My Psychic Baby News + 6 Holistic Fertility and Pregnancy Tips

ForrestBumpFathersDayHappy New Moon. I have some exciting news! I’m four months’ pregnant to my soulmate Kris, who I’ve written about many times on this blog (here’s the video of our first meeting – see 3 mins 41 secs) Read more about attracting a fantastic partner.


A picture of our son-to-be is on the right. I posted it on Father’s Day, hence the caption. He’s an active little monkey, like his parents (we are both Aquarians and monkeys in Chinese Astrology). ‘The bump’ could be an Aquarian monkey too, as he’s due in February 2016. It will be quite a circus!

I already consider him a miracle, because, as some of you know, I’m still in recovery from anorexia/ orthorexia (read more). Until March 2015 I was in group therapy at Isis – The Eating Issues Centrein Brisbane, and I still see my wonderful counsellor Alison Lee at Heartwork (a fellow 29/11 lifepath) for regular sessions.

According to spiritual teacher Deborah King, only ten percent of people with eating disorders seek treatment (read more). I hid mine for decades, until I was nearly hospitalised in 2012, and the doctor told me I was risking permanent infertility.

I’ve wanted to be a mother my whole life (since I was six years old), so this was a painful wake up call (no surprise, I was seeing 11:11 on clocks constantly that year). Looking back, I wish I’d gotten help earlier, but I just wasn’t ready to evict the baggage until now. Two young relatives of mine also have anorexia, but fortunately they are already in care.

As a palmreader, I’ve known for years that I have children’s lines, which make sense, as I have often felt two Souls around me. I believe that babies choose their parents, however they have free will to change their decisions, especially before birth.

For a detailed account of where babies come from, please read this article by Monte, an psychic reader. He really knows his stuff!

Few people know that the reason I left my career in 2011 to become a psychic was to follow my dream of being an amazing parent, instead of a workaholic. I knew that I needed a change, and palmistry and numerology were the keys to freedom.

I’ll never forget the night when I ‘saw’ my future baby boy jumping up on my bed, asking me to ‘please hurry up’. This vision convinced me that it was time to radically improve my health.

Since announcing my pregnancy on my facebook page The Numbers Queen people have been asking me for fertility advice. This article lists the lifestyle changes that helped me to conceive. It’s not medical advice, simply a record of my path to healing. We’re all on different journeys, after all (find your lifepath here).

HolisticFertilityTipsSarah’s 6 Holistic Fertility and Pregnancy Tips

1) Cultivate Happiness. After all, you attract what you are. Babies are bliss incarnate, and they adore positive people. No one likes a pity party, but everyone loves a festival! Your love of life impacts your love life. Passion is contagious. Finding a career and partner you love sends a message to incoming Souls that you will do whatever it takes to create a good life for them too. The way you parent yourself is the way you raise a child. Spirit sees everything.

It’s taken years to get my business up and running but I always knew it would give me the security and self-trust I needed to raise a family. I also dated a lot of ‘frogs’ before finding my Prince Charming, but I knew that he’d turn up eventually.

Coming from a serious childhood, I’ve spent thousands of hours since 2007 journalling, meditating and studying my way to happiness. I’ve never felt more on purpose, and am so grateful to be pregnant. Read more on the courses I’ve done.

2) Boost Your Energy. Basic physical health is essential to falling pregnant and growing a bouncing baby. I’m not a huge fan of exercise, but when we decided to start trying for a baby, I returned to Kundalini Yoga (which is great for your Root Chakra, libido and spine), bellydancing, walks, pilates and swimming at the beach.

I also increased my sessions with Steve Katz and Karina Katz at theInfinite Potential Centre and had acupuncture, crystal healing with Deniz Akan and Helen Brackenrig and Thai massages.

I took prenatal vitamins, bought a cold-press juicer off the internet (for $60 – thanks Spirit!) and increased my intake of fresh juices and smoothies. I made an effort to drink fresh water, eat soups (e.g bone broths), organic food and eggs (they represent fertility after all). Due to renovations at home, I rented another room on the Gold Coast so I could relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Interestingly, the extra rent money returned almost straightaway, through an increase in my bookings and creativity (read more money tips). It’s like the Universe wanted me to get better.

3) Ask For What You Want. My background is in fundraising (telemarketing), so I am used to handling objections. The first time I told Kris I wanted a baby, he ran to the toilet and vomited. I sighed and thought to myself ‘oh dear, this is going to take some time.’ He ended up being sick for days.

It took a year for us to agree on going to the next level. What a test. I had to surrender my need for control, while also standing by my values. On the upside, this gave me time to clear my hangups. I knew that Kris was reflecting my fears back at me, so I asked my healers and friends for lots of help.

Being a psychic reader is a gift during difficult times, because you’re always learning from your clients and Spirit Guides. You also have a reason to stay clear and objective, no matter what is going on at home. It keeps you honest and open to feedback.

Not only did I ask outwardly for a child, I also prayed to my Spirit Guides and my babies-to-be. I wrote a vivid story about the children I wanted to raise. I also made a vision board of mums and babies, with the title ‘our perfect boy – worth the wait’ clipped from a magazine.

ForrestBumpOnYourWayPrayerI am a huge fan of visualisation – it’s always worked for me. I’m so used to people thinking that I’m crazy, that a little scrapbooking seems easy, rather than cheesy.

Here’s the thank you I illustrated for my baby after I received a positive pregnancy test. It’s based on African Prayer, which goes ‘on your way, on your way child, be on your way to me – you whom I have made new.’ Read about manifesting miracles and my favourite visualisation tracks.

4) Make Love, Not War. Making babies takes patience and compassion, especially if you’ve had trauma to your Root and Sacral Chakras (such as abuse or painful breakups). This may be more likely if you have features like the Girdle of Venus or a low-set Mercury Finger in palmistry. Falling pregnant is a team effort (unless you’re doing solo IVF), so it can trigger power struggles and strong emotions.

I wince when I hear someone tell an infertile couple to ‘have more s*x’. It’s callous. You can’t get pregnant if your subconscious isn’t ready yet – in cases like this, people need counselling or energy healing, not jokes and judgement.

My advice is to trust in love – if you are with the right partner, they will want to evolve with you. The process of trying to get pregnant will bring you closer, which is perfect for what’s ahead.

If for some reason, you find out along the way that you are not compatible, that’s also good, at the big picture scale. In some ways, you now have permission to move on.

Remember, everything you learn in this body stays with you for future lifetimes. The most important relationship you have is with your (Higher) self, not someone else. Whatever the outcome of your pregnancy journey, be gentle – maybe you’re healing your inner child this lifetime (read more).

5) Be Childlike. On the topic of inner children, I’ve noticed that playful people are more likely to have and/ or work with children. Who knows which came first, their attitude, or the kids? Confident, proactive people attract followers – they’re open to having ‘mini-me’s’ running around because they feel worthy of the attention.

To activate your ‘spiritual fertility’, you need to take more chances in life. Fresh ideas bring fresh energy and vice versa (hence my love of eating homegrown spouts!) I fell pregnant the week I started my first Apprentice Psychic Program. I was so excited about teaching intensive numerology, I forgot to monitor my cycle and voila, baby arrived. So much for the scientific approach.

In the run-up to falling pregnant, I also took Epsom salts baths, started painting again and singing in the car (if you’re in Brisbane, come and join my chanting group). So I encourage you to pursue or rekindle a hobby, especially a childhood dream, if you wish to attract a baby. After all, a baby is simply a Soul who dreams of being born, and learning more about Earth. Dreamers love company.

6) Let Go and Let Yourself Grow. Think about pregnancy as a massive invitation for healing – as a gift back to your Soul. For me, this was the hardest step to follow. Until this year, I’ve always been scared of putting on weight and losing my partner. That made having a baby impossible. No wonder I used to choose boyfriends who didn’t want children.

I had to overcome so many fears to fall pregnant. The fear of change, fear of judgement, fear of failure. They manifested as rashes, night terrors, anxiety, all kinds of interesting physical signs.

Even after conceiving, I had strange dreams where I forgave my exes and relived my final school exams. In real life, I had to confront family members who disagreed with my decision to have a baby, which exacerbated my eczema (read more), and I’m still having past life regressions to clear my energetic clutter.

UnicornFamilyIn my latest regression, with the wonderful Julia Chai (Mindsease), my son-to-be told me to keep improving my diet and to ‘get a life’ (in Australia, that means to have more fun.) Cheeky bugger. He’ll be a great addition to our magical family (see photo – Kris and I love unicorns!)

Julia helped me to perform a soul retrieval by revisiting a Japanese battlefield where I died as an angry young man. Since then, my eczema has eased considerably. It’s interesting how the flush of pregnancy hormones can accelerate healing from lifelong issues.

No wonder I put off babies – I needed to prepare myself for all the evolution they would bring. Hence my new hobby of Stand Up Comedy (see the article/ video). I have no doubt that my child will be smarter and more telepathic than me (his father is quite a wizard – hence the picture of unicorns). My thoughts are, if you can’t beat them, joke about them – or at least keep blogging.

These are are my holistic tips for falling pregnant. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and wish you every blessing. You are beautiful!

P.S. A final tip is to check your Personal Year Numerology – Kris and I timed our baby to be born in both our Personal 1 Years of New Beginnings. There’s no perfect time to fall pregnant, but there are easier cycles.

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