32/5 Lifepath Caroline Byrd on Breathwork, Tired Mothers & Shocking People Awake!


My long-term mentor, Caroline Byrd from Soulbyrds, is a 32/5 Rebel lifepath and boy does she live up to her mission! We’re running a meditation and talk on incarnation and family numerology on 8th Dec in Brisbane – save your spot now.

Watch our latest video (15min – or see above) where we talk about:

-How 5 lifepaths come to shock people awake, to show people other ways of looking at the work and encourage people to stick their neck out to make progress…Find your lifepath in numerology

-What happened to Caroline at her childhood turning point age of 5 and adult turning point age of 32. She talks about the severe separation anxiety that happened on her first day of school and the panic attacks she had after her first husband died in a car accident.

Caroline has previously told me that breathing difficulties are often related to a trauma 18-24 months before that you haven’t processed fully yet. Very relevant to me as I was diagnosed with severe asthma (and the lung capacity of a 70 year old) this year – I think I’m still integrating the birth of my two sons since 2016.

-I discuss how empaths like to hold things in because they don’t want to hurt other people, however this can damage our bodies. It’s important to take self-responsibility and seek out mentors or therapists who can ‘hold space’ for us without being triggered by our stuff. Thomas Fuller said, ‘if you have one true friend you have more than your share’ and Caroline Byrd is definitely a friend I treasure to eternity and back.

-Caroline talks about how breathwork is the best technique that’s helped her anxiety. I mention that we breathe the way we live – Caroline had to learn self-care super early in order to simply stay in her human body, which makes her an incredible teacher.

-I discuss how 5 lifepaths are like human hummingbirds, they are often provocative, progressive and light years ahead in their attitudes and beliefs. Caroline talks about the difficulties of being a psychic medium as a child without a filter and the criticism she attracted.

-In the beginning years, when Caroline would run meditations, people would attack her for what she said (see my post on healing a stiff neck and your throat chakra). I mention that many psychic and sensitive people find that it’s not about having the gift of insight, it’s about being able to explain things without making people throw up (!)

-We talk about the benefits of Holistic Counselling (we met at the Awakening Group) and how learning to debrief and break things down/ clear energy has been essential to the longevity of our spiritual careers.

-I share some funny but painful stories about how Caroline helped me overcome anorexia and also the myth that motherhood requires total sacrifice and chronic exhaustion. I was really impacted by the news this week that a mother fell asleep and her children died in a hot car in Brisbane as a result (the details of this tragic case are still emerging, it appears that there were many warning signs of neglect unfortunately).

-Caroline once yelled at me when I fell asleep during one of her visits after I gave birth. I realised a long time later that she wasn’t being mean, she was trying to convey to me that it’s not healthy to be asleep at the wheel of life, and to pass that guilt and frustration onto a baby.

-One of the attachment parenting teachers I follow, Mama Manon, talks about how we used to have 5-15 people helped us with our babies every day. So it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to wholly care for a child/ business etc. without any kind of support network – it’s dangerous brainwashing in fact. See my page on conscious parenting resources

-I talk about how 2020 is the Heart Healing year about composting your crap and transmuting suffering into compassion, growth and sustainable happiness. You can also watch my latest 11:11 Transmission for 2020 insights galore. Stay tuned for a webinar on your 2020 forecast, details are coming soon on my Where’s Sarah? page

Many people say their child is their greatest teacher – I say, be your child’s greatest student. Study them – they are not mental playdough to be moulded, they come with a spiritual blueprint and just need the watering of your love to grow into a crystal castle with infinite knowing. And get connected to your childhood dreams again in these last few weeks of 2019, a 3 Universal Year of Inner Child Healing, because many of these ideas will become possible from 2020 onwards. Happy reconnecting!

Special Event! Meet Caroline and me in Brisbane on Sunday 8th December, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm for a meditation and Q&A on Incarnation 101 and Family Numerology. You are not an accident (no matter what your parents said!) Even your day of birth was planned at the higher level – see this post on babies and due dates. At the same time, if you’ve discovered that your family restaurant (so to speak) is giving you food poisoning, don’t feel you have to put up with constant illness – it’s okay to step away and give feedback until things get cleaned up. Book in now, it’s $35pp
We look forwards to seeing you!

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Caroline Byrd – My Soul Sister and Psychic Mentor Since 2009
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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years. For a one-off session, please see Kris Anderson, my psychic husband. We also read together for a 360 degree perspective you’ll love.

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