Palmistry Reading for Manose Singh – Musician with Deva Premal & Miten

If you’ve ever done a yoga class or had a massage, you’ve undoubtedly heard Deva Premal and Miten‘s music. They are super-popular on the sacred music scene and have sold over a million CD’s globally. I was introduced to Deva’s music by Robert Stevenson, a gifted satsang singer in Brisbane.

Having met Deva, Miten & Manose a few times now, they truly are healers. The first time I saw Deva walk onto stage at the Brisbane Powerhouse, I felt a rush of energy up my spine and my hands became burning hot. I’ll never forget it, it was a supreme kundalini awakening.

Watch Deva, Miten & Manose’s performance of The Gayatri Mantra on YouTube. This mantra changed my life! I sang it with someone who later died of cancer and I remember how peaceful he looked while singing this chant. It reminds you of eternity.
So, let’s start the fun with a palmreading for Manose Singh. Manose is a bansuri (bamboo flute) player, who’s played with Deva & Miten since 2002. He was born in 1977 and is approximately 37 years old. Hearing Manose play flute is an ethereal experience. With his curly hair and mischievous grin he often reminds me of Pan (God of the mountains and nature).
Manose Singh reduces to 22/4 and 30/3 in numerology, the vibrations of the words SING, PASSION and HAPPY. His first name, Manose, is very powerful because Master number 22/4 represents infinite patience and practical creativity.
Manose is a master of the bansuri, and was the first to introduce it as a rock instrument in his home country of Nepal. This is no surprise – you can see from his palmreading below that he’s one of a kind. Plus the double 7’s in his DOB give him a powerful connection to Spirit, zany ideas and high intuition. People with double 7’s often specialise in their career and are known for their dedication.
Key features of Manose’s hands are:
-Those long fingers! Manose’s fingers are almost the length of his palm, which gives him a balance of thought and action (essential for a musician). His fingertips are well-padded, showing an amazing sense of touch and a kinaesthetic approach to life. He learns by doing, not by theory.-Smooth knuckles, showing that he’s intuitive and a skilful improviser. People with smooth knuckles succeed by following their first instincts. They are quick to act. Those with knobbly knuckles need time to ponder decisions – they’re more scientist than performer. Think of your knuckles as the ability to let things go/ let things flow.-A doubled Heart Line (1) on his left (non-writing/ childhood) hand and a single/ normal one on his right (writing/ adult) hand. This is not an easy sign to read and I’ve only seen it in a few times in my career. You could say that Manose has come back to Earth to heal his Heart (Fourth) Chakra, which is ruled by the Air Element and colour green. I always recommend deep breathing for people with a complex Heart Line – playing the flute certainly falls into this category! Manose’s hands suggest his love of life has increased with age.

-A dark Head Line (2) particularly on his right hand. The Head Line represents the Solar Plexus Chakra, and a line of this intensity reflects Manose’s excellent concentration and high willpower. The slope of this line after age 35-36 and changes to his Fate Line suggest that 2014-2015 is a turning point. I’m sure this would show in his numerology. Perhaps Manose will look into other lifestyles or pursuits from here onwards. He’d be a great speaker and writer.

Sun Line/s (3), also called Apollo Lines in Palmistry. These show that Manose has had an open Third Eye and artistic talent since early childhood (he picked up bansuri by age eight). People with Sun Lines can see the good in any situation. They are idealistic, charming and many have striking eyes and eyelashes. You can grow Sun Lines through creativity, gratitude and meditation. My Sun Line grew 1cm within a week of finishing my first book draft this year. Cool, huh?

-Forked Life Line (4) shows a child of two cultures and/ or a love of travelling. The base of your Life Line reflects your Root Chakra. People with a split at the end often travel a lot or have two places they call home. This makes sense as Manose tours around the world while maintaining strong links with Nepal.

-Mercury Finger (5) Manose’s Pinky finger sums him up to a tee! The long tip shows a wonderful teacher. The shorter mid-section means he can work anywhere without a fuss. Finally the low-set of his Mercury Finger suggests a shy person who learned to speak up from 29-30 and likes his personal space.
Who would have thought you could see so much in the hands? Don’t forget to check out Manose’s website or read his bio. Deva Premal & Miten are also on facebook.
Here is Manose’s feedback on this article: “Thanks again for your reading. It’s inspiring for me what you can see in my palm. Wherever you are keep spreading your light and see you again next year. I’m happy with what you have written.”
I hope you have enjoyed this article. Being a psychic reader is a joy and I appreciate your support. Please note, all comments made below will be reviewed before they appear online.
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With best wishes,
Sarah Yip

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