Sonic Bliss with Leandra Gurbiel, Murray Kyle, Chad Wilkins, Guru Dass & Sacred Earth

Did you know? Numerology and music are natural companions. For example, my numerologist friend Michelle Buchanan (a fellow lifepath 11) is a singer, and I run music meditations and chanting in Brisbane. It makes sense – after all, music is simply maths in motion. That’s why my parents taught me piano at age 3, because in Chinese culture, learning an instrument is thought to improve your IQ, discipline and memory.

Since April, I’ve attended five profound events that have really opened my heart and mind. I wanted to share them with you, in the hope you will fall in love with sacred music as well:

Lyza Saint Ambrosena, Leandra Gurbiel and Sarah Yip at Gold Coast Workshop 20151) The Sacred Alchemy of Sound Workshop with Leandra Gurbiel

Leandra (middle of photo) is a gifted sound alchemist, whom I met through the lovely Lyza Saint Ambrosena (on the left).

During Leandra’s workshop, we found our ‘home notes’, which bring comfort when sung, and also channelled the ‘sound of our souls’, which was done in pairs.

When I sang to my partner, I not only made cat noises (her cat had recently passed away), I also spoke in an Aboriginal-sounding dialect. I found out later that she is of Indigenous descent. Wow. When she sang to me, I had flashbacks of my arrival on Earth. She literally brought through the lullabye that Spirit played to me before I incarnated. I even heard the ‘uh oh song’ – a tune that I hear when I’ve stuffed up as a Soul and need to relearn a lesson!

I wore a Native American style shirt that day (see photo above), and during the partner work, kept feeling a pressure on my forehead. Suddenly I visualised a tomahawk flying backwards through the sky, out of my skull. Leandra and I reckoned it must have been a past life injury.

Read more about past lives – a warrior’s flashback, and my experiences with Toni Reilly. It feels odd for me to be revealing these experiences, given that I used to be such a sceptic, but I guess this leopard has changed her spots!

2) Music Night with Murray Kyle
I met Murray and Chad (below) through the wonderful Infinite Connection events on the Gold Coast, which are run by Lyza Saint Ambrosena and her husband Cameron. Murray is a musical troubadour, who blends ancient and acoustic tunes in the most mesmerising way. I love the lyrics of Ganapataye (a song from his album Mountain Song):

Murray Kyle SingerOm Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Open the way for my life to flow free
clear the illusion that I may see
A luminous path of harmony
Every step a note in the symphony
we’re dancing divine destiny
Weaving our prayers in the tapestry
Jaya Ganesha, Jaya Ganesha
Beautiful, huh? Funnily enough, when I said hi to Murray his iPhone screen said 11:11 (!!) As many of you know, I see 11:11 and for me it’s a sign that someone is a Starseed, has master number 11,22 or 33 numerology and/ or at a turning point in consciousness. It can also be a sign that Spirit is nearby, urging us to stay on ourlifepath. Murray is a 35/8 lifepath, which means he’s here to teach power through self-expression and futuristic ideas. Check out Murray’s music. You can also watch this video of him accompanying Lyza in a guided meditation (I was there!)
Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Chad Wilkins Music3) Music Night with Chad Wilkins
The first time I heard Chad sing (at Amanda Morrison & Caroline Byrd’s event The Gathering), I cried – his music is pure Angel-song. I was going through a rough time and listening to his CD was the only was I could get to sleep. It helped me to let go of some serious pain.
Check out this video of Give Thanks (from Show Us The Way Of The Heart). Chad is a 27/9 lifepath, which is the path of the leader and old soul. He’s touring his home country the United States, so if you’re reading this from America, look him up.
4) Mantra – The Power of Sacred Sound Workshop with Guru Dass
I attended a workshop with Guru Dass today at Kundalini Yoga Brisbane (see my article on Kundalini Yoga). This was a great opportunity to learn from an internationally known teacher. Thank you to Carolina Caldero (see photo) for bringing him to Brisbane.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Guru Dass and Carolina Caldero Kundalini Yoga Brisbane WorkshopGuru Dass (see right) was a disciple of Yogi Bhajan. I enjoyed his take on how mantras cleanse the mind of impurities. I must remember to mention him to my Brisbane meditation group. He’s very intuitive (and also does numerology!) For example, I was thinking about tornadoes before class and then he talked about them in his session.

That was astonishing, but then again, Mercury Retrograde often brings beautiful coincidence. I must admit, I was provoked by some of his statements. He talked about how our lives are fairly unplanned and that ‘there is no library in the sky’.

I don’t agree with this – through meditation and past life regression, I’ve come to believe that there is an Akashic Library, which contains humanity’s soul contracts. I also feel that each of us agrees to a Divine job description each time we incarnate (hence my lifepath readings). Find your lifepath here.
To be honest, Guru Dass’s hands are the opposite to mine, so from a palmistry perspective he was always going to make me think. He has a semi-simian line (which I’ve seen on other yoga and chant teachers), suggesting a deep, at times single-minded view of the world. These people commit themselves to causes, often for life.

Also, his thumb bends far back at the tip, whereas mine is stiff and doesn’t flex. This makes him more easygoing and ‘live for the moment’ than me. He’s clearly a great improviser, whereas I used to plan fundraising campaigns for a living, sometimes years in advance.

No wonder we have different views on manifestation (read more on my approach). In Guru Dass’s view, ‘life just happens’, whereas I teach that we co-create reality (see this article on licence plates).
As a psychic, I often ask my Guides for a sign and then see animals (read more) or number codes like 11:11, 111, 222 etc.

Still, I’m glad I attended, as he showed me another side of Kundalini Yoga, which I attend on the Gold Coast with Adi Shakti Kaur/ Vanessa Hunt.

5) Concert with Sacred Earth
Last on my list, but definitely not least! When I first learned about crystal healing, my teacher Teena played Sacred Earth’s music during her meditations. I also listen to their albums when I need to go into a deep trance. Prem and Jethro’s music has to be heard to be appreciated. Prem’s distinctive, ethereal voice is liquid bliss. That’s her in the red in the photo.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Sacred Earth Prem TallebudgeraI’ve seen Sacred Earth play in Adelaide and this week on the Gold Coast. Both times the audience looked like they were floating on clouds by the end. Hm, I’d love to be able to sing like Prem (!) It might take a few lifetimes of practice…

The day of their concert, I sold my ticket to a friend in a last-minute change. Then I realised I could go, and bought another seat. Good old Mercury Retrograde madness! When I talked to Prem, I realised she was having a Personal 11 Day (I am an 11 lifepath). I guess we were destined to meet, after all. Find Your Personal Year.
Quick shoutout: Sacred Earth provided the backing music to my friend Katie Manekshaw’s meditation series. Katie is the founder of the gorgeous I Love Chakra jewellery. She’s also a 37/10/1 lifepath – they are brilliant pioneers. It’s a small world!
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