Empaths versus Psychopaths and How to Just Be The Path!

You can be an empath. You can be a psychopath. Or you can just BE the path. There is always a higher option. 2020 has been a year for building empathy so I thought I’d write about the difference between empaths and psychopaths (they are the extremes of a spectrum).

What is an empath? Someone whose heart rules their head. Empaths are all in. ’em’ – path. The word even looks like ‘me’ throwing myself headlong along a path. Just as emotion is like me diving into an ocean (’em’-ocean).

Empath has a 27/9 numerology, the same as Child, Leader, Money, Witch and Breath. Feelings and presence are the key traits.

Empathy has a 34/7 vibration, the same as Mother, Flower, Reiki, Church and Beautiful. See the word-number analysis system I use

That said, if I hear another person (including myself) blaming their problems on being an empath I’m going to barf. We are all a powerful mixture of energies and it’s about ratios rather than labels. Self-awareness over blanket terminology.

Empathy is sacred space, it’s not an excuse to play the victim. If you are an empath (e.g. you have ‘baby skin’ or Silk/ psychic skin in palmistry), please, get the education and support you need to defend yourself against bullies.
They’re not going to change, so you need to! Trust me, it feels good to stand up.

What is a psychopath? A person whose head rules their heart (to an extreme, otherwise I see them as a critic or sceptic). They are literally, capitalists – top down dictators obsessed with scaring their followers to keep them down.

Psych-o-path = someone who ‘psyches me off my path’

Here’s the thing. All empaths have an inner psychopath and vice versa. You must know what tips you into that space, otherwise you can be manipulated by anyone who knows marketing & hypnosis.

Me, I’m an empath who turns cold when I work too much. I get ruthless with my body, I stop eating, sleeping, caring. I cut off from my loved ones. I focus on my figure, money and control. The only cure for this is rest (see my Daniel Andrews post yesterday).

Also, checking in with my mentors – the elders brave enough to call my sh*t. Also, reminding myself that I AM the path. I am not defined by it!

11:11 means every step I take leaves a legacy.

Can you relate to this post? If so, please comment on the Facebook post at The Numbers Queen. It’s already attracted some amazing responses.

“I get physical pains and emotional feelings from others as an empath… I’ve turned that into feeling them both in myself and apart from myself and working out how to help that person when I’m capable and not overloaded. I thought I was mad for a long time before understanding what this is.. there’s still lots to learn always, thank you for this post” Marianne Bryce

Reply: “Hi Marianne, I am the same. I now tell people what is happening and often the pains stop. My Intuition replay is worth a look once it launches. Judith Orloff’s work is excellent. She is a 29/11 Lifepath like me.”

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