Secrets of a Psychic: I write in 10 diaries a day to stay clear

Secrets of a psychic: I write in 10 diaries a day to stay clear. Yes, 10! More, if you include the reviews after every session.

Hint: I’m opening 2021 readings soon (Patreon members receive early access). In the lead up, I’m sharing what makes my approach so unique, fun and accurate.

To ensure I keep my thoughts separate from my clients’ messages, I am strict about tracking energy. I’ve kept diaries since I was 6, but expanded the number as I took on more responsibilities.

Here’s what I diarise:
-3 x diaries, one for each of my sons
-personal diary of 11:11 and repeated number sightings plus what went well / not so well each day
dream / meditation journal for advice received while asleep or from Guides
-income and spending
self-care activities and food (I prefer organic, local and home-grown)
-work and home to do list (capped at 5-6 things a day max) including things to buy
-Journal for processing and working on my life goals. I love brain- dumping on paper as it helps me to conquer insomnia.

Fun fact: Writing in these diaries only takes me 5-10min a day, but saves me hours of stress and confusion.

I have a very compartmentalised brain so each chamber needs emptying often. I know this sounds unusual but it’s also why I’m such a clear channel and can identify the core blocks with you in seconds.

To those who think these practices are overkill, I would say ‘what price truth?’ The words shared in a reading can affect someone for a lifetime. So it pays to to see a genuine psychic.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into life as a professional numerologist, Holistic counsellor and mama. It’s a lifelong commitment being a Spiritual messenger.

Lots of effort, but even more reward, especially when you see people release fears and doubts they’ve had for years!


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