Happy Father’s Day To My Telepathic Dad (a 32/5 lifepath Spiritual Rebel)

Updated post – 11 Sept 2023: Belated shoutout to my wizard Dad for Father’s Day. He was just in town and the boys loved him. Comment on Facebook or Instagram. 8 fun facts:

1) My Dad prefers privacy, hence the sunflower (an 11:11 totem). Sunflowers look like one flower but are actually thousands of individuals cooperating for the greater good.  

As a child I had a dream about my father having a sunflower for a head. We have always been deeply in tune and I inherited his ‘crazy genius’ brain.

2) Once, I called him asking what was wrong. He said ‘I’m in hospital, the sickest I have ever been – how did you know?’ (my empathy is really high)

3) Another time, I had a vision of people fighting, dressed in animal onesies. My Guides said ‘don’t buy into humanity’s conflicts, everyone is just playing a role.’ Then my Dad turned up. He’d bought me a teddybear in a kangaroo onesie! 

4) It’s not easy being the daughter of a world renowned TV engineer, especially when I am crap at physics. But I love my Dad, he is always inspiring me to take risks.

5) My Dad is a 32/5 life path Rebel, here to recover his voice (throat chakra). I was born when he was 32!! He’s got a sensitive neck and is extremely musical. 

I was played Mozart in utero. Funny enough, I was born on 27 Jan (Mozart’s birthday), we also share a 29/11 life path…

6) Despite coming from poverty, he’s had 72 jobs (16 full time, 56 part time) and travelled the world. I guess that’s why I always encourage my clients to change careers rather than stay stuck. That’s how I got to where I am, too.

7) When my Dad and I walk in Asia, people part like the Red Sea because we are giants (both ~6ft tall). So I’ve always felt a bit famous with him

8 ) My Dad is still faster (mentally and physically) than me. I saw number 33 constantly during this visit and I know that’s a sign that he’s a Master Healer in my life. Hopefully we’ll write a book or record some guidance one day.

Thanks Dad for all the brainpower and understanding of life. You are so unique.

Love always,

Sarah and the 11:11 Angels

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Original post- 7 Sept 2014:

Happy Father’s Day! I’m writing about my Dad today as he is one of a kind. He is a 32/5 Rebel and Freedom-Seeker lifepath, and has certainly lived this incarnation to the max.

Amazingly, I was born at his lifepath turning point age of 32!! We must have been destined to reconnect. Find Your Lifepath

Lifepath 32/5’s love to travel and often see the world many times over. They are gifted writers and teachers, as the number 5 represents the Throat Chakra/ Thyroid Gland, the Seat of Communication. Sometimes they over-talk, while other times they under-talk – this lifetime is about balance.

They stay looking young because of their sense of humour. Lifepath 5’s are ruled by the God Mercury (also known as Hermes the Messenger), blessing them with quick minds, good memories and healing abilities. Many are clairvoyant (i.e. they can see the future) and they thrive on variety.

Here are 3 major ways he has helped me to evolve:

1) He taught me the value of sacrifice and discipline. My father had the foresight to move from Hong Kong to Australia in the 1970’s, just as the White Australia policy was ending. This harsh policy restricted Asians from migrating Australia between 1901 and 1973. My Mum followed him shortly afterwards, so they could get married and start a new life.

Despite arriving with only a radio and suitcase, and facing intense racism*, my father went on to succeed in broadcasting at the ABC. When I was six, I visited him at work and saw the Playschool Flower Clock. It was the highlight of my year! From then on, I decided that my Dad had the coolest job in the world. I also developed a love of media and show business that continues to this day. See my videos

*Racism still exists in Australia but it’s not as severe as when I was growing up. In 1996, at the height of Pauline Hanson’s popularity, I was interviewed for radio while at a Young Farmers conference. There I was, 15 years old and the only Chinese in the room, being asked if I liked Pauline. I knew a couple of bullies were right behind me, so I didn’t say what I truly felt. Years later, I discovered that Pauline is a Master 33 lifepath who is here to teach compassion. In her own way, she did bring light to buried issues, so I have no personal problems with her.

2) He gave me confidence and support. My Dad is the only person I’ve known who picks up the phone 99% of the times I call. I know he’s always there for me. When I was in school, he stayed up every night to help me with my maths homework. Even when he travelled, he would get me to fax questions and then fax me back (with a big smiley face as encouragement).

As a child I hated my appearance and was teased at school. My Dad took photos of me (and my sister) at home as part of his photography hobby. This helped me to develop more confidence, especially in front of a camera.

Although he doesn’t agree with my psychic work, he helped set up my palmistry practice, which I’ll always be grateful for.

3) Finally, he gave me goofiness, and a belief in telepathy. My Dad is a goofball and loves to surprise people. We are the same height, so when I needed a jacket, my Dad went shopping for me overseas in the women’s section of a store. Being a practical engineer, he tried a few coats on for me. The sales assistant came over and said, ‘um do you realise that is a ladies jacket?!’ My Dad said ‘of course I do’ and continued shopping…!

Another time, I was stressed after an argument, and decided to meditate. My Spirit Guides showed me a vision of people in animal suits, hitting each other with inflatable bats. No one got hurt, it was just a game. The more I watched their ears flop around, the funnier it seemed. I realised that life is a sport – everyone’s just got different roles, and you can never hurt someone’s soul.

Afterwards, I drew a picture of what I’d seen. Imagine, my shock a few hours later when my Dad walked in the door and gave me a teddy bear in an animal suit (see photo at top of page). It was exactly what I’d seen in my meditation. He’d bought it for me on impulse. I showed him my drawing and he thought it was amazing synchronicity too.

You can imagine I took my meditation VERY seriously after that. I also realised that my father and I will always have a telepathic link. In numerology, the words Intuition and Parenting have the same, 50/5 vibration.

When my Dad fell suddenly sick and went to hospital, I knew something was wrong and called him. He was surprised to hear from me as he hadn’t told anyone. This was further evidence for me that parents and children have an unbreakable psychic bond.

My Dad not only gave me life, he’s also saved my life. He booked a hotel three streets back in Patong Beach in December 2004, which meant that we survived the tsunami. If he had followed my request to stay on the beachfront, I would not be writing this blog to you now.

So thank you Dad for your wisdom, devotion and care. I definitely believe that we chose each other in this lifetime, and I look forwards to more telepathic adventures with you in future. I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my family life. I’m sharing this story so you can see that it takes a community to raise a psychic.

I also want to say a big thank you to my Mum, Sister and partner Kris for their love and support.

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