Happy Birthday Mum! My 26/8 Lifepath Spiritual Boss and Teacher

Happy birthday Mum! My mum Catherine is a 26/8 Boss lifepath, here to play Go(o)d and break karmic patterns. 26/8s are formidable authority figures, who sacrifice heavily to raise their kids, partners, businesses, etc. (especially 26/8 women). Words like Queen, Think and Faith have 26/8 numerology, no surprise!⁣ Find your life path Post updated 27 Oct 2022 – comment on Facebook

8s are learning to balance their head and heart, and material and spiritual life. As above, so below. 8 looks like an eternity loop because 8s never give up, which can make them stubborn and also successful!⁣

‘You can’t win with an 8 in front of you, you can’t lose with an 8 behind you’ (from my classes).

⁣I rarely write about my mum. Today, I just want to acknowledge her lifelong mission to make sure my sister and I are well fed, married, financially secure and always have oranges in our fruit bowl! ⁣

As a baby, I was allergic to milk and cried every half hour. As a child I hid in closets and barely talked. As a teenager, I was so anxious I needed hypnosis just to pass my exams. I didn’t make things easy for mum. ⁣It was a hard start for all.⁣ (I was diagnosed as twice exceptional/ gifted + autistic last year).

She almost single-handedly raised us from when I was 14, and I never saw her take a night off or go out socially until my 20s. Her dedication was incredible.⁣

Once, she even persuaded a potential car jacker not to nick her vehicle. Her nerves are steel!

When I collapsed after leaving the UN due to bullying, I still recall my mum saying ‘Sarah, where’s your courage?’, which got me back up.⁣

Although she wasn’t keen on my change of career, she’s always wanted me to run my own life.

Our numerology grids are almost identical, and our relationship has been intense. For sure we have had past lives together. It seems to be a 29/11 lifepath thing, constant transformation with your mother. 

At 29 (my life path age), she was pregnant with me, plus her birthday is 9 months after mine (27 Jan). Talk about syncs!

We have a 55/10/1 relationship (26/8 + 29/11 life paths), which brings constant new starts and root chakra healing. 55 is the vibration of Integrity, Numerology and Mother Mary.

Mum also gave me psychic ability. The ultimate parenting superpower.

Thanks mum! I love you x 888

⁣Our ancestors may have been crippled by bound feet and social expectations, but because of your epic journey, our kids will always live, love & walk free…

Haha I’m calling her now at 10.27 on 27/10 🙂

P.S. My class Why You Chose Your Mother ($33) is a great way to heal your relationships. My mother loves it! It explains life path compatibility, how we choose our families and so much more.

P.P. S. Dan Millman, author of The Life You Were Born to Live is also a 26/8, his book has informed much of my numerology work. ⁣See my reading for him plus numerology books that I recommend.

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