Lifepath 3 Numerology – Ideal Career, Relationship & Health Tips (Part 2 of 4)

ducklings in a row

Are you a 3 lifepath in numerology? Then you’re here to experience personal power! Notice how ‘3’ looks like an open mouth or a kiss? That’s because it’s about expressing new ideas, using words for healing and bringing positive change to the world. 3 also looks like a bird flying sideways, just for a fun challenge! Find your lifepath

Here are my tips for shining your light, based on over 3,000+ psychic readings I’ve delivered since 2011. In my numerology workshops, I teach, ‘Seeking company (or want to party)? Find a 3′, because 3’s are renowned for their helpful natures and joyful hearts.

Hint: This is Part 2 of 4. Don’t forget to check out Lifepath 3 Numerology – Pros and Cons of Being a Spiritual Artist & Communicator (Part 1 of 4), Famous 3 Lifepaths (Part 3 of 4) and Raising a Happy Lifepath 3 Child (Part 4 – coming soon).

Ideal Careers for 3 lifepaths
I roll my eyes when I see sites saying that all 3’s need to have bubbly people jobs or are careless with money. That’s so untrue, especially when you review the famous 3 lifepaths (blog coming). Talk about spreading superstition. That’s the opposite of what a healthy 3 is about (making sound decisions based on logic and feeling).

I tend to find that 3 lifepaths are much smarter and deeper than people realise. Think of someone like Amal Clooney (a 30/3 lifepath) or Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame (a 39/12/3 lifepath). Many doctors, professors, singers, writers, teachers and speakers are lifepath 3’s, who make a living from translating difficult concepts into plain English. Once you know what you’re talking about, people will flock to hear your unique take on things.

Give yourself the chance to try a few careers or specialties, especially before your lifepath turning point age (e.g. 21 if you are 21/3, 30 if you are a 30/3 or 39 if you are a 39/12/3 lifepath). You are a magnificent, capable Soul. Being a 3 lifepath for one incarnation is a vehicle for you to heal your solar plexus chakra (your centre for making decisions and thriving with change – see Part 1).

ducklings in a row
3’s love to plan ahead and have their ducks in a row – the word duck even has 3 numerology!

Based on experience, I encourage 3 lifepaths to aim for roles that:
-have deadlines, so you have to finish things and keep growing through feedback
-surround you with ethical and clever people, who love your mind, not just your looks
-give you plenty of responsibility, so that you learn to plan but also make decisions on the spot. 3’s are great at spotting opportunities and acting quickly on tip-offs. I say this with irony, as my lifepath 3 son Charlie was conceived straight after I weaned our first son – he’s still the world’s cutest tailgator even to this day!
-encourage you to speak up and conduct presentations/ classes – public pressure is good as you tend to be competitive
-require research and offer continued education and mentorship. You need peer support.
-offer long-term challenges, which improve society (especially the rights of others, e.g. kids, animals, the disadvantaged)
-allow you to meet people, ask questions and be a hub for information – you tend to question authority because you’re here to be
-pay well and offer flexible hours, variety and travel opportunities, so you can have a little luxury/ playtime!

Be wary of jobs that are overly superficial, materialistic, too mechanised or routine (to the point you become a zombie). Also, run fast from anything involving outright lying, one way communication or scaring people into submission rather than empowering them to find their own solutions. These kinds of positions will take you spiritually backwards rather than forwards. FYI, in psychic readings, I consider many aspects of your numerology, palmistry and energy before making suggestions around work.

Finances for 3 lifepaths
We tend to spend money the way we spend our energy. You’ll do best when you focus on becoming an expert voice/ knowledge generator, rather than when you scatter yourself (e.g. starting projects but not finishing).  Be mindful of how you talk about your wealth, as it’s a living energy and relationship. Here’s an extract from my post on chakra tips for cashflow:

3) Solar Plexus Chakra Healing (Power) – Be careful how you speak about money. It’s listening! Money is a relationship – honour its place in your life. Just imagine, if money was a relative who always brought you cake, do you think they’d keep visiting if you insulted their cooking? Of course not. When you hear yourself saying ‘I wish I had more money’ or ‘I never have any money’, try listing five things you’ve bought in the past week that you are grateful for. Shift your vibration. We all have bills, and there are no free lunches, karmically speaking. Why not pay for lunch so you can start the picnic? We’re waiting for you on the grass!

I highly recommend studying the lives of other 3’s to get ahead (a Famous 3’s post is coming). Lotus Kruse also runs the Money Love Program, which I’ve done twice.  For entrepreneurs, consider books like Profit First and finding like-minded people in your area.

girl cheering
Lifepath 3’s – You’re here to change the world!

As a 3, you’ll need to overcome criticism to get what you want in life. Make your blocks, your bricks. Use them to go higher. That’s part of your life purpose, to digest the good and throw out the garbage. Take what people say with a grain of salt. As the quote goes, you’ll never meet a troll who’s doing better than you. When your mind or other people attack you, don’t bite back, that’s just feeding the beast. Be assertive, while maintaining your positive mindset. Take ‘your mental dog’ for a walk.

Remember that a critic is just an under-employed genius. You’re either changing the world or pleasing people. Which do you choose? Give your mind something new to learn or listen to, call a friend, cook, dance, sing and laugh. Reset your energy and get back to your happy place. You do your best work when you are dreaming big and making waves.

Ideal Relationships and Compatibility for 3 lifepaths
I’m not going to insult your intelligence by listing which lifepaths you should partner with (puh-lease, which century are we in?). We come to Earth with Soulmate and Twin Flame contracts, in draft form. Who we are suited to is not just based on our numerology, but our past lives, current lifestyles and free will.

According to authors Allan Pease, the most attractive quality in both sexes is a great sense of humour (I think I read that in Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps). Lifepath 3’s tend to be funny, as they have fast minds and wits. Even the word Butterfly – as in social butterfly or the Butterfly effect – has a 39/12/3 energy (the same as freedom – see a list of words in Part 1). A kind word or action from you can change someone’s life. Once you set your mind to it, you’ll rarely have problems finding a date, but do need someone who’s kind, respectful and loyal if you’re going to settle down. FYI, 2018 was the year to clear heartbreaks, so if you are a 3 or 33 be prepared for good news in 2019, a Universal 3 Year.

Due to your romantic and optimistic nature, you can be amazingly productive when you’re with someone who believes in you. I sometimes find that 3’s have trouble expressing themselves, especially before their lifepath turning point (of 12, 21, 30, 39 etc.), which is when they start truly blossoming. Learning effective communication, public speaking or acting and singing can be profoundly healing. I used to ask all my 3 lifepath clients if they were happy to sing in public yet (!) Although your path is called the Artist and Communicator, these are qualities you’re working on over a lifetime, so a patient, encouraging partner is essential. They need to understand that sometimes, you’ll have dramatic mood swings and need time to process hurts if you feel misunderstood.

Being so open (3 looks like a circle opening, Pacman or a shell enclosing a pearl of wisdom), you may attract energy vampires (people who ‘need’ your approval – see Dr Judith Orloff’s work) as part of learning boundaries. Get educated and deal with these folks before they steal your jewels/ ideas/ mojo. You have the gift of speaking with love – use your powers to fight evil and uplift us to a higher state of consciousness.

You can help all kinds of children and animals to thrive if you allow your nurturing side to open its wings. I note that some 3’s don’t feel comfortable around or want children. That’s often understandable based on their history or experiences to date. Maybe check out my post on inner child healing. As I wrote in Part 1, Words like Baby, Sex, Birth and Family have a 3 numerology, reflecting this number’s fondness for creating possibilities and healing rifts through progress and new combinations.

Triangles have three sides. Don’t stress if new opportunities pop up, just as you commit to a job/ relationship/ house, etc. That’s just your imagination, reminding you that everything (and everyone) is a choice. Keep photos of your happiest times in your wallet and don’t get distracted by mirages in the desert. If possible, delete the phone numbers of exes once you’ve broken up. See my post on can openers and this one on being friends with your ex. Just as it’s best not to keep junk food around, it’s not good to have your former flames on speed dial. Of course, if you share custody of the kids that’s not easy. In those cases maybe have a separate phone so you know who’s calling. You still need space to relax, that’s a human right. My Detox Relationships meditation can help to clear the air.

Some 3 lifepaths may appear defensive and emotionally unavailable (e.g. by dating or being addicts), as a way of preventing more hurt. In these cases, books like Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller may be helpful. Also see The Five Love Languages – here’s my post on Words of Affirmation (3’s are learning to choose wisely). Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or seeing a Holistic counsellor may be useful, as it takes time to reset our inner peace.

Remember, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and 2019 is the ideal year to make your fairytale endings come true. You don’t need a Prince or Princess to go to the ball any more. You can be your own Fairy Godmother. See my Perfect Potion workshop on 23 Feb (details coming soon).

Health and Spirituality for 3 lifepaths – 3’s naturally have lots of energy and keep other people on their toes (see Part 4 on 3 lifepath kids  coming soon). Their appetite for life, food and pleasure can be high 3 looks like a mouth). Think of a child running around the park, playing fetch with their equally lively puppy. That’s 3 energy in flow. That said, I often see 3’s who have stopped exercising (their power), due to negative feedback or isolation. This is unfortunate, as movement helps us to process food, deal with change, reduce stress and let go of toxins.

It’s worth getting back into routine (a 3 numerology word), to recover your inborn wild ambition (the song Born Free comes to mind – I often link the solar plexus to a lion’s energy or roar). Eating disorders, weight issues, alcoholism and digestive intolerances can reflect an imbalance in your solar plexus chakra, based on the illusion that other people control you. I’ve also written about the link between depression and a blocked 3rd chakra. You’ll see a few people in my Famous 3’s post with addictions (coming soon).

There’s no quick fix, except to heal your courage and guts through action. Being a 3 is partly about becoming your own doctor (after all, you live in your body 24/7). Choose enjoyably difficult problems to solve, including foods that require chewing (complex carbs), and goals which stretch you to your limits. Be aware of your sugar intake (sugar, beer, alcohol and liver all have a 3 numerology) as it will exacerbate your tendency to look for quick fixes and ‘not feel sweet enough’. It can also lead to poor decision-making in relationships, risky driving and sleep problems. Think of Homer Simpson with his beer gut, nodding off at the nuclear power plant controls. Unfortunately, quite a few disasters like Chernobyl, were linked to operator fatigue.

You could also explore techniques like Family Constellations, EFT (Tapping) and Kinesiology to reset unhealthy family dynamics e.g. where the child feels like a parent or has taken on so much baggage, that they can’t step forwards/ fall pregnant/ write a book etc. Past life regression may also be helpful. Keeping a diary (photo or written) can reset your view of yourself. Seeing is believing for 3’s.

BTW, Yoga has a 21/3 numerology. It’s one of the backbones of my self-care regime, especially when you combine the yoga poses/ chanting/ meditation as a triple process. The poses calm your body, the chanting stills your mind and the meditation helps your Spirit fill you up. 3 is about the Trinity and multiple roads to enlightenment. I can’t rave about yoga enough, it’s such a gift to a busy body, mind and spirit. Most 3’s have a spiritual side, which may express itself as a religion or belief in Angels, nature spirits etc. Some of the best psychics I’ve met have been 3 or 33 lifepaths, as they are sceptical enough to question themselves and get the proper training.

Enjoyed this post? Keep reading! You’ll love Famous 3 Lifepaths (Part 3 of 4). Stay tuned for Raising a Happy Lifepath 3 Child (Part 4 – coming soon). You can also return to Lifepath 3 Numerology – Pros and Cons of Being a Spiritual Artist & Communicator (Part 1 of 3)

Spike MilliganIn conclusion
I hope you’ve enjoyed this lovingly-written tour of 3 lifepaths. Nothing makes me happier than helping people grow into their light (except, of course, cuddling my babies). My best advice to 3’s comes from Spike Milligan (a 30/3 lifepath), who said ‘Blessed are the cracked, for they let the light in’. This is something my grade five teacher told me (Thanks, Ms Krauth), which has inspired me for almost 30 years. Wishing you a year of many miracles and Angels in human form.

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