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Want to learn to meditate, without sitting still for hours?
Need a cure for stress? Life’s too serious? Want your mojo back?
Then it’s time to try Kundalini Yoga.
The first time I tried yoga at a gym I nearly passed out after holding someone’s stinky feet. It took me a few years before I went back. Thank goodness I did. Going to yoga regularly has helped me to recover from many ailments, including neck* pain and a frozen shoulder. For that reason I will always be a yoga fan. The reduced anxiety and extra psychic powers are just a bonus.
(*Neck problems result from ‘con-neck-tion’ issues between the head and heart. They indicate that logic is suppressing emotion. Stretching is a great way to bring things back into balance.) More on healing a stiff neck
So, what’s the difference between Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga?

To me they are like types of icecream. Both are delicious, but in different ways.

In my experience, Kundalini Yoga is:
-More spiritual and modern. It was introduced to the US by Yogi Bhajan around 1968. My favourite quote of his is “When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.” Kundalini Yoga focuses on your chakras and builds more manifestation energy than Hatha Yoga. Many forward-thinking celebrities practice this style of yoga, including Miranda Kerr, Rachel McAdams, Russell Brand and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
-More fun. The moves involve swinging from side-to-side, rolling, squeezing your pelvic floor, making faces (to release tension), and vocalising or chanting.
-More challenging. Every class has a theme (e.g. adrenal healing, letting go of anger or attracting abundance), so you don’t get bored.
-Great for your love life. It directly energises your Root Chakra (the base of your spine) and Sacral Chakra (reproductive organs) through breathwork, bouncing and rocking. If you want better bloodflow to your reproductive organs, hips, legs and feet then Kundalini practice could be the answer.

-Fantastic for digestion. The deep breathing and circular movements keep your intestines in good shape.

-Like a natural facelift. I’m not making this up. The sheer pleasure of a  Kundalini Yoga class leaves you glowing. Test it for yourself.

-Heaven for your ears. The music is gorgeous! If you’ve never heard Snetam Kaur, you must watch this video. Kundalini Yoga teachers also use sacred songs by Mirabai CeibaDeva Premal and other angel-voiced musicians.

What  if I’m a beginner yogi? If you haven’t done yoga before, or are quite stiff, Kundalini Yoga may be uncomfortable until you build up flexibility. Be patient with yourself and be prepared to look silly at times. It’s best to try it for at least six weeks before you judge its effects. I’d also recommend joining a basics class to begin with, as moves such as ‘Breath of Fire’ take time to master.

How can you get started? My favourite Kundalini Yoga class is in West End, Brisbane. Click here for Carolina’s website. That’s her beautiful smile in the photo. She also has a facebook page at Kundalini Yoga Brisbane.
In Northern NSW, Spirit Rising are gorgeous (they’re also now in Brisbane). If you live elsewhere in Australia or the world, just Google ‘Kundalini Yoga’ in your local area. Happy Unwinding!
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With best wishes,
Sarah Yip
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