Past Lives Exist! A Warrior’s Flashback

Miracle alert! At Kirtan camp with Chakradhyan from Melbourne, I had a past life flashback while chanting to the amazing Parmita (another student). It was an intense exercise where you look into each other’s eyes and sing a Shiva mantra. Parmita mentioned she sometimes had anxiety. While chanting, I watched as an arrow or spear flew into Parmita’s back and killed her. She never saw it coming and died feeling betrayed, because no one had protected her back. It felt like I had been in the same battle.

Interestingly, we are a similar height and build…both very tall (six foot) and athletic. I joked that we looked like Amazons. After I told Parmita of my vision, she said that she had often drawn skeletons with spears in them in art therapy and had birthmarks on her back.

Did you know that we carry birthmarks where we were wounded in past lives, to remind ourselves to resolve the trauma?

I was even more astonished when Parmita turned around and showed me a tattoo, that looked like a bullseye on her back, just where I had ‘seen’ the arrow go in. This tattoo had been concealed by her top so there was no way I could have known about it.Yep, past lives exist folks. As your Third Eye opens, it becomes more and more obvious that we are immortal . Thanks Parmita for sharing your story with me!!

I have been studying past lives recently through Denise Linn’s excellent book Past Lives, Present Dreams.After trying one of the exercises, I recalled an incarnation in Holland a couple of centuries ago, and cleared the trauma of that existence. Imagine my surprise when, a few minutes later, I received an email from a client in The Netherlands (Holland’s correct name) requesting a reading! This was the first time anyone from that country had asked for a session. According to Denise’s books, this type of synchronicity is extremely common. I am definitely a believer in past lives after the experiences described above.

I’ve also had success healing past lives through hypnosis and using CD’s from Brian Weiss. Plus I’ve studied with Toni Reilly and offer past life regressions (as of 2015 onwards).

If you keep seeing 11 or 11:11 on clocks, one of the meanings can be that you are ready to release past life trauma. 11 represents duality becoming oneness. Imagine the 11 as a tree trunk that turns into a beautiful forest canopy higher up. 11 suggests that we don’t have past lives, we actually have parallel lives – you can go into your previous incarnations at will using astral travel and meditation. I encourage you to do this with support as it can take some practice to ‘return’ to your body safely. Dawn Hill writes excellent books on this topic.

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