Free Will Versus Destiny – How To Spot A Dodgy Psychic!

Sarah Yip is a professional psychic in Brisbane, Australia. The purpose of her business is to transform society’s perception of psychics and their own intuition, from scepticism to trust. Her gift lies in rekindling the vision your Soul planted in your heart at birth. Here’s my take on why you should take all external advice, including psychic readings, with a grain of salt. I’ve also covered how to spot a fake or dodgy psychic.

Psychics are people, too. They read for you through the lens of their life experiences. Having psychic ability is not the same as being spiritually mature. See my article on karmic debt. It’s all very well to ‘know’ someone is about to have a breakup, but it takes training and compassion to present this information in a helpful way. There’s a great saying that “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” (attributed to John Maxwell). This is especially true in the new age field. Advice is cheap, but wisdom is priceless.

When you’re looking for a psychic reader, always check their website and read their biography or blog. Do they promote love or fear? Are they experienced in counselling, healing or teaching? Psychics who promote love encourage you to make decisions and be confident in your intuition. They often run courses, make videos, or write articles to inspire you to learn new techniques. Plus they live their talk – many contribute to the community and are open about the challenges they have overcome.

They don’t care if you believe them or not, because they do this work for the service not the acclaim. I’m still grateful to the first person who told me I would be a spiritual teacher, Manfred at Parap Markets in Darwin. At the time I worked in Government and didn’t believe in psychics. When he said I would be a psychic, I rolled my eyes and said ‘how long have you been doing this?’ He said ‘over 20 years’. I then made a face implying he was an idiot. After his prediction came true, I went back and apologised. Luckily he didn’t mind at all.

My first meditation teacher, psychic Teresa Lewis, used to laugh at me because I was so cynical about Spirit Guides. I basically picked up psychic studies to prove that it was rubbish, but ended up becoming a believer! Now, when I listen to the recordings of her readings, I’m humbled by her grace. She never ‘pushed’ her ideas, she let me come to my own conclusions.

Readers who sell fear will string you along with scary predictions, and hook you into conspiracy theories. They will tell you that your aura is broken or that you have terrible karma, and that only they can fix you. Puh-lease. I’m reminded of a palmist I met in San Franciso who told me my mother was cursed and only she could lift the spell – for a cool USD 10 000. When I asked her why it cost so much, she said ‘well I need to get some materials’. Luckily, my own abilities came to the rescue and I ended up reading her hands, which showed me she was a nice girl but also a fibber.

Another psychic told me they would never read for me again because I cleared energies from clients, and could have picked up entities. Yikes! I can’t imagine the effect these readings would have on someone who was less resilient than me. No wonder people are scared of getting a reading. I’m not angry about these experiences (although I was at the time). It’s great that there are phony psychics in the world, because it teaches people to trust their vibes when choosing a reader. It also gives real psychics such a chance to stand out.

What if a psychic says they can’t read me?
This could be true. An honest psychic will tell you if they can’t connect to you. It’s probably due to a boundary issue. For example if people tried to read your intentions as a child, you may have created a shield energetically. Once you relax or become aware of this, the psychic may be able to tune in. A lack of accuracy can also be a sign that you’re testing the psychic and not open to learning. Other possibilities are that the psychic may not be skilled enough to read for you, or that it’s not time for you to have a reading. Or you could be very tired, dehydrated or hungover.

I have an excellent success rate with ‘difficult clients’ who can’t be read by others. It’s probably because I’m so sceptical that I’m ok with lots of questions. I’m also very open about what I do, which helps people to trust me. I find that many people, who can’t be read in a group, are fine to read in private. They just need that safety and one on one attention.

So, what is the difference between Free Will and Destiny?
 Free will is the idea that nothing is set in life, and you make it up as you go along. Every moment is 100% choice. Destiny, taken to the extreme, is the concept that your life is predetermined, and you’re just ‘connecting the dots’, so to speak. I believe that the truth is a mixture of the two approaches. Having read for thousands of people in the past few years, and made copious notes (well, I am a scientist after all), here’s what I know I can do as a psychic reader:

*Metaphorically speaking, I can describe the racetrack you’ve chosen (find your lifepath), including the accident zones and easy stretches. You still need to drive safely to finish the race.
*I can give you the outline of your spiritual job description, and show you how to get promoted faster.
*I can give you the map of your life’s journey, including the peaks, valleys and tips for success. This information is based on feedback from other people with your lifepath. Like any GPS, it’s up to you whether you follow the recommended directions.
*When you’re in a crisis, I’ll tell you which mountain (life lesson) you’re conquering and how long it takes to climb. Don’t worry, you’re never alone…I’ll also show you how to bring in spiritual helpers (or sherpas!) through easy meditations and prayer.
*I can show you the schedule for your trip to Earth, including the stopovers and destinations. You can always alter this itinerary.*I can forecast your annual, monthly and even daily weather. You choose whether to hide from, or make the most of the climate. I can’t make you wear gumboots or a hat. It’s up to you to improve your luck with positive actions. As they say, ‘some people dance in the rain, others just get wet.’

The information I provide is ‘downloaded’ from your Soul, and doesn’t come from me. That’s why it’s so accurate. I attract a lot of VIPs in the new age industry, which I am extremely grateful for. Here’s some testimonials from my previous clients.

Here’s what I can’t, or won’t do as a psychic reader
*I do not predict death. I have a contract with my Guides to live a happy, full life and for me, sharing your life expectancy isn’t my cup of tea. There are psychics who do this, I’m just not one of them.
*Give you numbers for winning the lotto. I’ve read for many millionaires, including lotto winners and I can tell you, if you’re not ready for wealth, it will return to someone who welcomes it. Some readers predict gambling results, I simply choose not to.
*Guarantee when Mr/ Mrs Right will walk into your life. I can describe your life partner/s and give you windows (months and years) when they may connect with you. Even so, you have free will whether to fulfil your soul contract with them at the time.There is no rush. If you’re meant to be together, Heaven and Earth will ensure that it happens! How to write a romantic wishlist
*Free readings for people who don’t respect me. I often help people out with questions on my facebook page. However I charge for sessions because I value my time. Every hour reading is time I’m not with my friends, family, or amazing partner Kris. You’ll find that most successful psychics have a similar mindset. As I often say, ‘no one buys a cheap Ferrari’.

Not to mention, I spend ages preparing your reading by hand and researching your numerology, before you even arrive. I literally go through a pack of biros a week! Money equals help, advice and energy. People who accept money attract the support they need to keep growing.  That’s why there needs to be an exchange. Otherwise I leave you in ‘karmic debt’ and that’s the opposite of my purpose. I hope this blog leaves you excited about finding a genuine psychic and taking charge of your life.

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years. For a one-off session, please see Kris Anderson, my psychic husband. We also read together for a 360 degree perspective you’ll love.

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