Dealing with Online Bullying – Interview with William Wong (Yoga the Wong Way), a 32/5 Lifepath Rebel

Woohoo, I’m back on Youtube! See my interview with William Wong from Yoga the Wong Way on:

-Choosing words (and Uber conversations) wisely when asked what you do
-Becoming a Yoga teacher when your Chinese family want you to be a Dr.
-How stepping away from people can help you find your path
-Being a 32/5 or 5 Lifepath in Numerology – the Rebel who’s healing their Throat Chakra and bringing out the whole truth. William is 32 years old this year, so he’s at his lifepath turning point – a time of great expansion.
-Working for a studio vs yourself (Treehouse analogy for self-employment)
-Dealing with critics, energy vampires and online bullying on social media
-Being the light (sun) in your life when other people’s egos are black holes

Bio: William is a Yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has a passion for functional movement, gymnastics, Qi Gong and energy healing.

Connect with William (Yoga, Energy and Sound Healing):
Website: Yoga the Wong Way
Facebook: Yoga the Wong Way
Instagram: Willy_Wongka

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It’s been 2 years since my last videos and I’m rebuilding the energy

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BTW – I laughed when I realised our interview was 50minutes long- there’s that 5 again! William also saw an 11:11 just after this call. And the day after I posted this blog, my client was an Asian yoga teacher trainee and energy healer learning to stand up to their parents (!) Thank you Universe.

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