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 If you’re looking for the real deal, you’ve found her. As a professional numerologist and Holistic counsellor, I’ve helped over 4,900 clients to find their life path and clear their fears since 2007. With a  background in high-level charity fundraising, science, government and business, my advice is genuine, accurate and practical. I know that facts and figures can save lives. So let’s get clarity on what you’re here for and how you can achieve it!
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Bookings are open

Bookings are open for Platinum Accelerator Readings with Sarah ($550/60min – save more than $220!) Please note there is a waitlist of 3-4 months as of 22 July. I can refer you to colleagues if you’d like a session sooner. 

These are no ordinary readings. Anyone call can themselves a psychic but few readers last more than a few years. I’m a professional – see my appearance on The Morning Show (Feb 2022). Knowing your purpose and core timings for change gives you massive clarity and confidence. As a scientist and ex-charity fundraiser, I’m practical, honest and thorough.

In these tailored calls, I’ll take you through your:
-life path (spiritual job description and life purpose – who you’re here to help)
– name numerology (which reveals your ideal career and business choices)
– potential key ages/ years/ months for success, including wealth creation.
PLUS your house number (and other address energies, as time allows).

Followup calls can include 12 month Tarot forecasts, palmistry and relationship compatibility. All questions are welcome. If appropriate, I also explain why you see 11:11 and repeating numbers. Every reading is recorded.

I start preparing as soon as you book, so your session is breathtakingly accurate. Many people report synchronicities and breakthroughs, before we even talk. Sound good?

Book below and let’s kickstart your success! Sessions are delivered via Zoom or phone or from Highland Park on the Gold Coast. I also visit Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast fairly regularly. Why Zoom? See my FAQs.

Further information

Once you book through Acuity, you’ll receive email confirmation immediately, 1 week and 72 hours before we talk. Prefer not to use Paypal? You can do a bank transfer, email for details.

Please note, I tend to start 15-20 minutes late for sessions, so let me know in advance if you have an appointment afterwards. I encourage you to meditate before we talk to help me tune in. I will send customised tracks for this purpose. Prices are in AUD and include G.S.T – I can send a tax invoice by Paypal upon request.

As mentioned in my FAQs and post on refunds, I am experienced and you will receive value for money. The confirmation you gain from a genuine reading is priceless. I can pinpoint where you’re on, or off track in any area of life. This can save you days, months, even decades searching for answers.

Remember, ‘if you think it’s expensive to see a professional, wait until you hire an amateur’. You can also check out Change for Good – A Spiritual Money webinar ($49.50, was $99(. Your future is too important to leave to chance.

Some people get nervous or manifest obstacles before meeting me. Read 14 Reasons Clients Cancel Bookings if this affects you.

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Praise from clients and Students

Sian (31/4 Life Path) Finance Exec

“5 days after watching the Change for Good class, my house sold after only one open house with a cash offer $20k higher than than I expected. I received an unexpected 3% payrise, won $100 in a competition, received 10 instant scratchies, a brand new Christmas tree (much needed!) and $60 in Woolworths vouchers! I highly recommend this course!” 

Alex (32/5 Life Path) Real Estate Student

“Thank you, Sarah. I have recently been going through major life changes whilst simultaneously taking some financial risks. Your teachings on numerology have helped me immensely.

They have provided a unique direction and reassurance in my journey towards personal and spiritual freedom – an understanding and feeling that people usually search for in psychologists’ offices, but most likely leave without attaining.

Your content is very special and has proven to be a continuously-returning personal investment. I have used your Change for Good meditations  on multiple occasions and have found myself in overwhelmingly happy tears each time. Your work has nurtured my self-confidence in pursuing what I already know to be right for me.”

Danielle Neale (27/9 Life Path) Entrepreneur-in-Residence UNSW Engineering 

“Sarah has provided me with valuable coaching and advice from both a personal and business perspective. Drawing on her intimate knowledge and love of numerology and natural psychic abilities, Sarah is a key person to have at hand. She is very accurate, very reliable and such an admirable person to know. I am very grateful to work with her and I look forward to the coaching sessions very much.”

Tamara (34/7 Life Path) Coach

“I loved how you pulled different themes together into a coherent spiritual narrative, helping us to (re)conceptualise what money is and how we can ‘be’ money.

Most importantly, I loved your presenting style. You’re authentic, able to weave in stories and analogies, funny, and great at guiding meditations.

The Change for Good class shone a spotlight on my own beliefs around money and financial freedom. I’ve reached the point of starting to set up multiple income sources, true to my beliefs and inner workings. This is a super-valuable piece of teaching that the world needs.”

Eloise O’Toole (33/6 Life Path) Successful Business Owner

“I instantly warmed to Sarah when I met her at a friend’s place. I have never had a psychic reading before.

The reading included a 12 month forecast and  discussion of the past in numerology. Health and life purpose were included. I was quite surprised when the dates matched the major events in my life. We made a recording  and I did detailed notes afterwards to check against what unfolded over the next year. 

It is remarkable how things fit what she said. For example, she predicted a business partnership opportunity in a particular month. I thought would be no possibility of this as it is not the nature of my work. However this did happen from an unexpected source. This was pretty much the story the whole 12 months after the reading. 

Tanya Targett (27/9 Life Path) – Media Coach, see reading

“Very interesting reading Sarah, and for a cynical journalist … astonishingly accurate I must admit.

I do have an indomitable will to live, and indeed, prefer to “live” rather than “exist”. Passions and humanitarian causes have always deeply driven me, and I tend to “burn the candle at both ends” because of this. I found the Mars line particularly accurate, and do also love to help others ‘evolve’ and live their passions. Thank you for taking the time to study my hands … very interesting my persona


Francesca Whiting (37/10/1 Life Path), Francesca’s Flowers Brisbane

“I’ve had readings from Sarah a few times and every time I am honestly so amazed at what comes up. She is the real deal.

She is connected to Spirit and sees what only a truly gifted genuine psychic could know. I’ve been to others who claim to be psychic but then just give you fluff and are not really helpful. Sarah is deeply insightful and knowing, she is aware of things I’ve never told everyone, she can see forwards and backwards and her guidance and forecasting is spot on and very helpful!

She is so well trained and has so many modalities to draw from every experience is a total delight. Sarah’s numerology is profoundly insightful and I found it a powerful experience to learn more about myself.

I am still seeing connections from her 12 month forecast. Sarah is not the cheapest or the easiest to get in to but She is well worth the money and the wait! I highly recommend her.”

Psychic Reading Policies

Psychic Reading Policies: As I receive hundreds of inquiries a year, I ask for a 50% deposit (in some cases 100%). The balance is due 1-2 weeks before we meet. Kris’s sessions require 100% deposit. Credit is valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give us 72 hours notice of any time or date changes. Cancellations or postponement within 72 hours attract a $100 fee. We reserve the right to change your time or date with 72 hours notice if needed (this is rare). If we give less than 72 hours notice, we can discuss a partial credit. 
Deposits are non-refundable. 

Sarah and Kris Anderson reserve the right to refuse a booking from any client/ student or to terminate a reading, coaching program or participation in a course, event, webinar or retreat at any time where personal and/or professional boundaries have been violated and where a shift and change after communication is not evident.  In the event that a booking is refused and no time, energy or information has been exchanged, a full refund will be issued.  In the event that a reading, coaching session or event is terminated after commencement, no refund will be issued. 

Sarah and Kris Anderson pride themselves on the quality of readings provided. If you are not satisfied with your reading, within the first 15 minutes of engaging in this services, it is your responsibility as the client to advise us of your concerns and/or to request clarification at this time. We will provide you with further clarification where possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Disclaimer: All readings and regressions are provided for personal entertainment purposes only. For all matters that require professional help please seek the advice of a fully qualified expert. 
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