Past Life Regression and Healing Your Root Chakra – Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier?

You can’t be a genuine psychic, without asking questions about life, death and why we are here.

I’ve always been fascinated by past life regression, but only became a ‘believer’ after reading books by Michael NewtonDenise Linn, Brian Weiss, Karen Joy (Sunshine Coast) attending Toni Reilly’s SoulLife Regression course in Brisbane.

Now, I’m keenly aware of the benefits of regression – it’s helped me to navigate my 9 Personal Year of Conclusions far more gracefully than usual (find your Personal Year). These days, when I hit a spiritual roadblock, I self-hypnotise or see a trusted colleague.

Regressions can’t replace the need for regular meditation, self-care and healing, but they do bring subconscious blocks to light, quickly and powerfully. They are most helpful just before a New Moon, as this is a natural time to rest and to let go of pain/weight/ stress.

How did I know it was time for a past life regression?

Well, here were my symptoms:
-Hard to get out of bed, no amount of sleep was enough.
-Grumpy – waking with a frown after nightmares all night.
-Lost appetite for life and food – craving junk, feeling isolated.
-Icy cold feet, even with socks on and sitting in the sunshine.
-Kept looking at my feet, especially when walking in the dirt/ mud.
-Fuzzy sense of time and space – bumping into things, being late.
-Sense of doom and worry, which is unlike me.
-Kept focusing on my lack of fitness/ feeling not good enough.
-Attracting clients/ people who asked me about suicide, death or were grieving major losses. Also people who didn’t keep promises.
-Seeing 11:12, 11:13 etc. which suggested I was holding myself back or being ‘slow to react’. I normally see 11:11 which means I’m in Divine Time (read more on 11:11 and sequences).
-I know I often need regressions just before doing things I find scary (yesterday I went back to singing lessons after 9 years). As someone who reads signs for a living, I knew I needed help! So I did a deep relaxation, then invited my Soul and Spirit Guides to show me where I needed healing.

Here’s what happened.
-I straightaway felt stuck in mud
– I looked down and I was a solder, deep in a trench. I was disgusted at my damp, filthy feet. The sense of being trapped was overwhelming. (Note – regressions can explain lifelong habits and phobias – I’ve always washed my feet before bed, especially when camping. I also can’t stand smelly feet – it’s why I quit yoga after my first class at 19).
-I knew I was a young man (around 19. In my current lifetime, I not only had the yoga incident at 19, I was very rebellious. We often relive unresolved past life trauma at the same age each lifetime). In the regression, I knew I was blonde, fair-skinned and blue-eyed (weirdly, I’ve been staring at dogs with blue eyes recently – also in my current lifetime, I dated a man with Nazi heritage and this exact appearance when I was 19.)
-In my regression, I felt I was German, as the word Dusseldorf kept appearing in my head. I knew I didn’t want to fight, but had joined up out of peer pressure. I had the feeling I’d rather be at home, gardening or with my family (I still love plants today).
-I knew I gave up too early – I could feel my negativity and know I saw death as an escape in that lifetime. Once I passed over, my Soul told me I had not mastered my intended life purpose, which was to learn to focus on the good.

In this lifetime, I have a Karmic 13/4 Destiny number, which suggests I came back to conquer a lack of discipline in my career (read more on Karmic Debt 13, 14, 16 and 19 numerology). Giving up, in the form of suicide or self-neglect is an option we have as Souls. It creates a lot of homework, but the truth is that many of us have experimented with it in at least one incarnation.

-I then had a life between lives (Heaven) and future life preview, where I saw myself happy with Kris and our new baby (I’m 21 weeks’ pregnant). Spirit showed me that I have to make a great leap of faith in 2016,  in order to succeed as a parent, i.e. that it’s time to leave behind my anxieties over money/ food/ survival.

-I feel that this regression profoundly healed my Root (1st) Chakra. We all have chakras, or energy centres in our bodies and auras. Your Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It includes your legs, feet and lower back. Someone with a healthy Root Chakra stands up for themselves, keeps both feet on the ground (is realistic), and chases success, rather than waiting for it (read more on Lifepath 1 numerology – they are natural soldiers and athletes – as a Master 11 Lifepath I also have an active Root Chakra). They feel safe in their bodies.

When your Root Chakra is strong, you love life and finish what you start. You also know when to move on. Since I fell pregnant, and decided to finish a book, I’ve developed lower back issues (which are about not feeling supported, or not supporting myself i.e. creative blocks). My Root Chakra’s been really sensitive.

The Root Chakra (and to some degree, the Sacral Chakra – our emotional memories) is reflected by your Life Line in palmistry (read more). Did you know? Your Life Line does not predict the length of your life, but it does suggest the quality of your life – whether you have an energetic old age or a quiet one. 

The Root Chakra is also called the Base Chakra (associated with the colour red) because it’s about meeting our basic needs for survival. Health is wealth. Someone with a weaker Life Line or imbalanced Root Chakra may experience adrenal fatigue and poor circulation (physical, social and financial – see this post on money).

Cold or painful feet are common, and they often live in ‘fight or flight mode’. They may fear the future, which can lead to tendencies to hoard or to give away belongings, eating disorders and addictions like alcoholism.

If the base of your Life Line (near your wrist) is missing or complicated, completing projects or ‘letting go’ might be a metaphysical and physical issue. The good news, is you can always heal – you just need to take different actions to improve your results. Lines can change.

Interestingly, it’s common for healers and psychics like myself to have a broken or split Life Line. It can be a sign you will be closer to people outside your family i.e. your spiritual tribe (see 11:11). I often see unusual Life Lines (even double or triple ones) on people with Master 11/ 22/ 33 numerology in particular. Find your lifepath.

How can you heal your Root Chakra? Through past life regressions, deep breathing, time in nature, walking, exercise, Kundalini yoga, chakra healing, Reiki, Holistic counselling (e.g. Family Constellations), regular meals (which include protein and root vegetables), taking care of your body and making peace with your parents and ancestors. Also, by finding a safe place to live (free from violence or chaos) and by keeping money aside for a rainy day. Red, black or grounding crystals are also helpful.

Past life regression heals your Root Chakra, because it reminds you that you are a Soul and can never truly die. It helps you overcome the fear of death, which is really the fear of life and success.

Today when I woke up, I felt amazing. I jumped out of bed at 6am, grateful to have a chance to start again. My cold feet are gone, as is my sense of gloom. This is why I love past life regression, and energy healing – they can be so enlightening.

A disclaimer – not every past life regression brings immediate relief (although most do). Also, it’s best to do trance or hypnotic healing after you’ve trained with a teacher. Don’t do it if you’ve very tired, or have recently taken alcohol or drugs.

Some people confuse past life energies with ‘earthbound’ Spirits attaching to them – in cases like this, it may be helpful to consult a psychic or do further education. They are very different scenarios. I have been ‘stuck’ outside my body while astral travelling, and it’s not pleasant. If an emergency out-of-body experience (OBE) ever happens to you, the trick is to breathe* and to command yourself to return.

The last time this happened, I called silently for help and heard my Spirit Guides say ‘OK Sarah, here we go…one-two-three!’ and then they heaved me back into my body. *Thanks to my friend Patti Barton for the tip.

Also, I do regressions on top of my regular treatments, which include, Australian Bush Flower Essences – I have been taking a specific past life clearing essence, meditation, journalling, and counselling (Alison Lee from Heartwork). When you are ‘spiritually fit’, it is much easier to ‘shake off’ the psychic flu, so to speak. I may never completely know if I was a German soldier – perhaps my Soul simply used this story as a metaphor to help me. Either way, I don’t mind – the result is the same – I feel brave again.

Interestingly, I’ve had a regression where I died in a gas chamber (my eyes bulged and teared up in front of the therapist). Perhaps we can have more than one body each incarnation, or we can all access memories from the collective consciousness? Who knows…

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