Lifepath 8 Numerology – The Pros and Cons of Being a Spiritual Warrior and Boss

Are you a an 8 lifepath in numerology? Then you’re here to experience abundance, work-rest balance and ethical success! Here’s my tips for expressing your Divine power, based on over 5,200+ psychic readings I’ve delivered since 2011. Updated November 2023.

This guide to 8’s is inspired by The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman, (a 26/8, see his reading). It also contains ideas I’ve collated and refined  (e.g. links to chakras and famous 8’s).

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In my numerology workshops, I teach, “Need to educate and co-create? Then find an 8. The word GOD adds to 8, so it’s best to keep 8’s on side because they are tough competitors and human battering rams. You rarely lose with an 8 behind you, but it’s hard to win with an 8 in front!”

I was moved to publish this post, after reading for two 26/8’s. One man re-booked for a business reading, even though I cancelled him due to a lack of confidence. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. The reading went well.

Another session was for a mother, who was worried about her son, until I revealed that he and I had the same numbers and talked about the gifts of being an 11. Education helps 8’s to stop worrying! I offered her an extra session as a gift, and she came with flowers. This healed us both. 

As with all my summaries, it’s taken years to create this post. I hope you find it cathartic. 

What’s a lifepath in numerology? It’s your life purpose, or spiritual job description. For many articles and a calculator, see Find Your Lifepath. In my system, it’s the sum of your date of birth from left to right, and always reduces to a number between 1-9, or 11, 22 or 33 (the latter are Master Number lifepaths – some people include 44).

We change paths each lifetime, depending on what we want to heal in ourselves and humanity. Please note, your lifepath is only 25-30% of your forecast – your names, pinnacles, challenges and personal years and other factors count, as does free will. Find your personal year forecast

Like most experienced psychics, I believe you can alter your spiritual contracts, in co-operation with Spirit. I discuss how to do this in psychic readings and webinars.

How do I know if I am an 8 lifepath?
Find your lifepath by adding your date of birth from left to right. Unlike some psychics, I don’t reduce the day, month or year before adding them, as this removes important details. Here are the possible 8 combinations on Earth today – 8, 17/8, 26/8, 35/8 and 44/8 lifepaths.

For example (zeros are not included):
2/4/2000 = 2+4+2 = 8 lifepath (mainly children at this stage)
17/2/2014 = 1+7+2+2+0+1+4 = 17/8 lifepath (also mainly kids)
30/9/1940 = 3+0+9+1+9+4+0 = 26/8 lifepath (mainly adults but some babies have this path too).
8/6/1992 = 8+6+1+9+9+2 = 35/8 lifepath (mainly adults) – tend to be more extroverted than 26/8’s.
25/9/1999 = 2+5+9+1+9+9+9 = 44/8 lifepath (in my experience this is a rare lifepath).

Each type of 8 lifepath is different. For detailed descriptions, read Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live (see my reading for him). I also briefly discuss the types in the Famous 8’s section.

Your lifepath age is a turning point (thanks for the tip Max Coppa), so someone with an 17/8 lifepath may find their confidence and calling earlier than a 35/8. As a 29/11 lifepath I learned numerology at 29, and the ages of 28-30 were full of change – I began seeing 11:11 after 11/11/2011 when I was 30. I give some ‘lifepath age turning point’ examples in the Famous 8’s section.

In a nutshell, 8 stands for manifestation and abundance (as above, so below). The more 8’s you have in your numerology, the more you are healing your 8th or God/ Karmic chakra, which is about co-creation with the Universe and those around you – giving and receiving in a sustainable and ethical way. Some people also consider the 8th chakra the Soul Star.

The number 8 can appear in your:
-day of birth (e.g. Born 8 January or 8 August, aka The 8.8 Lion’s Gate)
-name/s (e.g. Bill adds up to 17/8, Cheryl adds to 35/8)
-business name/s
-numerology pinnacles (a calculation that tells you the theme of each decade)
-personal year (every 9 years you go through an 8 year. During this time you experience ‘life as an 8’) Find your personal year-address and even your phone number. Living in an 8 house will teach you responsibility and generosity More on house numerology Wherever 8 appears in your life, is where the Universe wants you to connect to a greater good. So even if you’re not an 8 lifepath, you’re probably married, related to, parents or friends with an 8, you just may not know it yet.
-field of vision when you start seeing the 11:11 codes – 888 is about abundance or being 80% into a project, etc. It tends to appear to people with strong 8s in their chart.

Here are some words with an 8 numerology – notice how this number looks like an infinity loop? It’s all about cycles, reaping what you sow and reconnecting with your immortality? No shortcuts here! See the word analysis system I’ve used
8 – ANT, BACK (interesting, as 8’s are incredible at supporting others’ to succeed)
35/8 – ROYALTY, CELEBRATE, BUDDHISM, SPIDER, CREATOR, CRITIC, CLIMBER, FLOWERS, MOTHERS, MOUNTAIN, WATERFALL (also LEOPARD – 8’s do find it hard to change their spots! Perhaps they should focus on their courage instead) (also CANBERRA, and EUROPE).
44/8 – LESS IS MORE, SPIRITUAL, COUNSELLOR, ACUPUNCTURE*, ALCOHOLISM (See my post on Al-Anon), NATUROPATH*, MEDICINE*, SWIMMING, HAPPINESS, POWERFUL, COMMITMENT, ETERNITY, FOREVER, BUSHFIRES, LION TAMER, REBIRTH etc. *I’m a big fan of alternative (or should we say, effective and traditional) medicine, see this post on finding a great healer and please, sign this petition against the Aust Government removing rebates for natural therapies (shame!)

And my thoughts on the qualities of 8 lifepaths (which apply to a lesser degree if 8 appears in your name etc.):

Please note, we tend to express the positive traits o

f our lifepath more strongly after our lifepath turning point age (e.g. 26/8, 35/8) – before then we are still preparing for our major life’s work. Also, not all the information may fit you because you are a combination of numbers and have free will to express your gifts or not.

-8’s have come to prove themselves (remember, your lifepath is often a wound you are wanting to heal – the 8th chakra is about believing in God and a kind Universe), so they tend to become self-made successes. When I’m working with 8’s, they say things like ‘my life has been full of obstacles’, or ‘I rely on myself’, which is why I like to connect them with their Higher Selves, Angels and Guides e.g. through meditation or creative visualisation.

-8’s have a massive influence on the world around them (as the 8th chakra is also the Aura – the energy field around your body extending many metres outwards). You rarely forget their face or name as they have an inner strength and charisma that’s come from conquering many fears. They may seem intimidating, busy or aloof if you catch them on an ‘off day’ or when they are in work mode – and they tend to work a lot (!) 

-8’s have a long memory and believe in justice, that’s why I say ‘don’t crash into an 8’s car and drive off, because they will come and find you!’ They naturally raise the standards in their homes, workplaces, communities etc. and few people can match their stamina, resilience, boldness and problem-solving skills.

They know that there is no free lunch – I think of my friend’s young 8 lifepath daughter, who puts bags of lollies in her parent’s trolley ‘for when she’s good’. She’ll then plan all the things she’s going to do to earn those sweets – talk about a strategic thinker! Her parents had to remove her naughty corner, because she kept taking herself there whenever she had a bad thought – 8’s are often their harshest critics and need to learn self-compassion. Even as children, they have a sense of direction and confidence that inspires everyone who meets them.

-Pros of being an 8 lifepath: Responsible, hardworking, street-smart, warriors for fairness, honest/ say what they mean, treat people like family, conscientious, serious, humble, great leaders, charismatic (8’s tend to be sexy/ fertile/ highly creative – I know quite a few with 4 kids), magnetic, big picture thinkers, competitive, attractive (people sense their drive and potential for success), generous (to others but not so much to themselves), self-made, lifelong learners, able to pull off impossible feats due to Divine timing, laser-like focus and willpower. They will work around the clock to finish a project.

As healers, they excel with difficult cases (my friend Ingrid Arthur brought her goldfish back to life after it was all dried up having jumped out of the tank hours before – she also cleared her Lupus and helped me with recovering from anorexia). Once an 8 has found their place in the community, they are the best champions and fundraisers around – their black book is full of friends, helpers and colleagues who they’ve known forever.

-Cons of being an 8 lifepath: Thick skin hides a sensitive nature, hates being pushed around, critical when stressed, holds onto feelings, sometimes leading to explosive outbursts, sex/ food/ work addictions or depression, suspicious of anything that can’t be measured (I prepare thoroughly before reading for an 8), may focus too much on money (or a lack of money), status or appearance, leading to a ‘hollow’ feeling inside, may get stuck in cycles of obsession, over-thinking and worry (see how ‘8’ is not open to the outer world), may carry on family baggage e.g. sexist thinking, learns through hitting brick walls, as they can be too busy to notice hints, may ignore the spiritual and literal road rules and be unnecessarily rebellious. To avoid ‘losing face’ they may put off asking for help until it’s too late to avoid significant pain.

I’m reminded of a time I asked my 8 lifepath friend not to go on a hike as the trail was closed…they refused and sure enough, I ended up having to call the police to find them when they didn’t return as planned. To this day, they still argue that I should have waited longer, as they were perfectly fine out there in the snow (oh, dear).

Ideal careers for an 8 lifepath – I dislike when numerologists prescribe jobs for people because this can be  superficial. Here are some themes to get you thinking instead – 8’s excel when they are a one-stop-shop and the buck stops with them (i.e. they have autonomy and get to be the Boss/ ‘Play God’). They thrive in respected industries, philanthropy or where education and qualifications are important, however can also be empowered homemakers (as parent, I can attest that running a family and doing ‘inner work’ is as hard as a 9-5 occupation).

I believe Dan Millman said 26/8’s (like him) often have gifted children as they tend to invest in their kids/ animals/ family businesses etc. This is true for me as my mum is a 26/8 and I was a child prodigy at school. 8’s need to circulate so ideally lots of travel, socialising and exercise will keep their finances flowing smoothly.

Here’s a related extract from my post on chakra tips for cashflow:

“8) Karmic Chakra Healing (Patterns) – Everything is negotiable.

…Here is a neat tip to kickstart your cashflow TODAY. Choose one area you’ve been stuck and do the opposite of what you’ve been doing. If you hate cleaning, scrub the toilet. If you’re a workaholic, take a weekend off (my bookings rate doubles after a trip away)…

If you jog, go to a yoga class. If you go to yoga, try kickboxing. If you always pay bills on time, pay one late – the sky won’t fall down. If you use your right hand for eating, try using your left hand. If you never ask for help, call, email, hire or research five people who’ve solved your problem before (this one step can work miracles)….

You get my drift. What this does is break habits and put your brain back into learning mode…I can’t tell you how many times I have invested in myself when the chips were down, only to receive a refund, freebie or bonus soon afterwards. The Universe loves when we honour our instincts.”

Ideal relationships for an 8 lifepath – Again, I’m not going to list lifepaths that are compatible with 8’s as I know from experience this is a load of *fluffy pillows*. We come to Earth with Soulmate contracts in draft form, and it’s not based on our numerology alone, but our past lives and other Divine needs. More on Soulmates

What I can say is, if you are an 8 lifepath or have lots of 8’s in your numerology, you need to be happy with your work so you can relax at home. It’s hard for you to switch off, so instead of using up your lifeforce pretending to be well, go get the job or business you want and life (and your Soulmate) will meet you halfway. Better to be climbing a mountain you chose, than skiing to Dullsville, or worse, micro-managing others to avoid your purpose.

If you are partnering with an 8, well, hang on to your horses because you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime. 8’s love to be in love (just ask 26/8 lifepath Liz Taylor, had seven husbands and eight marriages). They can be extremely romantic and loyal, however you need to keep up with them and pull your weight, so to speak. I find that 8’s take a long time to forgive and forget a loss or betrayal so have a look at my posts on can-opener relationships or forgiving your ex if you are still mourning a breakup.

Famous 8 lifepaths in numerology (not exhaustive as it’s based on research and personal preferences, I’ll update it over time) I acknowledge this post by Tuesdays with Laurie and this post by Token Rock for their helpful lists of famous 8’s. Laurie also calls the 8’s Warriors (I got the idea from Dan Millman’s work).

17/8’s – the 1 gives them independence, while the 7 brings mysticism and a desire to explore spiritual leadership.
Anneth Delliecia Nasution (winner Indonesian Idol Junior)
Nastya (child Youtube star)
Prince George
Learn more about Why Your Child Chose You and the children born 2000- in this webinar

26/8’s – the 2 gives them sensitivity and people skills, while the 6 brings vision and devotion
Barbra Streisand (won Oscar after debuting in Funny Girl at 26, also won an Israel Freedom Medal)
Ben Stiller (his self-titled show won critical acclaim despite being at the bottom of the ratings)
Dan Millman (see his reading) (Joined Oberlin College at 26, where he created Way of the Peaceful Warrior)
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Started acting 26-27, many people call 8’s ‘their rocks’!)
Elizabeth Taylor (starred in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at 26, sadly, husband Mike Todd died after her 26th birthday, she returned to work three weeks later to help pay off his debts)
Franziska Iseli from Basic Bananas (her father died when she was 26 and she started her business – see our interview)
Joni Mitchell (had her career breakthrough at 26)
Lucille Ball (after a career setback, met Gale Gordon, who she’d work with for 50 years)
Martha Stewart (began second career as a stockbroker at 26, later convicted of securities fraud)
Matt Damon (starred in Courage Under Fire, for which he lost 18kg in 100 days and co-wrote Good Will Hunting around 26-27)
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark – at 26 she quit her job to go travelling after her mum’s tragic death. See my reading for her, I predicted she would be Queen in 2024 before it was announced!
Melanie Spears who created The Gratitude Diary – see our interview
Michelangelo (had returned to Florence and was carving the statue of David at 26)
Naomi Campbell (spoke out about racial prejudice at 26-27, her career was in full swing then)
Neil Armstrong (got married and had a near-miss in a plane before 26, career took off from 26-27)
Nicole Gibson (her book Love Out Loud came out around 26 – see our interview)
Pablo Picasso (African art period at 26, created Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, which shocked many)
Robin Williams (debuted in film at 26 after doing stand-up comedy – see his reading)
Tina Arena (see her reading – she sees 11:11) (released her second solo album at 26-27 after returning to Australia from the U.S – according to Wikipedia, she nearly broke down during recording and co-wrote all the songs which was a big win for her)
Viktor Frankl (ran a program at 26, which prevented students from suiciding – his book Man’s Search for Meaning about surviving concentration camps should be essential reading for all 8’s)
Whoopi Goldberg (acting career started around 26)

35/8’s – the 3 gives them speaking skills, while the 5 gives them a wild streak and open-mind
50 Cent (made major business investments and musical direction changes at 35)
Cate Blanchett (portrayed Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator and became the only actor to win an Oscar for portraying another Oscar-winning actor)
Edgar Cayce (saved his wife’s life through his trance/ sleep readings information around 35)
Ed Kavalee (got married to Tiffiny Hall at 35, see my reading for him on Triple M Brisbane)
Frank Abagnale, J.r (see my note about 8’s being charming…)
James Randi (was in children’s TV at 35, see my post on his flawed $1million Paranormal Challenge)
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (made a dramatic modernist debut in architecture at 35, coined ‘less is more’ which was from his mentor Peter Behrens. Less is more adds to 44/8 in numerology!)
Nelson Mandela (co-founded the first black-run law firm in South Africa at 34-35)
Owen Wilson (major career successes at 35)
Richard Gere (played King David at 35 – ROYALTY adds to 35/8, note my comment about 8’s being OTT romantics at times – think of Pretty Woman).
Sandra Bullock (of Speed fame – see my comment about 35/8s and road rules! No wonder Dan Millman encourages them to wear seatbelts. Sandra had a career high around 35 with Miss Congeniality)
Sarah McLachlan (returned to music at 35, donated all but $15 of the $150,000 budget for shooting ‘World on Fire’ to charities, see the video where she explains where the funds went)
Yung Pueblo (author of Lighter, he’s currently 33yo so keep an eye on his ascent.)

44/8’s – the 4’s give them discipline, while the 8’s give them authority and staying power. This is still a rare lifepath. 
Avicii (Swedish DJ who sadly died of suicide – he struggled with alcohol, ALCOHOLISM has a 44/8 numerology – see my Al Anon post) Also see this post from Numerology4YourSoul, which is how I found out about him. Plus, I have written a blog about Avicii’s numerology
Danielle Panabaker (Actor)
Guy Williams (Comedian) Thanks Helen for the tipoffs (my 44/8 life path client!)
Hillary Duff (Actor)
Kat Dawes (Speaker, Author, Creator of Nowism)
Dr Marcus Wooloombi Waters (Speaker, Academic, Author)
See his video on Aboriginal slavery in Australia. It was filmed by my husband Kris Anderson of Prima Materia Productions at our home. Marcus is part of the Stolen Generation.
Whitney Ann Kroenke (Philanthropist and Heiress) I discovered her through the Playing for Change music videos

In Conclusion
I hope you’ve enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of 8 lifepath numerology, as much as I’ve loved researching and writing it. Nothing makes me happier than helping people remember their calling (except of course, cuddling my babies). My biggest advice to 8’s is – just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you need to!

Remember, you teach people how to treat you. If you over-parent people, they will act like children. Be more childlike and trusting, and you’ll be amazed how fast others grow up. So many times I see a lifepath 8 propping up a partner/ child/ business because they’re worried things will fall over without them being on guard.

Part of your lifepath is to learn to trust in a Higher Order – that everyone here is a wise Soul with many invisible protectors. Rest is the best reward you can give yourself*, because it allows all of us to slow down too! *Love these affirmations from Workaholics Anonymous, they were probably written by an 8 lifepath!

P.S. We love you and you make the world go round. You always have an answer for everything (just like a Magic 8 ball). Thanks for caring!

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Feedback from facebook and email

Kim Webb Toth-Tevel “This is me! I see them all the time. My favorite was an ‘8’ sticker just laying on the sidewalk when I was walking the dog.”   Kathy Sloan “I’m a 29/11 raising an 8 and so thank you for this! He is a powerful soul, there’s no other way to say it, but he is very sensitive, deeply spiritual and kind. I am in awe of him. (I’m also raising a 9 and a 6. Both also very spiritual beings!) I’m grateful for your insights so I can help him hone in on his strengths.”

Reply: Pleasure to hear from you Kathy, definitely have a look at and perhaps consider a reading if you’re at a crossroads…we can look at your kid’s numbers in the readings. Very best wishes and great to meet another 11

Gayle Ducaine “Thanks The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip, needed to see/hear that 😍😍😍 Your article was great, especially about over-parenting and yes, 8’s do tend to worry and analyse way too much. I have two 29/11 children – interesting that your mum is a 26/8 too. Keep up the great work, love reading all your stuff… Sarah, I’m a 26/8 but I’m more like your squishy ball rather than someone who is intimidating. Maybe that’s my lessen, to become less squishy …I began my journey into motherhood at 26 with the birth of my beautiful first daughter. I just find numerology so fascinating, can’t get enough!!”

Kerry Devine “Wow! Thank you Sarah! I’m a life path 44/8 ☺️☺️☺️ absolutely appreciate this post, have been wondering for a few weeks what exactly this meant and then boom 💥 here is your post ☺️☺️☺️ love these synchronicities 🙏☺️

Kit Edwards “I am a 35/8! Though to be honest, I don’t feel like I fit the typical ‘8’ characteristics mentioned here, however when I read them I get the feeling of ‘I wish I was more like that’.”

Reply: Thanks Kit, am guessing your other numbers are influencing things and maybe this post will help you find your happiest paths.

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