Famous 3s in Numerology (12/3, 21/3, 30/3 and 39/12/3 Life Path Celebrities)

Audrey Hepburn, a 30/3 Artist Lifepath. Image from Pixabay.

Want to know which celebrities share your 3 life path in numerology? Here’s a guide.

What’s a life path? It’s your life purpose, or spiritual job description. We change paths each lifetime, depending on what we want to heal. Knowing your path, can help you to find your tribe, make decisions with confidence, and accelerate your success. It’s an amazing boost to self-awareness. Please note, a lifepath is only 25-30% of your forecast – your names, pinnacles, challenges, personal years and other factors count, as does free will. I cover these in readingsworkshops and webinars.

How do I know if I am a 3 lifepath? (Extract from Part 1)
Find your lifepath by adding your date of birth from left to right. Reduce the sum to a number between 1-9, or 11, 22, 33 or 44 (the latter are Master Numbers). Unlike some numerologists, I don’t reduce the day, month or year before adding, as this removes important detail. Here are the combinations for 3’s – 12/3, 21/3, 30/3 and 39/12/3 lifepaths. Other lifepaths are described here

For example:
6/4/2000 = 6+4+2 = 12/3 lifepath (mainly children).
30/08/2017 = 3+8+2+1+7 = 21/3 lifepath (both adults and children – this is my son Charlie’s DOB).
31/12/1949 = 3+1+1+2+1+9+4+9 = 30/3 lifepath (mainly adults but some children have this path).
8/6/1996 = 8+6+1+9+9+6 = 39/12/3 lifepath (mainly adults – seems to be a rare journey).a

If you’re a 3, then you’re here to experience personal power! Notice how ‘3’ looks like a mouth or a kiss? That’s because it’s about expressing new ideas, using words for healing and bringing positive change to the world. Each type of 3 is different but related (like birds of the same species, who need different habitats or diets). 3’s tend to be high flyers – see my note on The Birds later on.

For more info, check Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live (see my reading for him). Your lifepath age is a turning point (thanks for the tip Max Coppa), so someone with an 12/3 lifepath may find their confidence and calling earlier than a 30/3. All 3 lifepaths are likely to have important changes around the age of 3 as well. More lifepath posts

solar plexus chakra symbol
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Hint: This is part 3 of 4 – don’t forget to check out Lifepath 3 Numerology – Pros and Cons of Being a Spiritual Artist & Communicator (Part 1 of 4)  and Ideal Career, Relationship & Health Tips (Part 2  of 4) and Raising a Happy Lifepath 3 Child (Part 4 – not published)

Famous 3 Lifepaths, by Sarah Anderson nee Yip
Please note: This is a selective list, which I’ll update over time. Facts are from Wikipedia unless noted. You’ll see lots of ‘3’ synchronicities. Names are A-Z by lifepath. DOB is in Australian format, dd/mm/yyyy. I’m including dates, as I find 3’s like to check things for themselves.) More Famous 3’s can be found on Tuesday with Laurie’s site 

12/3 lifepaths – mastering action (1) and relationships (2) for expression (3)
Jess Folley, Musician – 11/5/2003 – won the 2017 season of The Voice Kids UK (she was performing from age 12+).
I note her early success due to positive role models – 3’s need support as they’re very sensitive to words, sound and vibration.

21/3 lifepaths – mastering relationships (2) and action (1) for expression (3)
Charles Dickens, Author – 7/2/1812 – Submitted his first story and got a job in political reporting at 21, was also starting in acting. He was incredibly prolific despite a traumatic upbringing – at only 12 he was ‘the man of the family’ and working in a factory (at a no. 30 address – note the 3), due his father being in prison, and his mother having 10 children (a pattern he repeated). Charles was known for his depression and the affair which ended his marriage. At the same time, he was very popular and a great social activist.

Dannii Minogue, Musician – 20/10/1971 – made her film debut and was releasing her second album at 21.

Judy Garland, Actor – 10/6/1922  – was divorcing her first husband and revamping her image at 21.Many 3’s struggle with accepting their appearance (see Audrey Hepburn), as part of the 3 lifepath is to stop comparing yourself to others/ re-creating sibling rivalry.
Sadly, the studios back then starved and drugged Judy (even as a youngster) to increase her ‘attractiveness’ and productivity.

Here is her Divine rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which I adored as a child. 3’s have a rich fantasy world. I’m sure that the ‘yellow brick road’ reference in The Wizard of Oz is a reference to the Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra, as it leads to the Emerald City, aka the Heart (4th) Chakra, our spiritual home. Speaking of wizards, see my entry for Daniel Radcliffe further down.

Suri Cruise, 18/4/2006 – daughter of Tom Cruise.

Thich Nhat Hanh, 11/10/1926 – Zen Master – at his adult life path of 21, Thich was studying at Báo Quốc Institute of Buddhist Studies in Huế. The first Indochina war hit and many of his friends died. Temples were raided and soldiers took the last of the monks’ rice. These events helped to inspire Thich’s socially conscious, proactive approach to Buddhism. See my blog on him

Yul Brynner, Actor/ Director – 11/7/1920 – made his Broadway debut at 21.

30/3 lifepaths – mastering expression (3) and total resets (0) for advanced expression (3)
Amal Clooney, Barrister – 3/2/1978 – She was working for the UN around 30. Known also for being married to George Clooney.

Audrey Hepburn, Actor – 4/5/1929 (Born Star Wars Day!) – Around 29-30, she starred in The Nun’s Story (her hardest role to date). Note: She had a second miscarriage after breaking her spine while filming this movie. Determined to prevent another accident, she took a year off work after conceiving for a third time (note the 3), and happily, her son was born just after she turned 31.

3 energy is about taking brave action to make your dreams come true – Audrey’s decision to prioritise her family paid off. She was an optimist but also realistic. As someone who’s recovered from anorexia, I was touched when I discovered she had food issues, stemming from wartime deprivation – her love of chocolate, icecream, cheese and pasta was legendary, according to her son Luca.

Campbell Newman, Politician – 12/8/1963 – Resigned from the army and moved to Queensland to study an MBA around 29-30.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) – 9/1/1982 – was pregnant (and unwell) with her first child at 30. That was also the year that she won a case against a magazine which published topless photos of her, and when nurse committed suicide after an unfortunate prank by Australian radio hosts (who pretended they were the Queen and Prince Charles).

Christina Aguilera, Musician – 18/12/1980 – had just starred in Burlesque, before singing at the Super Bowl (where she forgot a few lines*), the Grammy Awards and commencing work on The Voice at 30. She also became an ambassador for the UN Food Programme around then. *Part of a 3 lifepath is to let go of the need to appear perfect, and encourage authenticity instead.

Clive Palmer, Politician and Businessman – 26/3/1954 – He was the National Party’s campaign director around 29-30. I note his law and journalism qualifications – many 3’s continue studying after school and are gifted with words. He’s been criticised for projects like an attempt to build a replica Titanic and for creating the world’s largest animatronic dinosaur park. Hm, well 3’s do have a very active imagination!

Since 2017 he’s been known for his dramatic (60kg) weight loss, which he attributes to his young family (his two year old was born when he was 60). Despite the Palmer United Party being deregistered, Clive’s billboards are still up around Brisbane. They make me chuckle because they are bright yellow – a 3’s lucky colour. Perhaps he’s into numerology?! I’ve  read for enough political types to know they think outside the box…Here’s a reading for Anna Bligh if you’re interested.

Ed Sheeran, Musician – 17/2/1991 – One of my favourite acts – lots of 3’s have that ‘boy or girl next door’ appeal (think of Kylie Minogue, who’s also on this list). He’s still a few years away from his turning point of 30, maybe he’ll get married or start a family? His music video for Photograph shows what a cute baby he was – again this is a lifepath 3 trait – they tend to be charming from the get go.

Hillary Clinton, Politician – 26/10/1947 – Her legal career and pro bono child advocacy work was taking off at 29-30.  She co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, then became the first female chair of the Legal Services Corporation at 31. Please note – I am aware of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory which surrounded her office in 2016 but don’t wish to make further comments for now.

Jack Delosa, Entrepreneur (see his psychic reading) – 21/2/1987 – I’ll ask Jack what his turning point was at 30. Having read some of his books, his journey is very inspiring and emotional. For example his first company was started shortly after his brother died. Jack helped me a lot when he said the inner critic never disappears – successful people just ‘do the work’ anyway.

Jackie Chan, Actor/ Director – 7/4/1954 – Began releasing music albums in 1984, when he was 29-30. After failing to break into the US film market around 30-31, he returned to Hong Kong and went on to become the country’s top cinema star.

Joan Rivers, TV Host and Comedian – 8/6/1933 – Was in a cabaret trio (there’s a 3 again) and got her start in movies at 30. The trio ended up breaking up due to political differences.

Jodie Foster, Actor/ Director – 19/11/1962 – Extraordinary child and adult star, always so mature beyond her years. No coincidence that she played a child prostitute in Taxi Driver, as 3’s are here to revise our thinking about children’s rights. Also makes sense that she did The Silence of the Lambs at her lifepath turning point of 30, as 3’s are here to outwit the bad guys (we hope). She was also in the spotlight at that time for her sexuality, which she is very private about.

John Malkovich, Actor/ Director – 9/12/1953 – Made his Broadway debut, directed a theatre production and won a slew of awards at 30. I love his movie Being John Malkovich, especially the scene where everyone has his face! Part of a 3 lifepath is to ‘see the good/ God in all’.

John Travolta, Actor/ Director – 18/2/1954 – Made a series of commercial and critical failures at 29-30-31, e.g. Staying Alive was a financial success but scorned by critics. He also declined key roles like An Officer and A Gentleman, which propelled other actors to fame.

Katy Perry, Musician – 25/10/1984 – I’ve always liked Katy, she’s got spunk and a sense of humour. She’s also handled the transition from Christian to pop music at a young age. Her song I Kissed a Girl was controversial for its homosexual stereotypes – she said later that she would have rewritten the lyrics in hindsight. 3 looks like a mouth or a circle/ shell opening up to reveal pearls of wisdom.  Lifepath 3’s help us embrace colourful/ rainbow (see Judy Garland’s entry) thinking instead of black and white drudgery. Katy’s song Roar an anthem of mine, the themes of being suppressed are ‘very 3’. See video below.

Kevin Costner, Actor/ Director – 18/1/1955 – Had his breakout role in Silverado at 30.

Pete Evans, Chef – 26/2/1973 – Was Executive Chef at various Hugos restaurants at 30, plus his food and TV career was rising quickly.

Reese Witherspoon, Actor/ Director – 22/3/1976 – Won an Oscar for Walk the Line around the time she separated from her husband at 29-30. Went through a career limbo for a several years after that due to recovering from the breakup.

With Robin at Triple M!

Robin Bailey, Radio Host (see her psychic reading) – DOB kept private – Robin has been a guiding light to me, and thousands of others, especially after her husband Tony’s suicide in 2014. She never holds back, and that heals us all. I’m delighted to hear of her marriage to Sean Pickwell. He’s truly a beautiful Soul, whom I have also read for.

I don’t have details of her turning point at 30, but will ask. I note that Robin has 3 boys (there’s that number again). Hear Robin talking about the impacts of her husband’s choice – FYI I’ll be posting on Dolly Everett (a pure 11 Lifepath)  soon.

Tristan Prettyman, Musician – 23/5/1982 – released her third studio album at 30 and became engaged at 31 to Bill Maris.

Wanda Sykes, Comedian – 7/3/1964 – Her career was taking off from 30, but I’m not sure what else may have happened. 

39/12/3 lifepaths – mastering expression (3), compassion (9), action (1) and relationships (2) for advanced expression (3)

Aiki Flinthart, Fantasy Fiction Author – see my reading for her

Alfred Hitchcock, Director – 13/8/1899 – made The Lady Vanishes/ won his only directorial award and moved to Hollywood at 39. His movie The Birds was so disturbing for me. It’s interesting that 3’s are here to conquer fear and that’s what his films were based on. I even see the number 3 as a bird changing direction. Perhaps birds pecking are a metaphor for criticism and the need to have a thick skin to go high in life. See Alfred’s kooky Trailer for The Birds below. 3’s can be eccentric professor types, that’s for sure.

Daniel Radcliffe, Actor – 23/7/1989 – Not at his lifepath turning point yet, he’s one to watch. Harry Potter is full of 11 numerology – Emma Watson is a famous 11 lifepath and Harry Potter adds to 65/11, the same as ENLIGHTENMENT. No wonder we love him.

Olivia Newton-John, Musician – 26/9/1948 – Resumed her career at 39-40 after three years off for maternity leave. Although her albums flopped, they were praised for covering more mature topics like single parenting and the environment.

Kevin Spacey, Actor/ Director – 26/7/1959 – was at the peak of his career at 39-40, winning an Oscar for American Beauty and receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His sexuality was also being questioned. He’s currently in the news for sexual harassment claims.

Kylie Minogue, Musician – 28/5/1968 – Released a comeback album (after recovering from breast cancer and a separation) at 39. I used to love her music as a child – here’s her song I Should Be So Lucky (the words Lucky Duck have a 3 vibration – see the end of Part 1 and 3’s tend to be romantics in love, as I wrote in Part 2). Oh boy…I just realised Budgie (as in the Kylie’s nickname), adds to 3!

Roger James Hamilton, Futurist and Social Entrepreneur – Known for Wealth Dynamics, see his numerology reading

Samantha Ronson, Musician – 7/8/1977 – Formed the band Ocean Park Standoff and launched an album at 39 (2016-2017).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. A lot of love has gone into it 🙂 Find many more lifepath guides on Find Your Lifepath

Notes (extract from Part 1)
Please note, there are many ways the number 3 can influence your life! It can appear in your:
-lifepath (as above – you can be a 3 lifepath or have a 3 in your lifepath e.g. 13/4, 23/5, 32/5, 33/6, 34/7, 35/8, 36/9  lifepaths)
-day of birth (e.g. 3 March, which gives you two 3’s in your DOB)
-name/s (e.g. Claire adds to 30/3, Mary adds to 12/3, James adds to 12/3) C, L, U have a 3 vibration (see system)
-pinnacles (a calculation that tells you the theme of each decade), destiny, major cycles etc.
-personal year (every 9 years you go through a 3 year, when you feel ‘like a 3’) Find your personal year
-daily life e.g. business name, address and so on. Living in a 3 house is great for gatherings, raising children and communication, but it may not be a clean or disciplined place. Gossip will also backfire – play positive music to offset this tendency. Living in a 12 or 66 house can promote martyrdom, but also cooperation. More on house numerology
-Even if you’re not a 3 lifepath, if you’re reading this post, you’ve probably got 3’s somewhere in your numerology, plus you could be married, related to, parents or friends with a 3, you just may not know it yet!

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