Don’t Hug The Hedgehog – Can You Love Someone Too Much?

Sarah Yip with Hedgehog
Sarah Yip with Forrest, Deniz Akan & Hedgehog

Can you love someone too much? Is it worth loving someone who keeps pushing you away?

These are questions I’ve been asking myself recently, in relation to an estranged friend. We used to be close, but now it’s like we’re on different planets. Perhaps our spiritual contract is concluding?

To get answers, I booked a reading with Julianna Suranyi*, a fellow Brisbane psychic, whose courses I’ve attended. Julianna is a creative 34/7 Spiritual Teacher lifepath in numerology, and she’s very witty. Find your lifepath

*For a list of my healers and teachers, click here. I have no issues recommending other psychics because I’m always booked up in advance. Plus, I believe that what goes around, comes around.

When I mentioned my friend, Julianna said “they’re like a hedgehog rolled into a ball. You can’t remove their quills. Stop trying to hug the hedgehog, because you’ll just get hurt.” I was quite affected by her words, and thought about them for the rest of the day. So imagine my surprise when, that night, I went to another friend’s house and their four-year-old girl gave me a present. A cuddly toy hedgehog (see photo). Unbelievable.

My friends had no idea of my conversation with Julianna, but clearly Spirit wanted me to get the message! So, instead of obsessing over the past, I spent the evening chuckling. Even quirkier, when my friend Deniz Akan (pictured) gave Forrest and I a crystal healing, she said “I saw you as a hedgehog during the session”. Wow. Read more about Deniz.

Well, they say that you become what you judge. Unfortunately, the more I focused on my friend, the more defensive I became.

When I Googled hedgehog totems, it seemed that this little critter represents being too sensitive around people. It reflects someone who can predict the weather (that’s me – my clothes rarely get rained on, plus my numerology forecasts are all about making the most of your cosmic conditions).

I also re-read a book called Attached, by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller. Thanks to my buddy Helen for the gift. It showed me that I was falling into anxious-avoidant behaviours, which was an old stress response. To discover your attachment style in relationships, see this compatibility quiz from the book.

You might also enjoy my article on The Five Love Languages and Hong Curley’s incredibly profound book Freedom to Love (which I’ll blog about soon).

What’s the moral of this story? Love is like water. In moderation, it helps people to blossom, but pour too much on your target and you’ll overwhelm them. If someone rejects you, trying harder to get their approval is not the answer. Neither is getting angry, or pretending they don’t exist. It’s only when we ‘forgive the part of ourselves that is like our enemy’ that healing can occur.

Byron Katie’s work is relevant. If someone doesn’t listen to you, look at where you don’t listen to you. Look at where you don’t listen to them. Can you see what they’re trying to teach you? It’s all about minding your own business, and living your purpose, instead of watching theirs. Find your lifepath.

Like a tree, the human heart grows when it follows new directions. I urge you to integrate, not separate from your lessons. You’ll be so much stronger in ten years’ time.

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