George Calombaris leaves Masterchef (30/3 Lifepath)

George Calombaris Numerology

Geez George!! George Calombaris has been fined $200K for wage theft of $7.83m. He will also no longer be on MasterChef due to a pay dispute (oh, the irony).

2019 is a Universal 3 Year which energetically starts now (July, a Universal 1 Month). This is a shift time for all lifepath 3s and 33s, including George!! The lifepath 4s get their turn in 2020. Many 4’s are already buzzing with ideas. ⁣

FYI George’s DOB 4/1/1978 gives him an 30/3 Artist and Communicator lifepath. At 30yo, his lifepath turning point, he opened his first international restaurant and life took off. ⁣

He’s in an (4+1+2+0+1+9) or 17/8 Personal Year of Karmic Balance*. When we go through an 8 Year (or have an 8 lifepath), we get to ‘play God’ and openly receive the rewards (or challenges) for our choices over the previous 8 years. Just look at the 8 – it’s like an infinity loop standing up, i.e. ‘what goes around, comes around’.⁣ Find your personal year forecast for 2019

2019 will set the tone for a total life change by 43yo, when he’ll shift from 11 energy (the spotlight) to a 7 energy (the monk/ seeker). No wonder he’s been talking about meditation. ⁣

*Adriano Zumbo (a 27/9 Old Soul lifepath) had a similar fiasco in his 8 Personal Year, which I blogged on. This 2017 post on Adriano mentions George Calombaris in passing.

FYI Masterchef has 44/8 and MasterChef Australia has a 11/2 numerology! 44/8 is the vibration of words like Commitment, Eternity and Happiness.

Master Numbers 11/22/33/44 always add drama and charisma. Many ppl at the top tiers of entertainment, politics and business use numerology and psychic knowledge to choose names and dates for success. ⁣

That’s why I’m sooo passionate about educating the public, so we can be awake creators instead of energy vampired ‘Muggles’.

Question of the day: Where is your capitalist approach (head) hurting your staff morale (heart). Is it time to repay your body with some overdue sleep, food and downtime?!⁣

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