Happy New Year – a 2019 Numerology Preview! We’re All Going Up

Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Three’s the charm for all of us

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019! We’re all going up, growing up, filling our cups…2019 is a Universal 12/3 Year of inner child healing and creative breakthroughs. It’s healing our solar plexus (3rd) chakra which is about inner fire, internal sunshine, hope, determination and a healthy ego/ confidence. 

My 2019 Forecast webinar is now up! Watch this 2.5 hr class for many insights and tips.

Time to re-wild, shout your dreams from the roof and bust through fear to your free spirit again. Kids don’t care about stuff, they know a hug’s enough. In this year of rapid change, expect multiple choices, the odd love triangle and chances to close your past off.

Choose peace over gossip and your path over cheap thrills. You’ll be fast-tracked for honour but blasted for lies. All you began since 2017 can birth now. Open to the sunny days. True friends and love will stay in 2019, while fakers and takers will fade away.

Earth is on a path she’s never been on before, and you’re making history. Everyone here has been hand-picked to transform the pain into presence. There are no accidental heroes, only secret Angels.

Come out, laugh merrily and fly towards the sun. Our new World has begun. I wish you a total turnaround as we deepen the 11:11 Age of Aquarius. With love, from sarahyip.com

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P.S. I have a few places left in my 2019 Numerology Forecast webinar! It’s going to be wild!
***Update 8/1/2019 – You can buy the replay and full notes for $30, don’t miss this super informative class

P.P.S 2019 will be particularly busy and exciting for lifepath 3’s, 33’s, artists, actors, writers, musicians, communicators, comedians, entrepreneurs, speakers, teachers, coaches, healers, family therapists/ counsellors, fitness professionals, anyone in the food industry (especially cooks/ chefs), travel/ tour guides, charities, the new children (born 2000-), and many more. People are ready to listen up and enact positive change. Will write more soon after I’ve run the webinar.

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Your 2018 Numerology Forecast – We Have Come to Build a Bridge, So Come Let’s Build – here’s an excerpt:

What comes after 2018?
2019 is a Universal 3 Year of Creativity and Communication. A time to expand, scale up, and say what you mean until people actually listen. The next decade delivers huge openings for awakening people to bring their beliefs into the open. We will see waves of healers and 11:11 See’rs, who take a stand against misinformation. ‘As we raise our vibration, we will be tested’, so it’s vital to strengthen ourselves for the journey. It’s going to be huge.

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

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