Happy Winter Solstice! A Letter to Myself Pre-Kids

Happy Winter Solstice for my Australian readers! This time of short days and long nights is perfect for reflecting on where you still hide in the shadows. I’ve been moving through some old fears around being seen and judged. After going to Northey Street City Farm yesterday, for their Winter Solstice Festival, I was thinking about how far Kris and I have come since we filmed there in 2013 (see photos). Here’s what I would tell my 32 year old self!

Watch Kris and me interviewing happy hippies at Winter Solstice 2013
Kris and met on his TV Show (This Town Brisbane) when I read his palms! (see 3min 41s)

Dear Sarah,
You might find this confronting, but there’s a few home truths you’ll be exploring between now and 37.

Here’s what you will do:
-Stay with Kris and get married in an eco-wedding surrounded by gum trees. Your dress will only cost $129, because you’ll be pregnant and have a toddler by then – don’t stress, studies show that people who spend less on their weddings are often happier!
-Realise Kris is a special man, your 11:11 Soulmate, who will alternately enlighten and annoy the heck out of you every other day. He will also teach you how to make pizzas that don’t fall apart – the secret is to stop trying to fit everything in, and just eat your favourite toppings (good metaphor for life there).
-Accept that you have an eating disorder, after having a car accident and courting heart failure. The minute you walk into group therapy, you will burst into tears looking at all the 20 year olds, and wonder why you left it so long. You’ll also become a spokesperson against fad dieting and notice a link between 13-15 year old Starseeds and extreme eating as they hit puberty.
-Have two sons, Forrest and Charlie – yes sons, something you never expected (see more below). They will be cute and you’ll have a ball. They’ll also heal your fear of dying in birth, which you’ve had since childhood, and your terror of sleep deprivation/ going mad. It won’t be pretty, but you will cope! Hint: Having two kids is more like having 10, so don’t expect to see the floor of your house again for a couple of decades. Keeping a journal of their daily adventures will bring comic relief.
-Stay in the psychic readings business, despite your insecurities about being in charge of your finances and spiritual growth.
-Stay in Brisbane, despite your random urges to move to Kauai (Hawaii), the Gold Coast, and other planets, where there’s no fighting (!)

Here’s what you won’t do (take a deep breath):
-You won’t publish a book. Yes, I know, how frustrating given that’s been your dream since 6 years old. Times have changed – people need energetic help now, not in a year! You’ll end up creating over 300 + posts on numerology, palmistry, 11:11, past lives, and holistic health which millions of people will read. You’ll also modernise the system that changed your life at 29, helping thousands of people to find their lifepath. And you’ll read Dan Millman’s palms!
-You won’t become a millionaire (on paper), despite reading for heaps of them. But you’ll have enough cashflow and plenty of good luck to boot. Enjoy the now.
-You won’t convince your parents that giving up your day job was a genius idea, however they will still love you and send you socks.
-You won’t finish your nutrition studies, but you will learn a lot by teaching people how to read their numbers and hands.
-You won’t miss the daily fundraising targets and stress of climbing the corporate ladder. Ever. Instead, you will find 101 ways to entertain babies with rubber bands.
-You won’t have a girl. This will make you swear like a pirate at the ultrasound for your second kid. You’ll call him Charlie, a rearrangement of Ariel. He’ll eat all the labels in your house (a sign of his personality) and be so cuddly you’ll swear he is part koala. And the birth will be so easy, people will ask if you faked the photos.

So – love yourself and don’t forget to write it all down, one day you’ll look back and be glad you chose a big life!!

Your Future Self
I hope you’ve enjoyed this honest and light-hearted peek inside our World. Thanks for all your support and fan letters. They help me a lot, especially at 3am when I’m doing night feeds and changing multiple poopy nappies!  11:11 means strength in numbers and we are all Spiritual Messengers xx

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