New Webinar – 2020 Energy Update – What the ?! 11 Steps for Recovering Your Trust

Want to make the most of the final 4 months of 2020? Then come to my next online class and group meditation for answers and inspiration.

Replay now available! $33 (was $55) – Buy it now for instant download. Includes 2.5 hour video class, meditation downloads and 62 page illustrated notes package with many practical exercises and healing tips!

2020 has been a year of shocks and surprises. As much as I predicted financial drama, an exit from the rat race, more parents staying home with their kids and panic bugs (in my 2020 forecast), even I’ve been taken aback by the magnitude of change. I am sure it has left you reeling as well.

I say, unless you eat your fears for breakfast (deal with your problems head-on), they will have you for dinner. Remember, ‘leader’ is an anagram of ‘dealer’ – someone who shows up when all others have given up.

Now is the time, more than ever, to embrace our startling new world and build back better to ensure the security of yourself and your loved ones.

That’s why I’ve created a new webinar to help you navigate the waves of total transformation, it’s cheekily called 2020 Energy Update – What The ?!

What: Online webinar via Zoom call (free login from PC or phone). A recording will be available to everyone who registers. The class will also be sold from my Products page as a download from October.

When: 9.30am – 12pm Brisbane/ AEST time, Sun 27 September 2020. Please note, the class may run over time (15min+ depending on questions).

Who: This webinar is suitable for ages 16+ and requires no prior knowledge. That said, you might like to watch Your 2020 Numerology Forecast first as it is half-price ($22) and provides background to the call.

Investment: $55 pp, includes 2.5 hour live webinar call, a link to a video recording and notes package (usually a 60-80 page illustrated PDF). Pay via Paypal or bank transfer (email me for details).

The class includes question time (recorded and off-the-record) and a group meditation. FYI, I keep these webinar calls affordable so that people from all backgrounds can participate. That’s part of the 11:11 way.

Here’s what we’ll cover (running order is subject to change on the day):

1) The unexpected gifts of 2020 – How this year (a 4 Universal Year of Heart Chakra Healing) has given (or will soon give) us a chance to leave sinking relationships, jobs and behaviours. In a society obsessed with figures (physical and financial ) we’re finally realising the best things in life are free (-dom).

2) How Covid-19 has triggered mass consciousness, revealed weaknesses in our governments and economies and motivated us to ‘grow up’. I’ll also discuss ways to keep an open mind without getting drained by fear-mongering. As a scientist who’s now a spiritual writer, I believe in forming your own opinions based on logic AND intuition (see this post).

3) The challenging impacts of global anxiety on your psyche and body. How to reconnect with your Soul and tribe to begin the journey back out of survival mode. A previous post on this topic is here.

Those who live in their minds are rarely at home (in their hearts). We are learning how to create calm from chaos like true Buddhas. People are finally embracing video conferencing technology and working from home, which can be a huge blessing for empaths and the new children. Doors are opening which have never been seen before in human history.

As someone who’s gone through many near-death experiences and guided thousands of others through leaps of faith and dramatic career changes, I can help you to become the captain of your (relation)ship with Source.

4) A sneak peek at 2021’s Numerology – a Universal 5 Year of Throat Chakra Healing and Rebellion (note, my annual forecast webinar will take place at the start of the year). Find your lifepath (2020 is a turning point for 4 and 22 lifepaths, while 2021 lifts all the 5 lifepaths into the spotlight).

5) 11 Steps you can take to recover your trust in your intuition and the wider world (including a group meditation and other bonus gifts).

I look forwards to seeing you on the call. Thank you for all your support of my 11:11 work. 11:11 means Every One is Equal – We are One Love in Action.

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Tips: Please do not turn video on after we have started recording – there is an opportunity to chat via video after the webinar. You’ll also need to mute yourself during the webinar. It’s best to download Zoom beforehand and familiarise yourself with the dashboard before the event. Terms and conditions, including refund policy are outlined in the bookings process.

2020 has gone a bit pear-shaped, to say the least. Let’s help each other to get back up again!

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