditation will help you to fast-track these milestones, while supporting you to open your intuition.

How can I get the most out of the track?
Firstly, keep an open mind when you listen to it. It may be different to other meditations you have heard (unless you’ve worked with me as a client). Listen to a sample. Meditations are like music genres – there’s a huge difference between the tracks you can find online.

Some are focused on relaxation, while this MP3 goes way beyond that to establish a conversation with your body and Soul. It’s all very well to fly to a new country, but what’s the point if you just see the airport? I’m a big fan of going deep to get a powerful result.

Secondly, consider keeping a diary of who you forgive and what you say to them/ how they respond. Even writing a few lines a day can help you to see your progress and the power of asking for help from your Higher Self. The greatest gift you can give someone is the reminder that they get a second chance. This track will help you to see that everyone is an Angel in human form, even if their wings aren’t visible at the time.

Thirdly, meditation works best when you’re also exercising, eating and sleeping well. It takes more energy than most people think to access the higher realms (that’s why psychics are always hungry!) If you have trouble concentrating or sitting still, do some yoga or go for a walk outdoors before listening to this track. That will get your energy flowing and improve your chances of being able to concentrate and let go.

How often should I use it?
This track works better the more often you listen to it, especially when you’re first beginning. You can use the Express or Full track, or a combination of them – go with your intuition.

Here’s a suggested schedule for the first six weeks:
Week 1 – use the track daily, preferably as soon as you wake up (when you’re fresher)
Weeks 2 and 3 – use the track a few times a week
Weeks 4 to 6 – use the track weekly, or as needed

Why 6 weeks? Because it takes that long (at least), to form a new habit. By this stage, you’ll probably find yourself ‘automatically’ clearing your energy, putting people into bubbles and saying the affirmations to yourself during interactions.

Frequency is the key to success, when it comes to building trust in your inner voice. It’s a relationship that not only lasts a lifetime, it determines your happiness in every other area. Leaders know who they are, and that’s why they are so inspiring and attractive.

Who is the track suitable for?
All ages from 12+* and levels of meditators, from beginners to advanced. No experience needed. Just a desire to let go and connect to your purest guidance. *Younger listeners may wish to listen to this with a parent or friend around for support.

If you have never meditated before, please be patient with yourself – remember that it takes 6 weeks to build a habit. The rewards are absolutely worth it – you’ll create better boundaries, which will keep you in your power and allow you to soar with courage in life.

Do I have to sit up or lie down?
Both are okay. Some people find sitting is easier if they are new to meditation, as it helps them to stay present and not fall asleep. It’s best to meditate in the same spot each day, as this builds up energy and helps Spirit to connect to you faster.

What if I can’t see anything when I’m meditating?
Read my article on 6 Myths About Meditation – Why It’s Easier Than Your Thinking If you practice this visualisation (an audio link is in the post), this may help you to get started. If you can daydream, think of your last holiday, or remember your first kiss, then you can meditate – it’s just another way we use our imagination to help ourselves. If you still find nothing is happening, try drinking more watereating, having an early night’s sleep, or going for a walk first. It’s hard to tune in, when you’re dehydrated, hungry, tired or restless. Once you feel nourished, you’ll have more energy to meditate.

Please note: some people are better at seeing Spirit (clairvoyance e.g. pictures), while others tend to hear Spirit (clairaudience e.g. voices) or feel Spirit (clairsentience e.g. goosebumps and gut feelings). It depends on what you are willing to receive and how you learn,. Don’t compare yourself, just focus on what you do receive, the more relaxed you are the easier it is to experience the messages.

Will this meditation make me cry?
Some people cry during this track, especially if they see a former enemy, ex, parent etc. in a new light. Please know, this is normal and very healthy – tears are a sign that you are releasing old feelings and honouring them (instead of shutting them down). Feelings are healings! Yawning, sighing, stretching or creaking, are also normal releases of energy from your body.

Do I have to choose someone to forgive?
Not always – your subconscious mind will bring up the right person or people, based on where you have been stuck. Trust yourself.

What do I say to the person I’m forgiving?
It doesn’t matter – just be honest and say whatever comes to your lips, even if it doesn’t make sense. They call it spelling because words are magic. Let your heart speak, it knows what will bring peace, especially when the mind has gone blank. Remember, you can always work on the same relationship two or three days in a row if needed. There are always more layers to unfold, especially with people we’ve had many confrontations with.

What if the person doesn’t say anything back?
Just keep breathing and observe their face or gestures. Maybe their expression is their reply. Maybe they have nothing to say – maybe they are just here to listen to you. As mentioned, you can always work on a relationship over multiple sessions. It’s possible you’ll feel or see their reply, rather than hear it, depending on what you are comfortable with. Just know that you have been heard and that their Soul is in the room (whether they are passed or alive).

Will the person I talk to leave my life or change their actions after I practice this meditation?
That’s between them and their Soul. We can only model good behaviour, not override free will.  In the track, you ask the person to treat you with love or to move on. So it’s likely that if they are acting like an energy vampire (someone who appears to drain your energy/ confidence/ finances etc., they will feel the shift.

If they are here as one of your Soulmate or teachers, it’s possible they’ll respect you more now that you’ve got the lesson. If they’re simply avoiding their purpose and trying to engage you in drama, you may see them less often once you acknowledge what the relationship is costing you in life force. Your new boundaries will deter them.

Copyright Notes:
Audio and Words copyright Sarah Yip 2018
Recording, Mixing and Cover Design by Kris Anderson – my husband offers affordable recording and film editing in Brisbane.
Cover Image used under license from Shutterstock.com
Background music is The Essence of Peace by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Thank you for your understanding and support of my work. Every track you buy helps me to keep going with this blog!

Listen to a 2 minute sample and buy the track for instant download.

Feedback on the Detox Relationships track (from December 2018)

“More powerful than I expected! I found the visualisations easy to follow, and found it easy to sink into myself/experience sensations. Full body tingles for me, throughout. Followed through with my dad, felt peaceful afterwards. Even this morning, still peaceful.” T.

“I love your gentle voice and beautiful descriptions! It’s a gorgeous meditation and perfectly written and I think will be powerful in healing relationships that need to be healed…The imagery is just perfect throughout. You have a real gift in language. In particular the wording around free will and connecting with love and respect is very powerful. I know this meditation is going to be very useful for me.” Joan Cornish, Wellbeing Coach

“It couldn’t be any more timely. Have been coming to grips with absolutely releasing my ex. since yesterday. The speed being fast at first made me frustrated (but it was mostly coming from just facing things haha.) The remedy was to rewind and listen to it again. (Note from Sarah – I’ve extended the track to address this feedback.) It’s a powerful meditation. I’ll do it much much slower to allow to connect to Earth, the breath and visualizing the bubble and allow for the venting to take longer. The part that you ask us to check whether their bubble has reappeared is genius! The content is amazing…

(subsequent feedback)…I’ve been using the ‘bubble of love’ ever since and it feels like the ultimate form of protection. It just feels right. And to top it off, that meditation worked its magic almost immediately and all that is left is a kind, respectful, friendly and light, work (professional) relationship with my ex. I don’t feel pulled or pushed directly or indirectly by him. Or anyone else per se.” A. (Master 29/11 lifepath – find your lifepath)

“I found the bubble really easy to visualise with your guidance and it made me feel so secure and loved! My ex came to mind straight away as a person I needed to forgive and the meditation gave me some real insight into why I still had pent up resentment towards him. It helped me to start letting it go. I especially found blowing his bubble away as a useful way of doing this.

Your voice is as soothing as ever in it and the pace at which you speak is perfect. The slower you speak, the easier I find it to visualise and the more relaxed I become (despite the uncomfortable heat today). The background music is so lovely and peaceful too. I fell into a deep sleep by the end.” Julie (Master 33/6 lifepath)

“During the meditation I felt safe and grounded. Afterwards I felt light and positive (I had a coughing fit* as soon as I went back to my body! haha!)” Diane *See my post on healing a stiff neck/ blocked Throat Chakra

“During the meditation I felt very soothed. I felt like a gentle angel was speaking to me, giving me permission to be, and giving clear instructions to move through a very visual and powerful process…The visualisation and process was beautiful and for me, I could feel it moving a lot of the energy. After, I felt a sense of peace and calm. It helped me to feel comfortable, supported and ok. I could also think about the person without any charge.

A few hours later I was rehashing the story with a friend over the phone, and whilst the story seems to still have charge, it is in a completely different way. It’s not about the person or what they’ve done, it’s more about my ego and insecurities. It’s also about my habit of wanting justice and not letting go. So the meditation was able to help me see the bad habits I had formed from similar situations. Which now I have awareness, I can start changing it. The music, was serene, peaceful and did not detract from your voice. Your voice was soothing, soft and gentle. I loved it and would definitely use it again. It’s a great tool to have on hand. It came at a perfect time.” Carmen Low, Kinesiologist and Mindful Running Coach

“It was awesome. I really, really liked the music, it was perfect for the meditation. It was like the music itself was clearing and cleansing my body, it’s great!!

I felt during the meditation my body was becoming lighter and my mind and heart wasn’t as heavy, at the end I found myself as a place of peace and smiling, like a release of tension within the body and a sense of having ended things in a satisfying way. I keep going back to the music, it really was so right… It’s definitely a meditation I would use again as it was powerful in achieving its purpose.” Renee

I had a listen to the meditation….Love it!  Your voice is very easy to follow, gets straight to the point and leaves you feeling peaceful and free.  I also love the FAQ that you have put together to go with it, very thorough and informative. Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

“Your voice is always soothing. Listening to the track I felt safe, calm, relief and empowerment for what is next on my journey. I also felt certainty by reiterating that any communication with the other person is of a healthy nature or not at all. I also felt very grounded. I loved it.” Nicole Surma, Conveyancer and Conscious Parent

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